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Attica At 46: A Horror In Upstate New York And Why It Still Matters.

Anthony Tarrant

Chronicling our country’s disintegration in what feels like a futile attempt at waking a comatose lover, my attention turns to this coming Thursday, September 9th, the 46th anniversary of the Attica prison uprising in upstate New York.

The ripples of Attica still resonate today in the most incarcerated country on earth where 2.2 million human beings, disproportionately black and brown, rot encaged in gulags from Rikers to Honolulu.

Attica stands as the monumental, historic flash point in America’s shift from the formalized structures of  private chattel slavery on plantations to the institutionalized repression of peoples of color through the instrument of the carceral state.  White capitalist supremacy simply morphed from private hands to the state sponsored terrorism of the prison industrial complex.  And the slaughter at Attica 46 years ago this Thursday was the catalyst for all that came after.

For those old enough to have forgotten, those that suffer…

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