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Casting the First Goldstone

{Reprint. The Goldstone Report, highly controversial only through the latter recanting of portions by one out of four authors.. the man whose name is in the title. The remaining three authors vociferously stood by the report. Israel failed repeatedly to have the report pulled from the UN review which largely accepted it and recommended investigations be held. Israel refused investigation having stated reliance upon its own internal investigations.  To date, however, the report has had no impact on legal proceedings. Whether or not it will have any bearing on ICC investigations remains to be seen.}


Casting the First Goldstone

by M. Dennis Paul, Ph.D.

The media and Zionist yahoos are having a field day celebrating what they claim is nothing short of a recanting of his initial report on the illicit and criminal activities of both Hamas and the IDF. South African Judge Richard Goldstone, in his recent op-ed in the Wash. Post stated that had they (UN investigators) known then what they now know, the report would have had a decidedly different flavour. What flavour might he be suggesting?

Goldstone found, initially, that Israel was guilty of deliberate assault upon civilians and, potentially, war crimes and crimes against humanity among other findings. Hamas was also considered to have committed similar offense. At the time of the reports conclusion, Israel had already made clear it would not abide by and cooperate with the UN process for assessing the actions taken by Hamas and IDF and it had already begun one of its famous internal investigations. As many are keenly aware, such investigations closely resemble a blood stained and feather coated fox investigating the cause of death for caged chickens and, after presenting brethren fox as witnesses (refusing calls to submit comment from surviving hens) and page after page of conflicting and often fabulous “facts” the internal investigation is declared gospel by the investigators and jurors in between their sopping of gravy with homemade biscuits and licking fat and grizzle from their fingers. In all such investigations, a transparent whitewash is conveyed as a moral high ground, and all conclusions to the contrary are flavourless and thus committed to scrap for the family pet. Hamas, consented to, and cooperated with, the UN investigation.

What exactly are these facts that were not known at the conclusion of the UN report? Have they been thoroughly investigated in an impartial manner and found to be accurate and truthful? Apparently, not. What Goldstone refers to are the conclusions of the hen-house investigation and little or nothing else. As such, they amount to a grasping, by Goldstone, to make his existence on earth a little more palatable. The initial, and real, conclusion to the report was based on cooperation from Hamas, genuinely discernible facts from physical evidence and credible witnesses (unlike some of the more fabulous claims from the likes of career war-mongers such as Cmndr Kemp ), Israel’s arrogance in refusing cooperation and the acceptance and/or absence of reasonable doubt. Goldstone, who is Jewish, took considerable flap for his conclusions and has no doubt suffered socially and possibly financially. There is little doubt that his family has also suffered.

It is also highly conceivable that Goldstone went in to this investigation hoping to find cause for disproving the criminality of Israel and was greatly disheartened when none could be found.

As the region heats up dramatically and Israel is forced to look more closely at all of its existing allies; as the one year anniversary of Freedom Flotilla draws close… and focus of the international community reflects upon the brutality and murders on the sea (Mavi Marmara assassinations) and prepares for Freedom Flotilla II (Set to sail in May of this year with 20 nations supplying boats and hundreds supporting with live bodies, materials and incredible spirit); as the hen-house investigation of this incident produces yet another whitewash; as the “peace talks” drift once again from memory; as former Israeli leaders are sentenced to prison for rape and theft and extortion; as Twitter and Facebook and other social media buzz with reporting and recalling the daily assaults and abuses of Palestinian men, women, and especially children; as plans emerge weekly to further steal land from the Palestinians, to deprive them of food, water, medicine, and materials to rebuild the infrastructure, homes and business destroyed dramatically and intentionally during “Cast Lead” and even more now, … there is little doubt that Goldstone is now seeking to 1) save himself and his family from more isolation and abuse and 2) somehow give Israel a boost in its rapidly fading image amongst nations.

If the above is a true to life explanation for the recent, supposed , recanting… Goldstone has failed miserably and has only stirred the arrogant and angry bees of Israel now flying off in all directions attempting to put his meager offering to some sweet use. Netanyahu ( the Grand Yahoo) now takes every opportunity in the media to harken the rightness and moral superiority of the IDF and Israel, Livni and Olmert attempting to sting the UN Human Rights Committee to refuse Goldstone’s report, feeding frenzy to media concocting all manner of interviews and communications that never actually took place and further claiming Goldstone intends to nullify his own work before the UN… and on it goes.

For all the wind generated by the Goldstone story, the final lines are simply stated: Goldstone finds no reason to seek nullification of the UN report and with Obama and the US Congress so deep in the pockets of the Israel lobbies, there is not a chance in hell that the UN effort to bring charges against Israel before the world court will succeed.


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