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Hone Your Pitchforks, Folks…

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Hone Your Pitchforks, Folks…

GOP and Dem dolts express extreme offense when US military are taken into custody by Iran and given tea and cookies.. then released. Not one of these dolts ever questioned the hostage taking, by the US, of hundreds of innocent civilians placed in GITMO for 15 years, abused and tortured, lives destroyed… without ever being charged with any offense. Of course, they’ve been trained to see this as “Administrative Detention”. “those men are not hostages… They’re “detainees!”‘ And torture?.. Well, that’s not torture… that’s “enhanced interrogation”. These dolts are quick to offer that it is all for the safety and security of the US… never acknowledging that the closest these men ever got to the US was a series of cages 90 miles off the Florida coast… a trip they never sought to take and one usually taken on their knees with canvas bags covering their heads. Some, under even worse conditions, were given “detention” in black holes spread throughout the globe in places where even more “enhanced interrogation” could quietly be conducted.

These same dolts will seldom speak about the thousands of “Administratively Detained” Palestinians held in Israel Gulags or the “Enhanced Interrogations” they daily endure. If they do make mention, it is always under the excuse that these men and women and little kids are all “terrorists” threatening the safety and security of “The Only Democracy In The Middle East”.

It is time for people to speak truth to these dolts at every opportunity… especially now during the height of the political circus called “elections”. Time to make them all hear that all of these people, men, women and children, are HOSTAGES… REAL HOSTAGES and the “detainee” label is a false construct created to fool the people they expect will vote for their lying selves. Time to make them hear that “Enhanced Interrogation” is a false construct, too… TORTURE IS TORTURE! Tell them to experience deprivation, assaults, shocks, waterboarding … then come back and call it anything but TORTURE.

Tell these despot wannabees that the “Only Democracy In The Middle East is a falsely constructed pseudo theocracy steeped in a history of extreme prejudice, apartheid and genocide. Remind them, loudly, that none of those characteristics represents democracy and if they persist in fostering the tripe they pander daily about both the US and Israel… a great big hammer is soon to come down upon them because this shit is over. These fucking dinosaur relics who have long refused to die are about to meet their meteor.

Orwell spoke to the world about how language would be used to confuse and create bizarre, twisted patterns of thought. Citizenry would be expected to demur to the construction of false narratives or be “detained” for “correction”. PAY ATTENTION! You are told what your worst fears are and your worst fears are used against you. “Terrorism” is everywhere (except where it isn’t). Surrender your freedom in order to be free. Wage war to bring peace. That grossly over-armored and armed cop is only here to “Protect & Serve”. Vote for the lesser evil. WAKE THE FUCK UP!!

Once the remaining fearful pseudo-left sycophants of sheepdog Bernie and the faux feminists voting with their vaginas for Hillarious Clinton realize, despite the rhetoric, that their candidates are servants of the same murderous DNC masters… and when the flatulent right realizes the cretinous punks offered by the GOP are mere mercenaries on a billionaire’s payroll (who also bankrolls the DNC), much like ISIS, intent upon eating their young if so required .. all will leap wildly from the cliffs overlooking a fetid ocean.. pick one… or they will be pushed.

I am honing my pitchfork and preparing torches.


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