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BDS is a war Israel can’t win

BDS is a war Israel can’t win

Israel’s apologists would call the BDS campaign “immoral”, but the slander is laughably false.

By Stanley L Cohen

Israeli think-tank fellow Yossi Klein Halevi, writing recently in the Los Angeles Times would have American readers believe that the Boycott, Divest and Sanctions movement is “immoral” and threatens the peace of “the region’s only intact society”, while simultaneously boasting it can’t touch Israel’s health and global economic integration.


Yet his reasoning from “morals” rings hollow, and amounts to little more than the shilling of the professional apologist industry deployed on Israel’s behalf throughout the Western media, in the never-ending defence of the oppressive status quo in Palestine.


Halevi excoriates BDS, disingenuously, for making the Jewish state “the world’s most pressing problem” today, while extolling Israel’s freedoms and national righteousness. Of course, his complaint manages to engage in both self-pitying and craven boosterism at the same time – a kind of perverse humble-brag.


No, Mr Halevi, Israel is not the world’s greatest problem – rather, Israel is Palestine’s great, existential, enduring problem for a people who have lived their whole lives under the constant, brutal and de-humanising occupation of this enlightened state.


Palestine’s ordeal


Most of the world has been content to overlook Palestine’s ordeal – fatigued by 68 years of this conflict, and understandably inured to the epic suffering of its people, who understand that their tragic condition can only hold its attention briefly.


The endless failed international “peace” efforts, the vicissitudes of negotiations, and periodic spasms of violence have become like the weather – always there.

This is precisely why the BDS movement has come to figure so prominently in Palestinian hopes – it side-steps the moribund “peace process” and banks on people-power as leverage against state and institutional power, applied against a responsive economy, such as Israel’s.


In the view of Palestinians, the state of Israel has never possessed legitimacy, not by international standards, as it was founded on expulsion, land-theft and military occupation. The BDS movement approaches this abstract issue by offering practicable action for citizens in the West, while the official international community dithers away the decades, leaving Palestinians worse off than ever before.


That such leverage should be applied to Israel is entirely justified. After all, autocratic dictatorships with closed economies, lacking – in Halevi’s celebratory words – “an independent judiciary, a free press, universal healthcare and religious freedom” are not typically responsive targets to protest campaigns for justice, like that of the BDS movement.


Citizens in America don’t propose a boycott of North Korea – the US government does that for them, making it illegal to do business with that outlaw state: yes, the very same US government which blocks every effort by the United Nations and international courts to address the illegality of Israeli settlements, military occupation, collective punishment, economic enslavement, and wholesale destruction and murder of a captive population.


Advantages of civil society


If America’s obstruction of international law did not shield Israel from accountability, there would be no need for BDS.


Because Israel possesses all the institutions and advantages of civil society, then presumably its economy and citizens would therefore be responsive to an effective grassroots campaign of boycott and economic push-back.


And if the campaign were to succeed, this same society might be expected to search its collective soul over its choices – and challenge its government’s policies.


This obvious point seems to have escaped Halevi, and others, who brand the movement as “immoral, because it perpetuates the lie that Israel is solely or even primarily to blame” for the Palestinian condition. Yet if we look around the room, who else is there?


Who attacks Palestinians’ cities with warplanes and tanks, walls them in, isolates them from contact with the world, cuts off their electricity, destroys their infrastructure, takes their water, and builds on their land after evicting them?


Who puts their teenagers in jail, takes their farms, cuts down their olive trees? It isn’t North Korea; it isn’t Putin’s Russia; it isn’t a rapacious China. Israel is the author of the present Palestinian condition, as it has been for decades, with its American backers, and there isn’t much point rehashing the failure of Camp David, or Oslo, or the Palestinian leadership since 1936, or 1948, or 1967.


BDS leaves that debate to “think-tank” intellectuals like Halevi and others. Justice for the Palestinians will not be achieved through debating societies.


