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Risking Gaza Through the Ritual Puffing of Chests

{The following was written several years ago.  Sadly, it still holds as true now as it did then}

by M. Dennis Paul, PhD

There is a long nationalist history of parading weapons and weaponry before the public and media. Armies, and the governments that control them (sometimes it is the reverse..military controlling government), take great pride in their ability and preparedness to wage war. Such parades are meant to both intimidate prospective rival nations and suppress revolutions emanating from within. They are also intended to showcase the prowess of leaders… “draping” (the comparison of penis size). These are the parades of fools.

In a schoolyard, the bully will press his chest against his intended victim and often exhort him to take a first blow so that he has, in his mind, a defense against the one who “started it”. The bully will show his fists and might even tear off his own shirt to display his readiness and his power. Sometimes, the victim will back down and retreat whereupon the bully attains his bragging rights and enhanced sense of physical and moral superiority (however misguided it may be) without having to strike a “defensive” blow.

Unscathed, with the exception, perhaps, of a torn shirt, the bully struts before his peers with an air of satisfaction and a look of intimidation. Inwardly, the bully might question why the victim chose not to pick up the gauntlet or even question his own ability to successfully wage battle against this victim. He might also strut away without a single question in mind. Typically, this is not the case as the bully must, in his mind, prove himself superior through the shedding of blood.

Sometimes, the victim refuses to back down, impresses his chest harder against that of his bully adversary, showcases his fists and, perhaps, matches his adversary in destroying a perfectly good shirt. In turn, he exhorts this bully to make the first move and a dance begins where one prances before the other, each tossing epithets and dares and waiting for the other to slip, take a shot at the opposing jaw and set the battle in motion… or waiting for the other to back down and scurry away perceptually defeated.

Sometimes, the bully will simply strike, unconcerned over impressions of defense and consequences. Sometimes, the victim will strike the first blow feeling cornered and unwilling to dance with such a partner. Sometimes, the victim will seek mediation, reason or charity. Sometimes others will step in to offer mediation, encourage peaceful negotiation, sound reasoning and, perhaps, even just to save a shirt. “Friends” of one, the other or both might decide to enter the confrontation to further it and get their own piece of the action. Some may have been instrumental in setting the stage for battle using the two adversaries as pawns in a bigger game benefiting neither adversary…instead benefiting themselves in some way.

There are so many variables, so many strategies to fighting and none ever offer a genuine resolution let alone a guaranteed win (whatever that might mean). Reasons and Reason are often overlooked or non-existent. Truth is mangled and coated with the stain of perception and/or deception. Rumour and lies are too often the only Casus belli, however, a need to stand above others whether for greed, bias, esteem or simply notoriety filters in somewhere in the build up and play out of battle.

The perception of what one wins, or accomplishes, through battle never serves the trophy holder fully and the emptiness, unexplained, unexplainable gnaws at the psyche and typically promotes percolation of future assaults in the same vein.. seeking the same end but with a different semblance of satisfaction.

What often underlies battle is the sense or belief that one has been specifically chosen to raise the sword in this time and this place and with this enemy. Whether it be a decree from friends, parents, employers or god…whether its genuine origin derives from zealotry, passion, deception (the false flag) or adherence to some religious or philosophical obsession, each party assumes the posture of unquestionable moral infallibility. Even today, hundreds and thousands of years beyond some of the most insane religious wars, both sides in modern battle go forth to fight and die firmly convinced that some god is with them, has directed them to maim and murder and is protecting them from being maimed or murdered. Paraded alongside their weaponry are the symbols of this foolishness.

There is a powerful difference between the warrior mind and the warring mind. The warring mind aggrandizes itself with trappings of battle. Weapons, symbols, parades and an uncompromising willingness to engage in battle again and again despite losses and lack of genuine gain in any aspect perceived as goal-worthy are hallmarks of the warring mind. The warrior mind, however, while reluctant yet willing to engage a foe will exhaust every reasonable effort to prevent battle and supplant animosity with a spirit of compassion and a desire to find workable and, hopefully, mutually…but more important… universally fulfilling and durable resolve. The warrior mind has no use for parades, deceptions or puffery.

