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A Deck Firmly Stacked Against the People of Palestine



{Reprint from Sep-06-2010 Salem-News}

A Deck Firmly Stacked Against the People of Palestine

By M. Dennis Paul, Ph.D.
Prime Minister Netanyahu, no matter how he or anyone else attempts to spin it, is a brazen sociopath and there is nothing that comes from his lips that can be afforded any sincere regard or belief.

(WINDSOR, N.H.) – Seated at the table, before the first hand is dealt, the game operator (President Barack Obama) brazenly informs the players that he is not adverse to a little cheating by the Prime Minister of Israel (Binyamin Netanyahu) and that his opponent, the Illegitimate President of the West Bank of Palestine (Abu Mazen), has a lot of work to do if he thinks he can win a single hand at this table.

President Obama then shakes the hand of the Prime Minister and clumsily passes 4 palmed aces as he tells the PM his security is assured. The Prime Minister grins smugly, tucks the cards on his lap, checking first to insure that those cards are from the marked deck he had supplied the President during the pre-game talk.

Assured, he nods to Abu Mazen and thanks him for being a serious partner in this high stakes game then nods to the just arriving audience and expresses his conviction, to them, that they will witness the fairest game he has ever played. The President then takes the hand of Abu Mazen, squeezes it as hard as he can, and wiggles his middle finger against Mazen’s palm.

At this point, the President rises, announces the dealer (Hillary Clinton) who makes her way to the table, jokingly whispers between her and Abu Mazen, “Remember to deal from the top!” and exits. As he heads out the door a reporter asks, “Why are there no Hamas players today?”, to which he quickly responds, “They cheat… and, besides, we haven’t supplied them with a big enough stake. Hell, Mazen will just barely make the ante.”

The reporter scribbles on his pad, “The President states that Hamas would only try to undermine the game.”

Sounds cynical, doesn’t it? Let’s take a closer look.

Some months back, PM Netanyahu agreed to a freeze on settlements in illegally occupied Palestine. Like most every other agreement made by Israel since it’s inception, this freeze was ignored and settlements continue. Every week since the freeze supposedly began, reports in media (including Israeli media) point to settlements being expanded, Palestinian houses being demolished to prepare for new settlements, cemeteries being desecrated to make way for new construction, new construction, protesters (Palestinian, International and Israeli) gassed, beaten, kidnapped, tortured and shot. Almost satirically, Israeli officials weekly announce their intention to resume settlement construction immediately upon expiration of the freeze. How does President Obama respond to this? He doesn’t.

Both he and crony Clinton act as though Netanyahu and Israel are behaving admirably, talk about continuing the non-existent freeze and send more money and arms to Israel. At the same time, they also send a few dollars to Abu Mazen and only enough ammunition to keep Mazen’s Palestinian Authority police a threat to Palestinians.

Netanyahu demands that the talks come with no preconditions. Obama and Clinton agree.

Then Netanyahu declares under what conditions he will “negotiate” with Abu Mazen, such as ruling out the return by Palestinians to East Jerusalem, ruling out continuation of the “freeze”, and no talk of return to pre-1967 boundaries (let alone returning the land stolen between 1948 and 1967).

Netanyahu makes his point that the “negotiations” will be on his terms… “We are coming to the talks with a genuine desire to reach a peace agreement between the two peoples that will protect Israel’s national security interests, foremost of which is security.”
Obama and Clinton agree. Abu Mazen merely checks his pulse to determine if he is still alive. One can only believe that Obama threatened Mazen with an end to the meager funds and boxes of bullets for the PA cops that the US grants him if he continued to state there was no reason to enter face to face talks with the Israeli oppressor.

Under Netanyahu’s no precondition preconditions, there is even less reason for the talks. So what really brought Mazen to the table? It certainly wasn’t Obama’s repeated statements that Israel’s security was his utmost concern. It surely wasn’t Clinton’s or Obama’s passing mentions of the “stress” in Gaza where not a single mention of a single crime by Israel passed their lips. And it definitely wasn’t the promise of working out some “deal” for a two state solution that Mazen knows will not be acceptable to Palestinians whose “state” is already split up into tiny disconnected prison colonies surrounded by Israeli guards. Mazen enters these talks knowing he has absolutely nothing in the way of support from the US and nothing in the way of support from his own people. Mazen has twice denied his people a genuine election and his legitimate Presidency ended well over a year ago.

