El meu insurrecció

These hands..These eyes

These hands..These eyes

These hands are not like my father’s hands
I’ve broken more bones than he
These eyes are not my father’s eyes
we’ve never seen life in similar ways
my eyes more open
have seen far more
have cried much more

These hands did not build bridges and buildings
did not build cabinets or homes
These hands have written more lines
have typed more poems
have touched more beauty

These eyes have seen a world my father never saw
have seen more than he ever sought to view
read more books
more articles
watched more shows
viewed more art
struggled more to see

These hands weren’t raised in anger
didn’t grab throats
slam bodies into the ground in assault
but they did so in defense from assault
and always will

These eyes searched for good
rarely found
lighted when found
darkened when there was no light
These eyes still squint looking
searching for a glimmer.

These hands never grabbed for dollars
never clutched afraid to lose
never placed tools inside a child’s shirt
to beat a merchant
never stole from a “friend”
These hands grasped for love
holding on for as long as they might

These eyes never avoided lonliness
nor pain
nor fear
These eyes never looked down upon a child
with disdain
or rejection

These hands are not the hands of my father
pushing away
They are my hands
pulling toward

These eyes are not the eyes of my father
looking out in anger
They are my eyes
in endless search for life
for happiness

These hands are wracked with pain
still dedicated hands
still creating lines
still clutching love
These eyes reflect all the pain
that is me inside
still dedicated to life
to love
to beauty

These are not the hands of a black sheep
as my father’s eyes chose to see them
These are not the eyes of a useless child
as my father’s hands rejected
These hands… These eyes
built a life where my father’s eyes
my father’s hands
had their place
in forming
my direction

These hands…These eyes
aging as they are
have no limit until like my father’s
return to dust


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One thought on “These hands..These eyes

  1. marionheads on said:

    Beautifully scripted, powerful and poignant


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