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1 Minute 33 Seconds With Mark Regev Spinning Like a Loaded Dreidel

{Reprint. Mark Regev will shortly take the position of Israeli Ambassador to the UK.}

1 Minute 33 Seconds With Mark Regev

Spinning Like a Loaded Dreidel

by M. Dennis Paul, Ph.D.

In the Dreidel game, a gambling game played for centuries by Jewish children and elders alike, the rules are quite simple. Desired items are anted into a pot and each player spins the top-like Dreidel. Depending upon the letter facing up when the spin ends, the player wins nothing, half, all, or has to add more to the pot.

Mark Regev, Adviser to the Prime Minister of Israel/International Media, prefers to play with his personal Dreidel…fixed so that his spin (for Israel, of course) always lands on “winner take all”.

Considered one of the world’s most adroit spokespersons, Mark demonstrates a remarkable ability to spin the very worst policies and behaviours of his government in such a manner that his followers are left feeling a sense of sincere accomplishment and benefit from the chaos and destruction these actions create. Viewers who are not predisposed to an affectionate trance induced by his camera-aided sincerity are, of course, more likely to actually hear the astounding, and often totally absurd, twisted reality he so ably cadences in his “speaking directly to you” chats.

In his latest “let me have your ear for a moment” communique, he begins with a deeply expressed wish for the freedom of Gaza. Yes, he tells us, Israel sincerely wants Gaza to be free. He wants Gaza to be free… but most of all, the people of Gaza want to be free. And then he states they can’t, “because Gaza is ruled by a brutal, authoritarian, extreme Islamic regime.. a Taliban style government ..a regime that brutally oppresses the people of Gaza.”. He continues that “It oppresses women, it oppresses gays, it oppresses minorities.. a regime that has destroyed independent media, crushed all political opposition,.. a regime that arrests bloggers in the middle of the night, kills gay people, forces women back into a medieval status…For all these reasons, people who believe in freedom, people who believe in liberty, should be the enemies of the regime in Gaza and should support, really, a free Gaza.” Not missing a beat, he proceeds to invoke the activists working with the people of Gaza and how they physically and politically embrace the Hamas government and asks how, when they call themselves “Human Rights” activists, they embrace the most extreme opponents of human rights. People, he claims, “..oppress, with an iron fist, the civilian population of the Gaza strip”. He ends by stating he believes his questions are legitimate and need to be answered by Freedom Flotilla II-Stay Human.

In 1 minute and 33 seconds, Mark Regev completely rewrites reality so as to impress upon his minions that it is Hamas, and not Israel, that has destroyed the lives and livelihood of the Palestinian people, and that the Free Gaza movement has assisted them in so doing.

Mr. Regev, knowing well that history is often lost on the largest segments of society, leaves the impression that Hamas is, and always has been, the enemy of both the Palestinians and the Jews. It doesn’t matter, to people whose memories are lost, that Hamas actually began, officially, in 1987 or that it was the political manipulations of Israel, in an attempt to find some group other than Fatah (The PLO) with whom they could “negotiate” the Zionist takeover of Palestine, that created an opportunity for the birth of Hamas. So, according to Mr. Regev, Hamas was responsible for the forced migration of Palestinians and all the destruction and death they incurred 40 years before they even existed!!

Yes, it was not an “iron fist” from Israel that decided to embark upon a pogrom stealing thousands upon thousands of hectares of land, surround villages with walls and Jews-only highways, establish checkpoints from which they could deny Palestinians access to needed services, blockade its ocean access, pummel its infrastructure with tons of highly destructive ordinance, sever it air access, eliminate its ability to trade (import and export), and on and on. Those elements were Israel’s “humanitarian” outreach to the civilian population of Gaza. Its genuine attempt to set Gaza free. All of these things began because Israel wanted to free Gaza from the “brutal, authoritarian, extreme Islamic regime”… the one that didn’t exist when Israel started these “humanitarian” efforts.

Placidly accepting that what Mr. Regev says is true, he wins the spin of the Dreidel… and Israel, along with its millions of history deficient supporters, are contented with a “powerful”, emotional pot of hasbara with which to paint Freedom Flotilla II-Stay Human as the antithesis to freedom for the people of Palestine.

Nice game, Mark!

Mark Regev on freeing Gaza – from Hamas (video)

How Israel Helped to Spawn Hamas By ANDREW HIGGINS


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