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Can A Congress Of Nations Grow A Spine In Time To Save The World

Can A Congress Of Nations Grow A Spine In Time To Save The World

“The US no longer sees the world as a global community, but as a fighting arena where everyone has to seek their own advantage,” Mr Gabriel told the Berlin Foreign Policy Forum, according to German newspaper Deutsche Welle.

Germany can no longer simply react to US policy but must establish its own position… even after Trump leaves the White House, relations with the US will never be the same.”

Ignorance… The State of Ignoring

Prior to 1939, world leaders were witness to a gradual buildup of militarization within a nation previously brought to surrender in a world war prefaced by a gradual buildup also witnessed by world leaders. The outcome of such buildup was, of course, another world war and another surrender. A portrait of history ignored until the last moment… too late to prevent the massive destruction of cities and states and the deaths, dismemberment and deprivation of millions of innocents.

Since that time, a Congress of Nations, attempted following the first world war, was reconfigured into the birth of the United Nations (Oct. 24, 1945). The current Congress of Nations, the UN, allowed to exist with a small cabal of nations holding sway above the vast majority of nations, presents itself as woefully weak, if not more so, than its predecessor, the League of Nations.

Decade after decade, the UN has witnessed successive buildups to lesser wars and “actions” across the globe and, in large part, allowing the small cabal to define the causes, characters and, in final address, the outcomes they expect.

Decade after decade, the UN shied away from telling the world about the cabal’s real place in these buildups, wars and “actions”. The UN, at the direction of the cabal, lead the world to believe in repetitive false narratives while the cabal grabbed up one nation after another as colonies, economic and otherwise, to be used and abused at will. In each instance, it was not the colonizers who suffered; for they had learned how to profit by both “wins” and “losses”. It was, again and again, the innocents who suffered immeasurable losses without any benefit.

Since its inception, the UN has been the empty voice of global pretense toward peace. Leaders gather with each new crisis and point fingers, wag fingers, place fingers in ears and sit on their thumbs. They vote on hundreds of resolutions, more often than not blocked by the cabal. Those that manage to pass are posted, filed and ignored. Unable to productively negotiate untethered by the ever looming denial of the cabal, unable to effectively block actions long deemed illegal by a majority of nations… more often than not, actions of the cabal, whether cloaked in subterfuge or blatant in disregard for human culture, human rights, human dignity and common sense, the UN adjourns each meeting with a hope, a sigh and a whimper.

Ever afraid to open the shades and shed light on the backers, suppliers and cheerleaders of turmoil, the UN presents itself as a moral arbiter from on high while it cowers in the dust and ruin of its charter.

Knowing that the world is guided by economies and saddled with greed and taking by the most powerful, the UN, and the nations who represent themselves in its corridors and chambers pay lip service to justice and the rights of the common… never using the power of the common and the power of nations in unison to support and act in concert with the common to rein in the abuse of power by the self-indulgent global debt producing and gluttonous, thieving members.

It is, and has always been, the common which speaks truth to power. As every despot has arisen on this planet… and there have been too many in its history with man… it has been the innocent who have been the bellwether of suffering to come while the leaders of nations either remand themselves to closets or prance about as sycophants waiting for the crumbs to be tossed. It is the common man who resisted… even to his own peril. Pronouns regretted, it is largely women who toss the first projectile at the front of dissent’s line.

Life Is Just A Game

Risk, a board game, was invented by French film director Albert Lamorisse and originally released in 1957 as La Conquête du Monde (The Conquest of the World) in France. It was later bought by Parker Brothers and released in 1959 with some modifications to the rules as Risk: The Continental Game, then as Risk: The Game of Global Domination. With a suggested age range from 10 years old to adult, and 60 years of popularity, Risk is highly symbolic of reality. It is hard to ignore build ups to war on the game board. Why then is it so hard for real nations to recognize real build ups and act to end them rather than bleat and bray? The eventual domination of the world by one player is modeled by the history of the world.

We may change car styles, dress styles, music and art but we seem wholly incapable of changing the desire and designs for domination.


One of the, if not the premier, deceptions conceived by the gluttons of earth is the division of the common through fear of each other division. Through fear and separating of one mass from another based on religion, ethnicity, race or politic, a false sense of right arises in a single word… patriotism. Patriotism can best be defined as adherence to the words, deeds and goals of the gluttons at the expense of all else.. even self. In our age, there are no greater examples of moronic self sacrifice under the guise of patriotism than in the US and Israel. There are, of course, others but these two epitomize the same allegiance and demand for sacrifice that signaled the buildup for war evident prior to the world wars and ignored by the nations of the world until it was too late.