Attributed to Einstein, it is said insanity is the repetition of an act in all its aspects with the belief a different, more favorable outcome will ensue.

The warring mind reacts to situations rather than act responsibly and rationally upon them. The warrior mind learns from each incident and acts, as opposed to react, with what it has learned. This approach brings about strategies which find the bullies, the aggressors, incapable of effectively deceiving, baiting, inciting and gaining any perceived benefit from their threats and actions. It unbalances them and causes them to make mistakes.

With recent photos and videos of various Palestinian militant groups parading their hardware and offering media sound bites suggesting their readiness and ability to wage war.. even implying they may have military “surprises” for the bully that is Israel… and this in the face of escalating threats from Netanyahu, “extra-judicial” assassinations from Israeli drones and snipers as well as increased border assassinations by Israeli Occupying Forces (IDF), missile, tank and other assaults coinciding with increased incursions into Gazan villages and increased assaults on farmers and fishermen along with all the brazen crimes committed by the sociopathic phony Jews calling themselves “settlers”… it is possible for the reader to piece together a clearer picture of the present status of conflict between Israel and Palestine.

Palestine must decide for itself whether it will effect the warring mind or the warrior mind. It should, by now, be aware which affect Israel prefers it take. One offers change for the future. The other offers only risk and perpetuation of risk. Will Gaza enter its floats into the parade of fools or will it use wit and wisdom to outsmart and, perhaps, tame the greater fool that is Israel.

Right now, in this writers opinion, neither Abu Mazen and Fatah nor Hamas effectively serve the future of Palestine. Both currently stand in the way of a brighter future. Abbas, being a lap dog for Israeli/US/Quartet interests which will enslave Palestine at the moment it perceives its freedom, has set up his own nation and people for dismal failure. Under the imprimatur of Abbas, Coca Cola will have more say in Palestine than its people. Abu Mazen (Abbas) holds office only through his refusal to allow Palestine democratic elections. By all rights, he is a usurper of power.. an illegitimate bastard posing as a leader. His “efforts” have done more to allow Israel easier access to lands it steals and he has set his own guards against his people protecting the interests of Israel. Abu Mazen is a carnival huckster.. shameless in his dishonesty.

Hamas, while duly elected, attempts to create an Islamic state negating any semblance of democracy, aligns itself with detestable usurpers such as the MB (Muslim Brotherhood) and an array of militants over whom it cannot exercise any genuine control. Hamas, in its favor, does attempt to provide realistic supports for Gazans against incredible odds. It continues, however, despite failure after failure and all the devastating consequences of its actions, to rattle sabers against Israel.

Return to the attribution given Einstein and ask if firing tens and hundreds of bottle rockets which never have any genuine military effect/advantage.. even after so many years.. and which bring nothing but death and destruction to Gaza… fits the definition of insanity.

If either or both “governments” have sincere concerns for their people and their future it is, in my opinion, time for them to make a valuable sacrifice. It is time for a unified government derived from a cross section of both regions which means neither Fatah nor Hamas will have a disproportionate say in the lives of Palestinians. One of the many fraudulent premises under which both current and past negotiations have been conducted with Israel is the ability of Fatah/Abbas to actually sign any agreement with Israel. Abbas cannot legally sign any agreement having solely to do with the Western Bank… let alone Gaza.

What Israel fears, perhaps as much or more than #BDS, is a unified Palestine with a genuinely elected official at its head. It is time for a unified Palestine to face Israel and it is time for that unified government to put whatever resources it can muster into lawsuits against Israel and Israeli businesses around the world, give massive support to the #BDS movement (a far greater weapon than bottle rockets) and bring Israel before every human rights body possible including the International Criminal Court.

Sometimes, the warrior mind recognizes the futility in engaging an adversary in the manner presented on the field by that adversary. Sometimes the warrior mind realizes it must take its adversary down but chooses its own terms for so doing. Instead of forming more fool’s parades, puffing and pressing chests with Israel… instead of crossing swords with Israel… it is high time to cross pens with Israel and bring it to its knees without so much as a torn shirt. -0-


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