Prior to the start of the “talks”, an incident occurs where snipers shoot several illegal settlers. The response from both Clinton and Obama is to completely ignore the daily atrocities committed by Israeli settlers and the IDF and to blame Hamas for trying to undermine the process they have rigged. From the lips of Barack Obama: “I want everybody to be very clear,” he said. “The United States is going to be unwavering in support of Israel’s security and we are going to push back against these kinds of terrorist activities. And so the message should go out to Hamas and everybody else who is taking credit for these heinous crimes that this is not going to stop us from not only ensuring a secure Israel but also securing a longer lasting peace with the people throughout the region.”

Not a single reference is made to the assaults upon farmers, fishermen, women, school kids and infants daily emanating from these illegal settlers and Israeli soldiers. No mention of the Israeli court absolving an IDF soldier of the murder of a school girl just days before the “talks”. 17 bullets pumped into a child who posed absolutely no threat to the security of Israel. No mention of adult settlers beating a small child to within inches of death. No mention of the weekly assaults on peaceful protesters. No mention of the midnight kidnappings of Palestinians for the heinous crimes of organizing protests or tossing rocks at the soldiers firing thousands of rounds of gas and bullets at unarmed civilians. No mention of the young boys being threatened with rape or having car batteries attached to their genitals in order to coerce them to sign statements (in a language they do not understand) admitting that they threw stones at IDF soldiers. No mention of Bedouins forced at gun point to destroy their own homes. No mention of IDF soldiers setting fire to olive groves, pulling out irrigation systems and firing upon farmers and their families as they try to harvest their own fields. No mention of illegally held Palestinian prisoners, sick and wounded, being untreated and tossed into filthy cells. No mention of nine civilians murdered on a humanitarian vessel in international waters. Instead, from the lips of Netanyahu: “These people have no respect for human life and trample human rights into the dust and butcher everything they oppose.”
What chance do the Palestinian people have? No one, with any power to do so, is representing their needs and interests in these “negotiations. The individual posing as their representative sits, illegally, as their President, receives funding from both the US and Israel to maintain a police force that does the bidding of the Israelis in maintaining his illegal position, is not recognized in any capacity by Gaza and assists in undermining legitimate protests within his own country. The so-called mediators of this “peace process” make no bones about stating publicly their unwavering support of Israel, will not publicly acknowledge the atrocities and illegal actions of Israel despite the rest of the world witnessing these crimes, arrange and maintain financial support for these criminals and solicit financial support from them for furthering the candidacies of their party friends. They and their media puppets now spin the drama with negative slants against the un-represented Palestinians to insure that any failure in their farcical talks will be viewed as the fault of the Palestinians.

Even the so-called liberal Huffington Post promotes this slant through idiots like Sam Stein.

Prime Minister Netanyahu, no matter how he or anyone else attempts to spin it, is a brazen sociopath and there is nothing that comes from his lips that can be afforded any sincere regard or belief.

He and his Zionist cronies have, through history, made it abundantly clear they have no regard for, respect for, or desire to live peacefully with, Palestinians.

Truly, it is up to writers, unafraid to call a spade a spade, to point out the lies and deceptions of President Obama, Hillary Clinton, et al., the lies, deceptions and crimes of PM Netanyahu and his government, the illegitimacy and corruption of Abu Mazen, the fundamentalist insanity of Hamas, the criminality and hypocrisy of Tony Blair and the cowardice and corruption of the Quartet in creating and supporting this farce.

It is up to activists to continue the protests, continue the flotillas, continue the boycotts and encourage the Palestinians to stand up, declare Abu Mazen illegitimate, and demand new elections. They, and we, have to insure the world sees these talks as illegitimate, corrupt, and dangerous for the people of Palestine. Heads of State need to stand up and denounce Obama alongside Netanyahu and Mazen and demand the Palestinians have true representation before any talks about the future of Palestine take place. It must also be made clear that the bias of the US government toward Israel precludes its taking any part what so ever in negotiations.

Without genuine representation, the removal of biased and conspiratorial “interests”, removal of corrupted parties… and the loud and present voices of the people, the Palestinians have no chance. The deck is firmly stacked against them.
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