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Want To Write In “Dr. Jill Stein” For POTUS…State By State Rules.

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Did you know only 43 states allow write in candidate votes to actually be counted?

From a blogger friend of mine, Ms. JoAnn Chateau ….hipped me up on write in voting….

Just a bit of clarification on why write-in votes might not be counted: Write-in candidates must register with each state that allows write-in votes (about 43, and the deadline dates and requirements vary from state to state) Votes for aregistered write-in candidate are counted (barring election fraud).

Requirements for write-in candidates

Although a write-in candidate is not entitled to ballot placement, he or she may still be required to file paperwork in order to have his or her votes tallied (or to be eligible to serve should the candidate be elected). In 35 states, a write-in presidential candidate must file some paperwork in advance of an election. In seven states, write-in voting for presidential candidates is not permitted. The remaining…

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