BDS offers to its supporters a non-violent, crowd-sourced, material response to the intransigence of Israel and her rampant, continuing illegality. Israel’s apologists would call the campaign “immoral”, but the slander is laughably false.


The logic of justice


BDS compels no one to join it; it constrains no one but by force of reason, and the logic of justice.


In Halevi’s topsy-turvy morality, it is the BDS movement that sins against moral law, in persuading people, institutions and governments to vote with their wallets and their consciences on the rights of Palestinians – rather than Israel, which claims legitimacy to the world, even as it continues to build new settlements on Palestinian land, and subjugates its people to military occupation, dispossession and violence, in violation of international law.


The propagandists of Israeli power understand all too well that BDS is the first clear-eyed, internationalist movement of people – not governments, not Western “quartets”, not the UN Security Council – to look at Palestine with fresh eyes and accurate information. It demands that until Israel ceases its occupation and oppression of millions of Palestinians, there cannot, and should not, be any “business as usual” with the regime.


If Israeli critics want to smear BDS as “bigoted” – a dog-whistle for “anti-Semitic” – because of its endorsement of the Palestinian Right of Return, let them address the historical truth: at least 800,000 Palestinians were expelled en masse, in the creation of the Israeli state – that number has since grown to 7,000,000 stateless refugees with another 4 million internally displaced within their own nation.


No effort has ever been made by official Israeli society to acknowledge and address this simple reality – that many elderly Palestinians living in UN camps, or Gaza City slums, or the West Bank, remember their homes in places such as Jaffa, Yibna, or the numerous towns and villages erased from the map.


It serves no use to deny this fact – perhaps a good starting point for intellectuals like Halevi would be in saying, yes, it is not too late to admit those rights and seek redress, together with the Palestinians.


BDS is brave enough to put the Right of Return up front, as a moral position; if Israel were ready to move forward, it could do the same. Who knows – perhaps good things could come from starting from the truth.


And what of Israel’s boast of its progressive freedoms? They do not withstand scrutiny in the slightest – religious freedom, for example, is under clear attack for every Muslim who wishes to worship at al-Aqsa, or travel to Jerusalem, or leave Gaza and return again, with access routinely denied.


Through Israeli military travel bans on Palestinians, families are separated, unable to worship or observe religious rituals together, or attend the mosque of their choice.


Likewise, any progressive Reform Jew or Jewish American visiting will tell you that Orthodox Judaism does not welcome them, either – Israel’s Rabbinate monopolises official control over the very legitimacy of being Jewish, and denies marriage rights to thousands of couples, even going so far as to jail couples marrying illegally, or rabbis conducting such ceremonies.


Orthodox cultural control


Under Orthodox cultural control in Jerusalem and elsewhere, women are subordinated literally to a “back of the bus” status, and segregated without access to full social freedom and the right to work.


As for an independent judiciary, Palestinians never see it, instead enduring the injustices of military courts and the state security apparatus leaving thousands of them including children as permanent political detainees denied the most fundamental rights, while its civil courts refuse jurisdiction over Palestinian complaints.


And Israel’s “free press” leaves much to be desired. Halevi appears to be ignorant of the targeting of Palestinian journalists in recent years for arrest and prosecution in military courts under “incitement” laws; or the Israeli Defence Forces’ censoring of social media in the Occupied Territories.


The absurd equivocation of  Halevi and his colleagues in the “Love Israel” industry hits a shrill note, asking American readers to accept that the BDS movement “is itself a crime”.


But free and open debate of the true status of Israeli occupation in Palestine, and the organising efforts to convince states, businesses and people to stop investing in Israel’s bloody enterprise, is hardly criminal. In America, it is known as “the marketplace of ideas”.


We are all free to argue for justice as we see it, and BDS has had more than a decade of mounting success because its arguments convince reasonable people of the truth – no one is buying any more the tired, old brand of “Israel, the Enlightened Democracy”.


