El meu insurrecció

Blue (2012)

blue draws against a simple surface where sparse tendrils curve pointing off in one direction

This simple surface lifts over blue edge on top
pushing slightly down below

So brief this vision allows as surface opens into layers where more pull apart and away from blue now moist and streaked

Moisture fills space made from pulling then droplets roll from space racing downward splashing against tendrils forming a ragged line

Droplets travel followed by stream followed by river cascading over tendrils as gravity pulls rushing to earth

Drums begin to pound as their sound fills the vessel where seconds before only a soft cry and droplets formed

Drumming feels so heavy until horns begin blowing air through the vessel blowing dull thud out and away

Darkness covers all until crackling begins whereupon darkness shatters like a mirror falling away as light pours through the fractures until all is light

Then the body falls into a pool of itself and sighs -0-


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