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To Call The Egyptian “Cease-Fire” Proposal Anything But A Deceitful Sham Is Reprehensible

{Reprint from July 2014 Uprooted Palestinians.}


To Call The Egyptian “Cease-Fire” Proposal Anything But A Deceitful Sham Is Reprehensible
by M. Dennis Paul
Egypt (formerly under the near 30 year rule of ruthless dictator and prior military leader, Muhammad Hosni El Sayed Mubarak, whose hegemony derived from the military “assumption” of leadership following the 1981 assassination of Muḥammad Anwar as-Sādāt), whose elected government was recently overthrown by a military coup, (it’s elected head, Mohamed Morsi, imprisoned and the party of this imprisoned leader [Muslim Brotherhood] outlawed, with members imprisoned, sentenced to death or, in some cases, exorbitant years in prison) and falsely “legitimized” by a sham election orchestrated by the coup’s narcissistic and brazenly psychotic former military leader, Abdel Fattah Saeed Hussein Khalil el-Sisi, proposes a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas.

This country, Egypt, confederate oppressor of the Palestinian people, long in the deep pockets of the US and its subjacent suckling, Israel, and a stated enemy of the Palestine resistance organization, Hamas (democratically elected lead party for Gaza), inserts itself in the current struggle for freedom of Palestine by proposing a surrender or die “cease-fire” submitted to Israel, the US, and other Western and Arab quislings without a single consultation offered to Hamas (In fact, Hamas found out about the proposal only when it had been broadcast on TV) . All the quislings and dominant oppressors immediately accept the terms (most without having read them) and begin their distorted media campaigns in an attempt to cajole Hamas, effectively, into unconditional surrender while portraying themselves altruistic in motive.

The Western and sycophant motives having no relation to altruism, in any sense, resemble too uncomfortably the cease-fire of 2012 which was transparent in its attempt to stall any progress in the region in allowing Israel to continue its pogroms against the Palestinian people and its rightful nation. As is the common case, Israel violated that 2012 cease-fire beginning in November of 2012 and, within the 1st 88 days had violated it on average once per day. Within it’s 1st year those violations totaled over 1400. Still, Hamas attempted to preserve it but with warnings its patience was growing thin.

Israel, having sustained considerable global hits through BDS (Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions) which grew tremendously in the past year, having most recently been placed on notice by the EU that it was encouraging investors to not do business with illegal “settlement” interests, having been perceived internationally as sabotaging the most recent “peace” talks through increasing the growth of illegal “settlements” and reneging on prisoner release agreements, having realization that a growing number of world Jewry has tired of Zionism and its deceits and crimes, having lost several very large investors and investment banks, and being faced with, in its mindset, the unification government agreed to by both Fatah and Hamas (who, by the way had no members in the new government), incapable of taking responsibility and embarking on correction instead relied upon its worn out deceptive practices through staging a rallying of emotions and stimulation of cries for revenge through media manipulation of an incident involving 3 young men.

Israel immediately blamed Hamas for the supposed kidnapping and deaths without so much as a single shred of evidence and proceeded to assault Palestine with mass arrests and detainment, destruction of property and homes, beatings, and more.

The denial of evidence to media and world leaders continues with Israel insisting it need prove nothing in order to blame Hamas and enact its vengeance. Because Israel says it, it expects the world to fall in step.

Israel’s cry for vengeance was heeded well and immediately a young Palestinian was kidnapped, forced to drink gasoline, set ablaze and transparently displayed as “tragic” in the very same media used to broadcast the calls for blood of Palestinians. The efforts at “revenge” continue with myriad shootings, attempts at kidnappings and destruction of Palestinian property and homes.