BDS is the brave and steady labour of people of conscience to move the stalled, bogus “peace process” forward by applying economic pressure, plain and simple.


The old narrative of a blameless Israel, fighting off Palestinian “terrorists”, is a hard sell, and BDS will continue to build on its successes because Israel’s defenders can no longer suppress the truth, or sweep it under some wishful fantasy of a benevolent, progressive Israel that doesn’t exist, and never has.


Originally appeared in Al Jazeera Opinions



**Stanley L. Cohen is a U.S. based attorney and human rights activist who has done extensive work in the Middle East and Africa. He has handled prominent international cases including that of Hamas leader Mousa Abu Marzook. He has served as a consultant to Middle East governments and Movements including Hamas and Hezbollah and NGO’s and foundations in Palestine, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. He has sued Israel, the US and Egypt on behalf of Palestinians for human rights violations and represented Radio Station 786 on a free speech case in South Africa. A frequent visitor to the region Cohen has been the subject of numerous interviews in all media over many years and addressed numerous human rights conferences in the Middle East, Gulf and Africa. The list of those he has defended and worked for throughout his career is extensive and can be found on He also has a blog at

Comparing Bernie Sanders with George McGovern



Comparing Bernie Sanders with George McGovern
by M. Dennis Paul, PhD

February 12, 2016
In the past week, various media have been offering comparisons of Bernie Sanders and the late George McGovern (some writers have also attempted comparison to Eugene McCarthy with little notice or effect). Most all such comparisons, it seems, are written, or voiced, with the intention of promoting the imminent failure of Sanders as opposed to casting positive impressions. Whether these messages are being foisted by the Clinton campaign, the RNC or any of the GOP current crop of candidates… or even the DNC… is of no real concern here. This offering simply wishes to expose the known realities which example similarities and differences. Are the two actually comparable and if so, how? W hat, if any, are the differences?

This writer will offer perspectives of available historic record as well as first hand knowledge from experiences arising out of early grooming for candidacy by the Democrat Party which allowed access to the late McGovern in both private and public settings, house strategy meetings and sponsorship to formal Fundraisers. Born into the era of “torchlight parades” of the 50’s and 60’s and quickly embraced by local Democrat committees at a very early age… followed, upon returning to NH from a brief move to the West Coast, by introduction to the State committee and subsequent sponsorships (admittedly, already “radicalized” prior to the West Coast move and having associations with the Black Panther Party, SDS/WU, SWP and other groups… including YIPPIE. Certain facts that the State committee was, at that time, unaware and which afforded this writer and a few associates an opportunity to create the first East Coast “Free School” called Mautoban Community.. a mentorship High School ).

Yes… this writer did work and support Eugene McCarthy, however, did not sign on to the “Get Clean For Gene” sellout and allowed the long hair to flourish.

In comparing Bernie and George, it is notable that George voted for the Gulf of Tonkein Resolution which put the US officially in the illegal war against North Vietnam and, subsequently, the dirty excursions into Laos, Cambodia, and Thailand. Bernie did not sign the Congressional Authorization bill regarding the illegal assault on Iraq. Both, however, continued to vote for yearly appropriations in support of these criminal incursions.

It is also notable that both George and Bernie had/have long histories of blind support for Israel and consistently voted funding for both the State and its military. In George’s favour, his thinking altered to a measurable, yet still faltering, degree after he made a genuine effort to visit Palestine and meet with Yassar Arafat. By 1976, George had become vocal regarding a not well formed belief in a two-state solution and even offered some criticism of the Israeli government settlements. This writer had spoken with George several years earlier, at a private dinner in the home of a local architect, regarding his support of Israel. His response was quite dogmatic (holocaust, friend of US, only democracy, etc) and became visibly strained under challenge. He later told the host that he was insulted having been challenged by someone so young. Bernie is equally stressed responding to challenging questions regarding his on-going support for Israel and makes every effort to avoid the subject. Bernie has supported the military assaults on Gaza, makes no comment on settlements or BDS and has, through proxy, taken funds from AIPAC.

