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The Road Home for Prisoner 19846 052

Important article from good friend Stanley Cohen. Please also read 7 prior pieces in series “It Ain’t The Promised Land” & “Prison America I & II”

caged but undaunted

{The following is the final chapter in the 8 part series “It Ain’t The Promised Land”}

The Road Home for Prisoner 19846 052

by Stanley L. Cohen, Attorney

“I don’t give a shit about your dog. You pay us in full by the end of the day or report here with your clothes… home confinement is done. If you don’t show… you’re a fugitive.”

With these words Katasha R. Artis, the dramatically under trained ex jock who serves as the Director of the GEO halfway house that I called home for some 10 weeks after being released from the Federal prison camp at Canaan, slammed the phone down; discussion done. As I had learned over the previous 10 weeks, that’s the way Ms. Artis — a former WNBA player and junior college coach — runs the house; the way she deals with its staff and residents. It’s her way or…

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One thought on “The Road Home for Prisoner 19846 052

  1. Martha on said:

    Stanley Cohen is the surgeon laying bare the cancer that is eating away at the heart of the USA society. With surgical precision and in depth first hand experience he identifies the deadly diseases at the heart of America, corporate greed and inhuman race based systematic abuse. I am proud of his honest and open sharing of what must be a blood curdling and nerve wrecking ordeal which has nothing to do with Justice. Keep up the good work Stanley, free at last ! You stay out of their clutches no matter how hard the system tries to break you. Good luck to you and your loved ones.


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