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A Response to Ken O’Keefe

{Reprint from 2011.  Protests were emerging globally at a rapid pace and actions, peaceful actions, were being planned, taking place and aftermaths being assessed. The reference to “Tim & Bonnie” is to the “Kings” who started Salem-News.. strong supports for myself, Ken and a host of others.}

A Response to Ken O’Keefe

The Egyptian Second Revolution Cometh

M. Dennis Paul, Ph.D.


I hope that your assessment is correct regarding the world following the path presented in this golden example of non-violence. I also hope, at the time I am writing this, that no assaults have occurred in the Square in Cairo.

Our rapidly approaching Flotilla II- Stay Human brings committed people from all over the map to once again show the world that there is strength in non-violence and that compassion respects no artificially constructed borders or barriers. Images to the rest of the world will show that it is only those despots, such as the Netanyahu government, living under an illusion of power and control that is openly and brutally supported by paid thugs and agents, who act out violently against the real hopes and dreams of self determination championed by a hard working, and willing to work, non-violent majority.

Ban Ki Moon and others may beg that these images not be shown to the world so they work behind the scenes using fear and intimidation in an effort to suppress the determination of peaceful protesters. The Egyptian military may refuse protections to unarmed protesters as their means of instilling fear and intimidation and to suppress peaceful actions. Without the face to face meeting of workers for peace and agents of oppression, however, the world is deprived of the real stories behind the lives of the oppressed …and the world, to its inhabitants, are left to the erroneous perception that things are as they should be. They are deprived of the true pictures of corruption, hypocrisy and depravity that so many millions are forced to accept as their lot in life. They remain sheltered, at least for a time, from the potential, and perhaps inevitable, disemboweling of their own lives, hopes and dreams.

Governments and their media would prefer that the only news, the only images, the rest of the world views each day are the briefings, staged by PR agents, on the inner workings of their staff, their boards and their committees working behind closed doors in suites set well above the streets. The only genuine news, the news that informs the world of human struggles to survive and exposes the images of those who create the greatest obstacles to survival, happens on the street… not above it. There is nothing sterile emanating from the streets. It is raw and real. From a board room, one can change the perceptions of a nation. It is often no more than a change of figures who run the same game. From the streets, however, one can change the nation by shutting down the board room.. ending the game.

My personal thanks to you, Ken, (and as always, Tim & Bonnie) for pointing us, anew, to the streets of Cairo and reminding us of the very real dangers as well as the very real power of numbers, non-violence, compassion and conviction.

Readers: Please support the AUDACITY OF HOPE and all of the other peaceful ships bearing committed non-violent passengers, much needed aid for the beautiful people of Palestine, and hope for the entire world by visiting and pledging at . Please also tweet @whitehouse every day and inform them that the whole world is watching Flotilla II- Stay Human. VIVA PALESTINA!!


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