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no no i can’t sit down

MemeCenter_1451561277376_955unless you enjoy the sensation of corporate government heels crushing your windpipe, taking your human rights away one by one, telling you to hate and fear.. and fear some more… unless you find the din of monotonous voices clouding your thoughts and leaving your voice unhearable remotely palatable.. unless you find the inanity and insanity of compulsive lies excreted from politicians, employers and every manner of “authority” somehow reassuring… unless you are resigned to sinking further and further into debt and watching your children begin their adult lives with debt they can never repay… unless you are immune to the endless succession of death and destruction from illegal wars and genocide and feel nothing when pictures of dismembered families flicker before your eyes…. and if you can bear to watch all manner of creatures, pets and wild alike, brutally mistreated, butchered, starved… don’t sit down… do not sit down.  stand up!  speak up!  act up!!  raise hell!  kick ass and take names.  band together or run alone.  hack, smash, burn… whatever it takes.  decades of protest have gotten you peanuts tossed from one hand and more of your existence taken by the other.  no one is really reading your editorials and letters to slave editors.  your tweets are filling imaginary space as readers nod in agreement then nod off.  going to a front line with nothing but a placard gets you beaten, gassed and shot.  getting arrested and being fined or imprisoned is how big brother makes you pay for the privilege of their abuse.  You’ve been trained to support them while thinking you’re effecting some sort of change.  stop the cycle of futility! Ask yourself why our palestinian brothers and sisters are taking direct actions against the centurions.  decades of civil protest are met with brutal excesses of death and insult.  “leaders” steer them this way and that way and abandon them.  random brothers and sisters have determined that the excesses come no matter what they do and that if they are to be maimed and murdered why go silently.  for every one that succumbs another stands up.  more than any protest, standing up to the centurions scares them. tides are turning and their numbers begin to fall. regardless of outcome, those who stand up win.  they are true patriots who have ceased crying for freedom.  They have begun to take back what is rightfully theirs.  costs are high but the cost of failing or refusing to stand up is so much higher.

Fear of dying is also fear of living.

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