In that uncomfortable dinner (for George), he made it clear he would not run as an Independent should the nomination pass by his camp and that he would firmly stand behind the Party’s choice which, at the time, was Edmund Muskie of Maine who had fared well as a VP choice in the previous election (1968). When asked if he thought he might be a “sheepdog” used by the Party to corral and subdue the more “left” leaning elements of the youth associated with the on-going anti-war movement, he became visibly offended and refused to respond. It was known, by some, that this was, in fact, the intention of the DNC regarding Eugene McCarthy who was thrown under the political bus in favour of Party lapdog, Hubert H. Humphrey, who was nominated despite refusing entrance into the caucuses and primaries. Bernie made it very clear, upon announcing his candidacy, that he would firmly stand behind the Party’s nominee, obviously refusing to run as the Independent he has long claimed as his status. This status has always been a front as Bernie consistently caucuses with the Democrats and has consistently voted 90% or better with the DNC dictates. Bernie is this election cycle’s sheepdog for the DNC… gathering the disaffected and disenfranchised former sycophants of master illusionist Barack Obama back into the fold of the Party.. From the onset of this election cycle, it has been no secret that Hillary Clinton is the Party favourite.

Eugene, to his credit, actually made a later run for the Presidency as an Independent. It was a lackluster run and was very short lived.

A fact, of which many are not aware, is that Bill and Hillary Clinton (at that time still Hillary Rodham) were McGovern’s Texas campaign Managers. His overall Manager was Gary Hart whose later political ambitions were trashed by planted stories about an affair and who, in 2014, was appointed by Barack Obama as US Special Envoy to Northern Ireland.

Making comparisons regarding electability is a challenging endeavor as circumstances were markedly different in 1972 compared with 2016. Bernie is not facing an incumbent. McGovern faced the seemingly inexplicable incumbency of Richard Nixon. The Nixon camp were a highly skilled team of dirty tricksters, a fact proved unequivocally shortly after his re-election. McGovern was not untouched by their greasy fingers. Conservative hack journalist, Robert Novak, was the source for one such trick. Immediately after George had secured the Massachussetts State primary, Novak began spreading rumour that a Senator had claimed of McGovern, “The people don’t know McGovern is for amnesty, abortion, and legalization of pot. Once middle America—Catholic middle America, in particular — finds this out, he’s dead.” After the death of former Senator, Thomas Eagleton, Novak claimed the quote was from Eagleton. No genuine evidence was ever produced to support this claim.

McGovern, however, did himself no favour by flip-flopping on his support for VP candidate Thomas Eagelton. Initially proclaiming “1000%” support for Eagleton, McGovern quickly dropped him when it became highly public that he suffered periodic bouts of depression and had received electroshock therapy. McGovern had a prime opportunity to show genuine support and create national discussion about depression which, unfortunately, did not occur until decades later. George negated an opportunity to become a pioneer while showing the compassion that was errantly ascribed to his character. This dismissal of Eagleton greatly diminished the perception of his worth… something he overcame through support from his constituency which gave him Senate victories in both 1974 and 1980. He later found placement as adjunct Professor of Public Affairs at Washington University.

Perhaps it was lack of sleep and the stress of campaigning that reared infrequent bouts of negativity and outright verbal nastiness toward workers from McGovern. This writer believed otherwise and warned workers that his impending loss would produce a clearer picture of the beleaguered politician.

At the time of the Eagleton issue, George had tossed Chicago Mayor, Richard Daley out of the DNC. Under considerable pressure and threats of loss of support from many corners, George apologized to Daley (Known for his mishandling of the ’68 Democrat Convention with heavy handed police assaulting protesters and conventioneers and creating the Chicago Seven [8]) and gave the VP slot to Sargent Shriver, a long time supporter of Daley and a Kennedy in-law.

