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A Very Ugly Poem

{Reprint. Some may object to the characterization of Hamas in this piece. It needs to be made clear that Hamas, above all, is a national defense organization for Gaza.. and would be for the WB.  Were it not for Hamas, Gaza would have been leveled a number of years ago. Hamas, unfortunately, is aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood and carries its distorted and heavy hand to the people of Gaza. I have had a number of friends surviving, barely, in Gaza over the years and feelings about Hamas have always been markedly mixed. Some love and respect Hamas, some detest Hamas and others have a love-hate struggle. Many are not aware that the election of Morsi in Egypt was grudgingly supported by the US as the Brotherhood was viewed as a useful tool (Hamas was also originally viewed as a useful tool by the US and Israel).  It was understood that the Brotherhood would gradually employ its heavy hand in Egypt and “control” the masses that the US viewed as a threat to Israel. That hand showed itself almost immediately and the masses began to stir. The US sought to correct what it viewed as a mistake and threw its weight behind the coup under long time despot, Sisi.  Egypt, and its revolution, never stood a chance… not with Israel and the US and not with the Brotherhood. It goes without further comment regarding Sisi.}


A Very Ugly Poem

by M. Dennis Paul, Ph.D.

Mahmoud al-Sarsak …

In prison, the only sentence for this man of honour is death.

In detention for 3 years without charge or evidence suggesting commission of crime, Mahmoud has sentenced himself for the only “crime” he can fathom brought him to where he now fleetingly exists and he has been starving himself to death for over 80 days.

It is hard for family and friends to watch this once vital young man, once a terror but not a terrorist on the field, fast away toward a tragic and painful end.

Hardest, however, is watching the world sit on its collective ass continuing to allow such abuse of law and human right.

Netanyahu sees just one more dead terrorist.. one less prison mouth to feed for now (and may many more join him) and one more bed to fill upon his demise.

Obama refuses to see… too busy playing Bomb the BloodSacks with his “Joy” stick and chasing the decreasing political panderer dollar while touting his many accomplishments for the 1%.

Abbas sees a future photo op whether Mahmoud lives or dies and plans to be the first PA “Official” to claim Saviour status should the Egyptians again step in and broker another empty deal.

He busily stuffs his face at diplomat dinners as he jets around the globe seeking alternate ways to insure he remains in his too long held illegal office.. perhaps being declared King of all that is Palestine… what might be left of it when he is done aiding Israel in its taking.

Hamas sees no opportunity for anything it can’t control and instead thinks of new ways to oppress its own people.

Global media focuses on the poor Jewish boy who got a sliver in his hand while beating one of those funny looking migrant workers while he was doing a job too far beneath the status of any Jew.

Too, media focuses on the murderous exploits of the American migrant worker who calls himself President.. funny looking.. apparently as dumb as a Palestinian according to Israeli press and a socialist pseudo patriot by US press.. and they focus on the next war and the next and the next.. all in oil rich countries that must absolutely be protected from human rights violations, murder and mayhem… unlike Palestine which has more of the mayhem and murder and violations every day.. for decades.. but has no oil.

The UN prattles on and on about how out of line Israel is and how it will sign the fifteen-thousand and twenty first “mandate” against.. and which, like all the others, will be ignored..or even laughed at by the world’s ugliest and most evil nation that only resembles Germany at its very worst and South Africa at its unsavory worst but is genuinely only Israel at its very best..Israel.

It could be worse.

It is terribly hard to know and see all of this while a friend or family bravely takes a stand using the only force he has… his body… to attempt waking up an entire world of apathy.

And it is frighteningly hard to watch his tears falling down his sunken, pale cheeks… blood red tears.



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