Despots Succeeded By Despots

Inevitable, the emergence of despots such as the successions of Prime Ministers of Israel and Presidents of the US would lead to the level of gluttony embodied in Benjamin Netanyahu and Donald Trump. Entitlement, unchecked, only expands, like a sponge, as more and more of the perceived wealth of the world is absorbed.

Less Than Friends

For the long term sycophants of the US, bowing and curtseying to its pet boa constrictor, Israel, has been a ritual of evangelical zeal. For the supposed allegiance of Arab nations to assuage their guilt for blind eyes to the oppression of an indigenous Arab peoples by Israel, the closet dwellers make Palestine a pet which they point to, make brief fawning gestures toward… and otherwise ignore.

Media is no different. When the heat is on, they are present to report with confused logic, evangelical bias and a persistent urge to blame the victims for the assaults upon them. When the heat seems to die down, the media moves on. The real conditions once again ignored.

Ignorance Leads To War Leads To Ignorance Leads to…

The long stretch of history since the first world war is a series of mistakes lazily repeated. The world is now at the hardened edge of yet another grave mistake. To a degree different than previous wars, there is no mistaking that both the US and Israel are the hand in hand antagonists threatening a wobbly mass of gelatin formed from the boiled bones of the last great conflagration.

The leading global despot nations have created sufficient chaos, fear and economic instability to embolden cataract affected patriots in search of fire and fury against an enemy… to be determined… or two. The common enemy of the US and Israel are, with no surprise, the nations that geographically stand in the way of the gluttons’ march toward long planned theft of all the sands… and everything beneath them… of the Middle East, Gulf and Africa.

The leading US despot, Donald J Trump, who postures like his hero, Benito Mussolini, with arms crossed, chest puffed and chin prominently pointed upward, believes that by taking more future away from the Palestinians he can further threaten them to accept “peace” based on the Israeli construct of peace by surrender, peace by subjugation, peace by obeisance, peace by servitude and peace within defined reservations… something learned by America’s construct of peace with the Indians. Glutton Netanyahu, who flagrantly chips away at Palestine, believes that any motion not against Israel is a sign by the US & world to chip away even more. Of course, with Gluttonyahu, any motion by anyone against Israel is taken as a sign to chip away faster.

The gluttonous sheiks of Saudi Arabia have joined the cabal and now do the bidding of the US and Israel in building up war chests. The UK is rapidly burying itself in irrelevance but is still in the game.

Under past presidents Clinton, Bush and Obama, the world saw, but ignored, the buildup and expansion of war until, under Obama, 7 war fronts were prominent and nearly another dozen were fomenting. In retrospect, while there was some revulsion expressed by entrance to both Afghanistan and Iraq, it was marginal and remains as such. Now, under Donito Trumpolini, more fronts are being added and, in bellicose fashion, he prods his minions in office and global sycophants to accept the total destruction of North Korea (and likely South Korea). Like Mussolini, he alienates traditional allies and marginal supporters without concern. He has the codes to the nuclear football and itchy fingers.

To all of this, the Congress of Nations spouts its too often repeated watered down condemnations, holds its “emergency” chamber pot meetings and returns to thumb-sitting.

Will The Congress Of Nations Grow A Spine?

It must be reiterated that the world has reached the hardened edge. The buildup to global war is functionally complete. The militaria has been set aside and the militaries are in formation. Navies are policing the oceans and the air roars with jets, bombers and drones. The missiles are primed, and the forward troops are deployed and taking casualties, and the Generals are lighting their serious cigars and pipes.

It is time for the Congress of Nations to act… not the bluster they have convinced themselves to be action… not the wagging fingers and empty resolutions. It is time for the UN to take first a symbolic posture of visually turning its back upon the despots and despot nations. It is time to empty the chambers when representatives of Israel and the US raise their voices. Time to refuse acknowledgment of their votes, Time to fully ostracize them for the detriment they have posed to the progress of the world.

The next step is to sanction. Turn the tables and create chaos to their economies. Time to use the power known best by the common… Boycott, Divestment and Sanction. It is time to cease collusion through arms sales and purchases, time to shop elsewhere for ships, commercial jets, engines, etcetera. Concrete actions as opposed to endless hot air. Isolate the cancer to cease its spread. The commons will act in support and there will be nowhere to turn and no one for them to turn.

The Congress of Nations must harness the real power of nations and the power of people. Reliance on empty words and the wind created by wagging fingers insures only that in a year, in a month, in a week or a day… at any moment it will surely be too late.

The reality? Expect war.

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