El meu insurrecció

Eternal Raven

When one has such courage as to attack the surrendered soul of a dying man
-every cell committed to ending life-
with a love and a compassion comparable in weight
to that of a feather
it is the station of the Universe to open the gates
holding back memories of ten thousand years
of one million lives
peel the veneer off the grand illusion of linear existence
and provide the silver stallion who will carry the two
together through eternity

When you thrust your lance through the shield I held
against life
against living one more cycle of life
you pierced with it my heart
and raised my soul above the pit of fire I had targeted
as my final rest
You awakened everything inside me
that I had carefully brought to stupor
with elements from the god of sleep

You took the most fearful route to save your old friend
and lover
who lost in years of search for you
beaten by so many illusions
thought to be you
and who had opted for finality rather than seek
another moment
or succumb to further illusion

Your risk came with familiarity that only my ancient one could know
with lightness and laughter
love for all oppressed
and determination to address anything unjust
The fullness in reading your words
and then hearing your brilliant voice and then
emptiness coming quickly when words and voices had to end for a time
The increasing need to see you, to hold you
and touch
The instant overpowering knowledge of being there
times in the past
and having shared all that was glorious in existence because
it was shared with each other

You came without reservation and I
who was the one to resign from everything
came back to life without hesitation
knowing that your hand belonged in my hand
My heart belonged in yours

Persistence is the knight that our stallion carries and soon
together old friends will ride
Old friends will ride as one
as they have always been meant to ride
as they are destined to ride
into eternity once more

My heart
had you not reached out to save
would surely have ceased
and my eternity would then
be loss
and I might be reborn again and again to ask
to forget
So would the Universe be thus kind to grant
without you, my raven,


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