El meu insurrecció

Mightiest of mighties

Mightiest of mighties
Weren’t we the mighty mighties
as we walked circles around the city as it was
when we were young
and didn’t we ignore our own questions
and fears of how long the trek
and would we be home before dark

It was mostly woods then
and marsh and fields
small streams and the river and ponds
land being cleared for new homes to be crushed together
leaving little to nothing for forts or tree houses
tunnels and caves
where we could hide our magazines and sodas

and didn’t we walk those distances through brush and trails
through puddle and mud
how our shoes filled with water and silt
crushed leaves and twigs
and how they made those sounds of sloshing
and squeaking
and farts

weren’t we fearless on our treks
knowing the pack dogs and bobcats could smell us
and the fisher cats and fox eyed us
as we went to all those corners of the town where we had never been
kids we had never met watched us
sometimes asking

and didn’t we feast on the sandwiches we packed
box of raisans and peanut butter crackers stacked neatly in their wrappers
eating as we hiked
dodging branches between bits
swatting flies and mosquitoes

weren’t we the most mighty of mighties
as we explored like lewis and clark
making our own trails and leaving marks
in case we had to turn back
or came this way again

and didn’t we talk about everything
and laugh giggles and great guffaws
telling stories and jokes
repeating marx brothers and 3 stooges
cartoons and little rascals

weren’t we brazen in pushing our way
even with doubts we could make the distance
and knowing we would hear the voices of damnation
and maybe some threats of penence to come

not letting anyone know we had gone
or where we were going
when we’d return.. or if
finally dragging ourselves into foyers or
on to porches to remove the obvious evidence

weren’t we proud and pleased with ourselves
as we waited for the inevitable
knowing we would be the only ones who felt such pride
knowing we might also feel some hide

and we stood up to it
we were undaunted for we had traveled hard
like soldiers on a march to destiny
and in our stories some had fallen
left to the fates of battle

weren’t we tired and hungry but the mightiest of mighties
washing the journey from our bodies in warm and soapy tubs
counting the cuts and scratches
rubbing the bruises
and grinning

and didn’t we know that in a week
or even less
we would do it all again
maybe take a different route
perhaps travel further

weren’t we the mightiest of mighties
conquering the world

ah yes


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