El meu insurrecció


{Reprint from Salem-News}


by M. Dennis Paul, Ph.D.

As expected, Israel granted itself immunity in the Rachel Corrie case. The lesson: One must never expect any sense of integrity or decency from Israeli courts.

The blinders placed upon the heart and soul of Israel, through its mistaken notion of having been chosen as the only true children of god, have covered the eyes of too many generations to ever be opened to light, to reason, to logic, to Truth, Justice and Peace. Those Israelis who have not been fully hypnotized or who suddenly awaken to reality leave Israel in good measure.

A culture that holds itself out to be above all others, no different than the insane mentality that once attempted to impress upon the world that only Aryans had value will, in time, be buried by history.

Each day, the world awakens more to the true Israel. By leaps and bounds, international tolerance for Israel lessens and the weight of time, along with her miles and miles of walls, ludicrous and repressive laws, censorship and lies to cover lies to cover lies, imprisons her.

Israel drove a very large nail into its own coffin this morning. In bringing the light of day to the court which chose cowardice, ignorance, false pride, arrogance and the misguided belief that nothing beyond its own sense of exceptionalism matters in the “big picture”, Rachel Corrie won today. Her death was not in vain. Her bravery, love and passion for Truth, Justice and Peace is remembered today and it echoes across the globe in such a brilliant way that Israel will forever be seen for its disregard of all things human. Pictures of Rachel will cover walls and cars and buses and will be posted and reposted wherever Israelis have eyes.

Those who live within the self constructed and ever increasing barriers of Israel, and who will have their consciences tweaked by the pictures of Rachel, knowing that Israel murdered her, knowing that Israel imprisons thousands without true charges, knowing that Israel tortures and maims children without remorse, knowing that Israel indiscriminately murders Arabs for no other reason than that they are non-Jews, have a duty to themselves. Depose Zionism, tear down the walls, return the stolen lands to their rightful inhabitants, forever ban apartheid, trample out any sense of exceptionalism.. of being chosen to ride above all others… and join the world community…..OR… pass away as history blows across the desert and leaves Israel for future generations to excavate and wonder.

What now, Israel? Will you adopt a Muppet like character, call him Moishe Oofnik, paste him all over a pamphlet obviously designed to instill hatred and fear into children, place it in every mailbox warning all how little time they have once you begin your insane racist rampage against Iran and Syria and Lebanon and Palestine, to get into their bunkers? Oh… already in the mail, eh? Sick!


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