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False Reports Of Assaults and Threats By Pro-Israel Supporters in Boston, Ma July 11, 2014

{Reprint from July 15, 2014 Uprooted Palestinians}

M. Dennis Paul, Ph.D.


July 14, 2014.  Sources in Boston inform that claims, this past Friday,  of assault at a Pro-Israel Rally outside Israel’s consular offices are false. Police were present and made no arrests as none were warranted. One of the individuals who attended in support of Israel, Chloe Valdary (U. of New Orleans Senior), later went to police and filed a report of assault.  

Claims, on a few blogs and in the Times Of Israel, of flags and phones being ripped out of supporters’ hands  were not witnessed by police or other people in the area with the exception of a protester attempting to deflect and stop unwarranted advances by Ms. Valdery after several warnings.  Boston Police officers stepped in and requested all parties to calm.

The Rally is believed to have been coordinated, and designed essentially as a training exercise for new recruits, by several Pro-Israeli organizations known to manufacture unsubstantiated and often ludicrous claims (among which are antisemitism, assaults, harassment and being placed in fear for their lives).

Present were Samantha Mandeles, former activist and current trainer of students for CAMERA along with Raphael Fils, a BU Junior who recently formed the local organization called JUMP and Aviva Malveira who is associated with Israel advocacy group StandWithUs. 

In all, there were less than a dozen young supporters along with organizers, some wrapped in Israeli flags (Malveira among them) and others who tauntingly waved their flags, fingers and phones in the faces of anti-Zionist protesters who were attending several anti-Zionist and Palestine/Gaza Support rallies being held throughout the Boston area.

The anti-Zionist protesters were organized by the local JVP (Jewish Voices for Peace) which tends to lay waste to claims of chants of “Christ-Killer” from the Zionist grouping.  Claims of other “vile” epithets and threats were also unsubstantiated by witnesses (including the sources for this article).

A 55 second video posted on the web by Ms. Valdery, actually shows an anti-Zionist protester defending herself from Ms. Valdery’s invasive advances with her phone. It shows Valdery being warned and, failing to stop her advance, subsequently having the phone blocked. That video can be found at : .

As of today, there is no report of the protester having been arrested.




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