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45 Years Ago…Today… And I Still See Her Smile And Continue Our Promise

{Reprint from 2014. On May 26, 2016, it will be 47 years since word of Sammi’s death.. murder.. at the hands of the IOF. Not a day goes by that Sammi is absent from my thoughts. At times, her presence weighs heavily in my heart and mind.  Usually, this is in advance of a major assault by Israel upon the beautiful people of Palestine. The past 10 days, I have felt her quite strongly. During this time, the IOF has been threatening Gaza with persistent fly overs and “war games”.  Insiders on both sides are admitting that an assault is imminent.}

45 Years Ago…Today… And I Still See Her Smile And Continue Our Promise

It has been 45 years since I first heard word of the murder by Israeli soldiers of my girlfriend, Samir, and her remaining family in Palestine. Samir was Lebanese-Palestinian, had moved to the US with her family already decreased in size by the IOF and was, at our young age deeply aligned politically with her homeland.  Involved with the Black Panther Party among other radical groups, I was also deeply involved in the Palestinian cause. It was, to my great sadness, her father’s decision to move back to Palestine to help his brother who was struggling.

Word, from a friend,  came through the mail some time after her murder which only added to the devastation it brought.  Despite our separation, the feelings we had for one another were never diminished and we believed, naively, that we would be returned to each other.  Naively as well, we believed Palestine would be free…soon.

Samir was beautiful.  A smile like no other and eyes that brought light to the darkest days we shared.  Not a day has gone by that I have not thought about her seeing her smile and hearing her soothing voice in my mind.  She was my oasis from what was then a horrible family life.  Her father always treated me with respect and even love, knowing my Jewish/Greek background.  I remember fondly the incredible meals he would prepare and the stories he would tell in his comically poor English.

Samir and I promised each other that we would never stop working to free Palestine.  I never have.

I won’t describe her death, and that of her then remaining family.  It was brutal and haunts me to this day.  I write this through tears.

I will never forget what those Israeli bastards did and I doubt that my spirit will ever be at peace.  Every day is filled with what if’s and why’s.  Never answers.

I am forever grateful to the Black Panther Party for taking up solidarity with the Palestinians and their efforts to educate regarding the struggle for liberation.  Out of all the groups with whom I had association, they were the only ones who recognized, fully, the Palestinian cause.

I am forever grateful to Samir for being a part of my life and allowing me to be a part of hers.

I miss her.

To my last breath, I will be for Palestine and her people.  To my last breath, I will hold Samir and her family in my heart.

Viva Palestina!


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