Upon his election bid loss, George gave the public expectation of support for his team and workers. In a more private setting, he unceremoniously showed himself as a bitter loser casting blame in all directions.

He would go on to support Humphrey. He would also become a supporter of Gerald Ford and further support Ford’s pardon of Richard Nixon (a bitter tasting memory for many of his previous supporters).

Bernie, perhaps tired as well for one reason or another, was captured at a town hall meeting barking at an individual who challenged his remarks on Israel and Palestine. In years prior (1999), a number of his workers became upset over his support for the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia and his support for the continuing actions in Iraq. After ignoring their complaints, 25 entered his office and held a sit-in to get his attention. Bernie’s response was to call the police and have them arrested. Bernie had participated in a sit in many years earlier.

Bernie began his career in politics with challenge to the 2-party system and ran as an Independent. To his credit, he has always eschewed the corruption money brings to politics (although this did not stop him from collecting proxied AIPAC dollars or $10,000 from HillPac.. Hillary Clinton’s 2006 PAC). Nor did it stop him from accepting favours, for acquiescence to DNC wishes, such as having no Democratic challengers to his Senate runs and having Chuck Schumer and Barbara Boxer stump for him. Upon election to the Senate, Bernie rapidly lost any validity to his Independent claim. In fact, he would go on to denigrate others who did make independent runs for office… especially Ralph Nader.

George never ran as an Independent. He did take corporate money.

There are many other comparisons to be made, however, the similarities and differences of consequence are fairly represented here. What can honestly be ascertained, jointly, about Bernie and George is that they were politicians. A breed of self deceivers unlike any other. A breed of men/women so inclined by the nature of rising within a corrupt political system who, themselves, become corrupt and through self deception go on to careers of deceiving others with smiles and promises as empty as the pockets they casually fleece either in electoral process or through legislation. In contrast to whatever programs of denial they might use to convince otherwise, they are Party hacks, wags and useful tools of a corporate controlled theatrical production. Careerists, they are a most highly incestuous bunch who, despite the appearance of public difference and even anger or disdain for each other, all somehow manage to comfortably sleep in the same bed.

Every 2 and four year cycles, Americans dutifully surrender critical thinking and mass to primaries and general election to imagine themselves electing people to represent them. What they get is something quite different… Politicians… scoundrels who will spend whomever’s money they can get to represent themselves and their opportunistic careers.

Line up, folks… It’s votin’ time!


{This writer took it upon himself to invite several of his YIPPIE compatriots to a sponsored McGovern fundraising dinner.  Peggy Cass and Shirley MacLaine were guest speakers along with a visit from George. It was the last sponsored dinner for this writer and his last connection directly, however tenuous, with the Democrat Party. He never became a US Senator  **grin**}

To Call The Egyptian “Cease-Fire” Proposal Anything But A Deceitful Sham Is Reprehensible

{Reprint from July 2014 Uprooted Palestinians.}


To Call The Egyptian “Cease-Fire” Proposal Anything But A Deceitful Sham Is Reprehensible
by M. Dennis Paul
Egypt (formerly under the near 30 year rule of ruthless dictator and prior military leader, Muhammad Hosni El Sayed Mubarak, whose hegemony derived from the military “assumption” of leadership following the 1981 assassination of Muḥammad Anwar as-Sādāt), whose elected government was recently overthrown by a military coup, (it’s elected head, Mohamed Morsi, imprisoned and the party of this imprisoned leader [Muslim Brotherhood] outlawed, with members imprisoned, sentenced to death or, in some cases, exorbitant years in prison) and falsely “legitimized” by a sham election orchestrated by the coup’s narcissistic and brazenly psychotic former military leader, Abdel Fattah Saeed Hussein Khalil el-Sisi, proposes a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas.

