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‘Speak Out’ – or ‘Shut-Up’?

UPDATE: The video of her speech has been reinstated.


Fear and hatred bring the colonialists to suppress truth. At all cost, the lie that is Israel must be maintained… unless, like this passionate young lady, we rise up against the lie and let our voices be heard no matter what the initial consequence. She may have been removed from the competition but the takeaway is that her reach has been broadened as a result of this attempt to silence her.

Artists for Palestine UK

Leanne Muhamad, a student at Wanstead High School who is British-Palestinian, won the “Speak out” challenge after giving this impressive performance to enthusiastic applause. But one day later, following complaints published on the blog of extremist anti-Palestinian activist Edgar Davidson, Leanne will no longer be sent through to the grand final of the public speaking competition.  It seems that giving a personal account of the Nakba and a plea for end to discrimination against Palestinians is not acceptable in the UK in 2016. Once Leane’s win was retracted, the video was removed from the Speak Out Challenge website and Youtube channel, but we have retrieved a copy below.

The Speak Out Challenge is described by its organisers thus: “In each one-day workshop, students take part in games and exercises to encourage them to think on their feet in a fun, interactive and safe environment. The day culminates in a “Speak Out” speech contest where students can speak…

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The Bright Light of Hedy Epstein Moves On

Navy Seal Chris Kyle… Another ‘murican Zero


Armed Farces Day 2016

armed forces day3


Time to wake the fuck up, America!  Your children are not sheep for the slaughter!  When they join the military, they are joining a corporate entity that murders other humans around the world for the profit of fat cat Board Members and share holders.  They are not fighting for your freedom, our freedom or anybody’s freedom.  They get paid shit to make corporations rich and when the corporations are done with them they are either buried and forgotten (except on specified days of distorted “remembrance”) or shifted home and forgotten… used, damaged and often homeless and addicted.  Sure.. some survive and even thrive but it does not change, in any way, the reality that they were aimless bloodsacs willing to die for corporate aggressions against often unarmed or poorly armed innocent people defending their children and families, their homes and livelihoods against hidden corporate suits attempting to change a nation’s leader with whom the corporate up on high scum no longer wish doing business… preferring to instead relieve said nation of its wealth and resources.  Think about it.  Did you raise your kids for the sole purpose of murdering other peoples’ kids?  Really?  Is that “Patriotism”?  Did you raise your kids to work for murderers and thieves?  Wake up!!! Tell the corporate big wigs to fight their own wars and put their own bodies on the line… die for their “causes”.  Then, on specially designated days, we can remember what fools they were… instead of our children.

West Point Cadets..Neither Rebels Nor Heroes


The recent “controversy” regarding this group of young female graduating West Point Cadets is just one more ludicrous distraction used by media to fill air time and entertain the terminally weak minds of ‘muricans.  Correlating the pose to the Black Lives Matter movement or the Black Panther Party, media demonstrates  a deep-seated racism that went so far as to claim this display of fists as being racist.

Liberal apologists offered all manner of “reasons” why graduating cadets would offer such a disrespectful display and dishonor their code of conduct and West Point.  Some softened their criticism offering their interpretation of the image as a display of community, unity, solidarity with the corp, etc., etc.  All of it meaningless bullshit further keeping this “controversy” in the media and further increasing the divide intended with such cow-puckey.

Despite missing the reality of what exactly these cadets represent, The Larry Wilmore Comedy Central show was the only media to point out that no such controversy occurred in 2011 when predominantly white graduating cadets gave the same salute at an evening concert.

The reality is that the only failing, the only grievous presentation here is a group of young fools who spent 4 years having their brains pushed out of their skulls and replaced with the phony patriotism cloaking the “kill for corporate global dominance” puppy shit that ‘murica is so incredibly adept at concocting, blending and infusing.  Rather than gaining an education that could help raise their generation, and those to follow, from a very sick society that views them as expendable blood sacs, they surrendered to canned stupidity and exploited themselves as much as they will be exploited by the corporate elite who are perfectly content to waste these young lives in order to steal more of the world while subsequently destroying it.

It is not patriotism to be a mindless tool for the greed of others.  It is not heroism to allow your body to be riddled with bullets or blown to smithereens so that corporate asshats can suppress, oppress and turn foreign moms and pops and kids into mulch.  Solidarity is not supporting mass stupidity.  No matter the “reason” or excuse, these young women made no political statement, afforded nothing to their brothers and sisters in modeling change for the future, and fed themselves to a racist media to chew up and spit out for an over-extended “news” cycle… no different than the white males and females and the black males who ignorantly allow their brains to be destroyed for ‘murica.

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