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The Only Heroes

{Reprint.  Please do not misconstrue this writing as a support for any theories regarding the events of 9-11.  There is sufficient evidence to place direct blame for the jet liner assaults on the towers with Usama bin Laden and his US/Saudi trained former fighters against Russia turned fighters against the US. Any questions, in my mind, arise from how pre-intelligence reports were treated, certain highly questionable events which occurred in the course of the assault, the rapid destruction of evidence immediately post and the political use of the event to effectively suppress the Constitution and to wage illegitimate “wars” against several nations having no direct responsibility in the event.  These questions will remain questions until provable answers come forward. This article is directed toward the misapplication of the term “hero” as it relates to this event.. and many others.}


The Only Heroes by M. Dennis Paul, PhD

In the events of 9-11, there were no heroes. None. There were only victims,

Whether you believe there was a plot to destroy the towers as a false flag event to rally Americans against the Middle East.. as pretext to regime changes for control and profit… as instigation to get America deeply involved in the demented manipulations of a rogue Israel.. cause for diminishing the inherent rights, through contrived consent, that have long stood as the greater reason for existence of this Nation.. and/or one of the greatest, in dimension, insurance scams in history or a well planned plot against the United States by a crazed group of militant Muslims, everywhere one can possibly look in this questioned and questionable scenario one will find victims…lots and lots of victims… and no heroes,

At ground zero (war terminology immediately implanted in the shocked brains of NY, America and the world) innocent people died, many of those who came to help were either injured or died… or were given a time clock with which to mark the hours, days, weeks, months and years leading toward their toxic disabilities and deaths. Many onlookers and everyday New Yorkers, as well as numerous visitors, were all handed their time clocks. All victims of the illusions which were force fed with unrelenting demands for fear. All believing they were acting out of an altruistic heroism or simply witness to an atrocity. All targeted by unspeakable evil to play their human parts in a drama of viciously unleashed inhumanity.

No matter who perpetrated this heinous crime and the many that ensued in support of the illusion, each and every individual, whether they can accept the fact or not, was duped by the unscrupulous within business, within media, within government. And every year since this event, more people are victimized by emotional manipulation by these same unscrupulous bastards. Bastards who destroyed very real and pertinent evidence, assaulted the characters of individuals who questioned the official dogma and incredible lies and who, through insurance claims, wars and the greedy supports of war profited to extents the mind boggles to fathom.

Like the Holocaust, an industry of manipulation and victimization has been built around the easily remembered “9-11” brand. And like the Holocaust, the least recognized victims are those who promote the brand at every opportunity for a sense of rightness in so doing. Others use the brands as lead ins to their own manipulations either at direct profit or peripheral gain in control of others who might question the illusion.

How, you might ask, can those do-gooders who came to rescue whatever victims they perceived not be considered heroes. Yes, they did heroic gestures putting their lives at risk and actually saving a small handful of victims. Coldly, it can be said their risks were outweighed by actual outcomes but the intent of this article is to impress upon readers that these do-gooders were, themselves, victims. They had their very spirits as humans preyed upon by palpably corrupt illusions handed them by the plotters of this play. Unknowing conscripts into theater because their characters had imbedded, well known actions easily predicted… and easily used to full effect.

Americans all became victims as they allowed a corrupt government to sway them into believing that their freedom mandated surrender in order that it may survive.

Get angry at me for having said the above. I expect it. Sadly, I also expect that few will take the time to think about how they were played as individuals and as a mass. Sad that few will ever realize how the play has become endless and how they are blindly lead to surrender more with every passing year. Sad that they bow to victim-hood rather than rage against the most destructive, deceptive machine ever constructed.

The only heroes are those who refuse the lies… who refuse to buy a ticket to the September circus.


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