This country, Egypt, confederate oppressor of the Palestinian people, long in the deep pockets of the US and its subjacent suckling, Israel, and a stated enemy of the Palestine resistance organization, Hamas (democratically elected lead party for Gaza), inserts itself in the current struggle for freedom of Palestine by proposing a surrender or die “cease-fire” submitted to Israel, the US, and other Western and Arab quislings without a single consultation offered to Hamas (In fact, Hamas found out about the proposal only when it had been broadcast on TV) . All the quislings and dominant oppressors immediately accept the terms (most without having read them) and begin their distorted media campaigns in an attempt to cajole Hamas, effectively, into unconditional surrender while portraying themselves altruistic in motive.

The Western and sycophant motives having no relation to altruism, in any sense, resemble too uncomfortably the cease-fire of 2012 which was transparent in its attempt to stall any progress in the region in allowing Israel to continue its pogroms against the Palestinian people and its rightful nation. As is the common case, Israel violated that 2012 cease-fire beginning in November of 2012 and, within the 1st 88 days had violated it on average once per day. Within it’s 1st year those violations totaled over 1400. Still, Hamas attempted to preserve it but with warnings its patience was growing thin.

Israel, having sustained considerable global hits through BDS (Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions) which grew tremendously in the past year, having most recently been placed on notice by the EU that it was encouraging investors to not do business with illegal “settlement” interests, having been perceived internationally as sabotaging the most recent “peace” talks through increasing the growth of illegal “settlements” and reneging on prisoner release agreements, having realization that a growing number of world Jewry has tired of Zionism and its deceits and crimes, having lost several very large investors and investment banks, and being faced with, in its mindset, the unification government agreed to by both Fatah and Hamas (who, by the way had no members in the new government), incapable of taking responsibility and embarking on correction instead relied upon its worn out deceptive practices through staging a rallying of emotions and stimulation of cries for revenge through media manipulation of an incident involving 3 young men.

Israel immediately blamed Hamas for the supposed kidnapping and deaths without so much as a single shred of evidence and proceeded to assault Palestine with mass arrests and detainment, destruction of property and homes, beatings, and more.

The denial of evidence to media and world leaders continues with Israel insisting it need prove nothing in order to blame Hamas and enact its vengeance. Because Israel says it, it expects the world to fall in step.

Israel’s cry for vengeance was heeded well and immediately a young Palestinian was kidnapped, forced to drink gasoline, set ablaze and transparently displayed as “tragic” in the very same media used to broadcast the calls for blood of Palestinians. The efforts at “revenge” continue with myriad shootings, attempts at kidnappings and destruction of Palestinian property and homes.

A fact which remains out of world view is that there is also no evidence these young Israeli men are dead. Israel’s MOSSAD, not unlike the US CIA and MI or the intelligence (oxymoron) of a number of other criminal nations, have many individuals placed throughout the world who live under false passports and covers, most whose real lives long ago disappeared through staged accidents and incidents. The absence and refusal to provide evidence for the deaths of these young men compounded by the media staging surrounding the event and subsequent “funeral” strongly suggest they are now in the hands of MOSSAD.

Such an event came rather conveniently at a most opportune time for Israel under the circumstances. It now had what it believed to be a convincing cover for its intended and previously planned attempt to destroy the unity government. Israel has long been perfectly satisfied to pretend negotiations with its puppet, Mahmoud “Abu Mazen” Abbas, illegal President of the Western Bank for many years (having denied his own people legitimate elections) and now, through negotiations for unity with Hamas, became legitimate head of the new government for a specified short period of time.

Abbas, having tools at his disposal to hold Israel accountable for all of its crimes committed over the past 66 years has dutifully dragged his feet and allowed Israel to steal more and more of land rightfully belonging to the Palestinian people. He has sat back and watched violation after violation of every agreement ever made with Israel yet insists, even to this moment, on continuing along the same failed lines with an Israel government having absolutely no desire to settle any issue with Palestine or uphold any agreement.

