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Armed Farces Day 2016

armed forces day3


Time to wake the fuck up, America!  Your children are not sheep for the slaughter!  When they join the military, they are joining a corporate entity that murders other humans around the world for the profit of fat cat Board Members and share holders.  They are not fighting for your freedom, our freedom or anybody’s freedom.  They get paid shit to make corporations rich and when the corporations are done with them they are either buried and forgotten (except on specified days of distorted “remembrance”) or shifted home and forgotten… used, damaged and often homeless and addicted.  Sure.. some survive and even thrive but it does not change, in any way, the reality that they were aimless bloodsacs willing to die for corporate aggressions against often unarmed or poorly armed innocent people defending their children and families, their homes and livelihoods against hidden corporate suits attempting to change a nation’s leader with whom the corporate up on high scum no longer wish doing business… preferring to instead relieve said nation of its wealth and resources.  Think about it.  Did you raise your kids for the sole purpose of murdering other peoples’ kids?  Really?  Is that “Patriotism”?  Did you raise your kids to work for murderers and thieves?  Wake up!!! Tell the corporate big wigs to fight their own wars and put their own bodies on the line… die for their “causes”.  Then, on specially designated days, we can remember what fools they were… instead of our children.

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