A fact which remains out of world view is that there is also no evidence these young Israeli men are dead. Israel’s MOSSAD, not unlike the US CIA and MI or the intelligence (oxymoron) of a number of other criminal nations, have many individuals placed throughout the world who live under false passports and covers, most whose real lives long ago disappeared through staged accidents and incidents. The absence and refusal to provide evidence for the deaths of these young men compounded by the media staging surrounding the event and subsequent “funeral” strongly suggest they are now in the hands of MOSSAD.

Such an event came rather conveniently at a most opportune time for Israel under the circumstances. It now had what it believed to be a convincing cover for its intended and previously planned attempt to destroy the unity government. Israel has long been perfectly satisfied to pretend negotiations with its puppet, Mahmoud “Abu Mazen” Abbas, illegal President of the Western Bank for many years (having denied his own people legitimate elections) and now, through negotiations for unity with Hamas, became legitimate head of the new government for a specified short period of time.

Abbas, having tools at his disposal to hold Israel accountable for all of its crimes committed over the past 66 years has dutifully dragged his feet and allowed Israel to steal more and more of land rightfully belonging to the Palestinian people. He has sat back and watched violation after violation of every agreement ever made with Israel yet insists, even to this moment, on continuing along the same failed lines with an Israel government having absolutely no desire to settle any issue with Palestine or uphold any agreement.

In all the years Abbas has been involved, not once has he mentioned the illegitimacy of Israel as a nation based solely on the fact Israel refuses to define its borders.. a requirement for recognized statehood. Instead, he speaks out of both sides of his mouth as to the willingness of the people he fails to represent to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. Abbas uses his police to repress the voices of his own people in coordination with, and at the behest of Israel. In essence, he is a traitor to his own.

Now, Abbas is expected to rally Palestinians against Hamas who, smartly and honourably, has refused to engage in the charade these enemies of Palestine want the world to see as an humanitarian “ceasefire”. Despite the rhetoric and lies of the West who label Hamas as a terrorist group, the truth is that Hamas is, and always has been, a resistance organization and one that was, to reiterate, duly elected by its people.

The continued resistance by Hamas, demonstrated by its refusal to play the fool to Western aligned reprobates is a model for all resistance fighters around the world.

For the world, it is time to greatly increase all efforts to educate about the deceit and illegitimacy of Israel, the corruption of the US and its sucklings, and to increase all efforts to forward BDS and the economic isolation of Israel and anyone who conducts business with this rogue element causative/contributive of continued world disorder.

It is important that we make every effort to support Hamas and to the people of Palestine.

It is a proven fact Israel will never honor any agreement and will continue to thumb its nose at International Law. It is also proven that the US will cover for the crimes of Israel (while continuing to commit its own around the world) and will financially and militarily support the false nation of Israel (USS Liberty just one example).

It is therefore up to Hamas to resist the West and Israel on its territory and legitimately defend its people in the face of traitors like Abu Mazen and all the Western aligned criminals like Abdel Fattah Saeed Hussein Khalil el-Sisi and it is up to us to do whatever we can without attempting to direct Hamas or the Palestinian people.

Seek out known assistance organizations such as ISM (International Solidarity Movement), IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation.. perhaps the greatest humanitarian organization in the world… and ask what you can do.

Organize teach-ins and protests in your communities, support larger protests through participation, flood social media with information and support for your efforts, follow respected social media writers and critics and become more educated.

Something as simple as wearing a keffiyeh or head band or wrist band, flying a Palestinian flag, writing letters to the editors of local and regional papers are valuable and honourable efforts.

Two points detractors of freedom for Palestine invariable invoke are:
1) If only Hamas would cease firing rockets things would get better, and
2) Hamas uses babies as human shields
The best responses are always..”History proves conclusively the contrary. It is Israel who needs to stop its aggression and end 66+ years of repression, systematic genocide and occupation and blockade of Palestine, surrendering any perceived authority it “must” maintain over what should be respected as a sovereign nation and, as a friend once stated.. “If anything, children are so important and respected by Palestinians, the Palestinians dote too much on their kids. To ever use them as “shields” is ludicrous”.



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