In all the years Abbas has been involved, not once has he mentioned the illegitimacy of Israel as a nation based solely on the fact Israel refuses to define its borders.. a requirement for recognized statehood. Instead, he speaks out of both sides of his mouth as to the willingness of the people he fails to represent to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. Abbas uses his police to repress the voices of his own people in coordination with, and at the behest of Israel. In essence, he is a traitor to his own.

Now, Abbas is expected to rally Palestinians against Hamas who, smartly and honourably, has refused to engage in the charade these enemies of Palestine want the world to see as an humanitarian “ceasefire”. Despite the rhetoric and lies of the West who label Hamas as a terrorist group, the truth is that Hamas is, and always has been, a resistance organization and one that was, to reiterate, duly elected by its people.

The continued resistance by Hamas, demonstrated by its refusal to play the fool to Western aligned reprobates is a model for all resistance fighters around the world.

For the world, it is time to greatly increase all efforts to educate about the deceit and illegitimacy of Israel, the corruption of the US and its sucklings, and to increase all efforts to forward BDS and the economic isolation of Israel and anyone who conducts business with this rogue element causative/contributive of continued world disorder.

It is important that we make every effort to support Hamas and to the people of Palestine.

It is a proven fact Israel will never honor any agreement and will continue to thumb its nose at International Law. It is also proven that the US will cover for the crimes of Israel (while continuing to commit its own around the world) and will financially and militarily support the false nation of Israel (USS Liberty just one example).

It is therefore up to Hamas to resist the West and Israel on its territory and legitimately defend its people in the face of traitors like Abu Mazen and all the Western aligned criminals like Abdel Fattah Saeed Hussein Khalil el-Sisi and it is up to us to do whatever we can without attempting to direct Hamas or the Palestinian people.

Seek out known assistance organizations such as ISM (International Solidarity Movement), IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation.. perhaps the greatest humanitarian organization in the world… and ask what you can do.

Organize teach-ins and protests in your communities, support larger protests through participation, flood social media with information and support for your efforts, follow respected social media writers and critics and become more educated.

Something as simple as wearing a keffiyeh or head band or wrist band, flying a Palestinian flag, writing letters to the editors of local and regional papers are valuable and honourable efforts.

Two points detractors of freedom for Palestine invariable invoke are:
1) If only Hamas would cease firing rockets things would get better, and
2) Hamas uses babies as human shields
The best responses are always..”History proves conclusively the contrary. It is Israel who needs to stop its aggression and end 66+ years of repression, systematic genocide and occupation and blockade of Palestine, surrendering any perceived authority it “must” maintain over what should be respected as a sovereign nation and, as a friend once stated.. “If anything, children are so important and respected by Palestinians, the Palestinians dote too much on their kids. To ever use them as “shields” is ludicrous”.


Israel… The Louse That Roared

BDS…  No matter how loudly the Kings of Israel declare BDS to be a non-issue, the fact remains it scares the excrement from their wretched bodies.

In the past few years, Israel has commissioned studies, convened think tanks and committees and passed legislation in a pathetic attempt to block the inevitable effects of a program specifically geared toward forcing an end to the all too obvious apartheid antics of this US teat addict.  Israel spends large sums of money through its lobbies and wealthy (and quite decrepit) million and billionaires buying the cheap loyalties of politicians around the world (especially in the United Snakes and Hardly Great Britain) who, in servitude, submit (and sometimes pass) legislation that seek to make BDS illegal… or at the very least, punishable by some futile economic tit-for-tat maneuver.

Colleges and other institutions are regularly threatened with funding cuts, lawsuits and other “methods” should they not employ Orwellian curtailment of free speech regarding student efforts to enlist colleges in boycotting & divesting from Israeli companies supporting apartheid and illegal settlements.

Professor Steven Salaita was recently reinstated having won a lawsuit against the University of Illinois after being dismissed (an act condoned by Dem. Sen, Dick Durbin) for expressing his opinions regarding the brutality of Israel against Palestinians in their 2014 assault.

