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Libya’s Revolution and the Open Air Market

{Reprint from June 2011 Salem-News}

Libya’s Revolution and the Open Air Market

M. Dennis Paul, Ph.D.

When Libya announced its “revolution” I was excited. Not only would this nation join in the Arab Spring, further promoting the fervor for freedom in that region, it signaled a coming end to the reign of one of the world’s most schizophrenic despots and a possible end to the stranglehold plans of the oil elite.

In the first few weeks, I reported on the advances and retreats, the gains and losses of a very small group of rebels who had sworn allegiance to each other, their families and their nation. It was extremely difficult to gather information from my sources as they were constantly on the run, initially evading snipers and skilled assassins. Soon, Gaddafi deployed his troops and bands of mercenaries. Handfuls of rebels began to bump into each other as they tried to resist overwhelming assaults from tanks and rocket launchers. NATO stepped in and the rebels were dodging their fighters and missiles all the while attempting to guide them from the ground. To say that it was chaotic hardly addresses the scurrying of these untrained and under-armed patriots.

One by one, my sources disappeared and I spent countless hours trying to trace their footsteps by phone, email and courier. Mohammed Nabbous (Bold voice for Libya) and Tim Hetherington (Restrepo) are reported killed and one after another my sources are found …dead… mutilated… defiled. Families asking for help as they are being hunted by Gaddafi “devils” and wanting their husbands and fathers to be remembered for their acts to free Libya. Listening to the gunfire and mortars as I dig for bits and pieces of what is really going on in Misrata and Benghazi and being told that unknowns are dropping weapons on the beaches and people no one seems to know are trying to direct the rebels and leading them into corners. Death tolls that in no way compare to the news reports. People said to have died showing up hundreds of miles away.

No body knows, really, how many rebels are fighting. The US pulled out as quickly as it came in and turned the new “war” over to NATO. Daily tons of bombs and rockets pound first this village and then that one. Reports of fighters.. friendly.. strafing rebels on the road. Medical supplies in constant shortage… bullets in seemingly endless supply as the rebels fire senselessly into the air before and after battles. It is a surreal “war”. Like the worst plot lines of a thousand Hollywood “B” war flicks all crunched together on a single reel and running on fast forward. Propaganda flying fast and furious. Gaddafi son and kids killed in Tripoli bombing and Berlesconi claiming it never happened and his warriors were not responsible and videos of Gaddafi mercenaries eating raw dog and feces to show their loyalty to the reject from “John Goldfarb, Please Come Home”. Nothing makes sense.

Then suddenly… it makes sense. Captured mercenaries, with bags of cash, admit they are hired by banks and others in bed with big oil. US admits to CIA “advisers” in pre-revolution Libya. NATO countries taking turns wasting dated munitions. Rebel factions (just how many are there?) rapidly form a commission and secure banks and other economic “Infrastructure”. Unofficial “Offices” for the Commission opening in “friendly” countries. Yes.. it all begins to make sense.

I do not question the sincerity of my friends who have died nor do I question that of their friends. They died for a cause and many are still fighting for that very same cause. NATO is not protecting them, however. NATO is protecting its “assets” who, using my friends as cover, are attempting to secure Libya for themselves… the banks and the oil elite. Gaddafi backtracked on some deals and the pipeline to the sea was not happening quick enough. The Arab Spring provided a great cover for his removal. And in the process, a lot of dated stock gets moved and the markets flourish.

This Sunday, Join Bechtel, EADS, MBDA, Thales Group, GE, Halliburton, Boeing, General Dynamics & a host of others in a National Prayer for Peace. Pancakes and sausages will be served.


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