California Dem. Sen. Diane Feinstein and her husband, war profiteer Richard Blum, have actually threatened UC Board of Regents with public harassment should they fail to enact draconian codes prohibiting and punishing free speech based on their perverted opinions regarding the falsely constructed premise of “antisemitism”… one which defines BDS as “anti-Jew”, as well any reflections upon Israel’s political, cultural and internationally recognized as criminal activities in the Middle East… especially, but not exclusively, any comparisons to the criminal activities of Nazis.  There is no doubt that Feinstein and her murder reliant hubby, Blum,  are incensed regarding the consistent resolutions passed over the years in favor of divestment from Israel’s apartheid machinery.  Postponed several times, a new version of the code is expected to be offered in March of this year.

Notheastern University punished their SJP (Students For Justice in Palestine) for an act conducted without University retribution at numerous other institutions across the country… Disseminating a mock eviction notice modeled on those issued by Israel to Palestinians.  Suspended, the SJP chapter was later reinstated.

This is a short sampling of the attempts made by the agents of Israel to curtail free speech where it effects only Israel.  Israel could care less if speech denigrates Palestinians, Iranians, Syrians, Yemenites, etc.  In fact, Israel encourages such things and actually pays Congressmen and Senators to disparage these nations and vote for and support illegal wars against them.

Rep. Sen. Tom Cotton (Ark) received $960,250.00 (“for his Senatorial campaign”) from far-right Emergency Committee for Israel (US) which resulted in his orchestrating a letter signed by 47 Rep. lawmakers attempting to sway votes against the Bill and warn Iran that a future Republican administration (post Obama) would do all it could to squash the deal with Iran and reinstate , and perhaps enhance, sanctions.

Israel sponsors, through its minion lobbies and  “funds”, numerous junkets (all expense paid) for incoming lawmakers as well as candidates it feels certain it can sway toward working for Israel while pretending to work for (and still being paid by) the US.

In election years, Presidential candidates make pilgrimage  to the courts of the billionaires such as Haim Saban and Sheldon Adelson as well to the royal seat of Benyamin “Bibi the Bull” Netanyahu.  Every last one of them desperately seeking far more than a mere photo-op.  The blessings sought are stacks of green paper which they will use for campaigns and lining their pockets.. for which they will gladly sell their souls and sell out their constituencies.

This election season, the cash emboldened cries of the candidates are gushing praises and pledges of support for all things Israel… and especially enacting legislation to stop the BDS movement.  All for naught, as this movement is in the command of minds and people which cannot be stopped by pieces of paper.

Social media fuels the BDS movement and the wallet sustains its efforts as more and more people refuse to purchase apartheid produced Israel products.  Too, the world is reaching a tipping point of tolerance for the brutality, greed and avarice of Israel.  Nations are lining up against flagrant international scofflaw, Israel, and recognizing the rights of Palestine to exist and prosper.

Israel’s economic bottom lines are rapidly dropping and the losses are now undeniably large and looming larger.  Businesses that previously have exploited the labor of Palestinians at factories within the illegal settlements are both moving operations and selling them to escape the writing on the apartheid walls.

The EU, in a small measure, recently enacted its labeling requirements forcing companies within the illegal settlements to label the origin of their products.  In a desperate attempt to counter this, new legislation is being proposed which would require EU product manufacturers, who support the BDS movement and labeling of illegal settlement products, to label their products as being manufactured by BDS supporters.  Quite likely, rather than work for illegitimate Israeli businesses, this effort will backfire against them as EU businesses will simply cease importing all Israeli products (yes, Israel, they will create more jobs in their own countries by manufacturing in their own countries) and cease exporting to Israel ( yes Israel, you are a limited market and not as important to the world as your fantasies dictate).  Please do enact your fool’s legislation. Vote yes … and vote often!

BDS is working so well, Israel is turning into a nation of droolers.  Tissue?



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