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How I Found Optimism Through Fear And Loathing Surrounding Donald Trump

How I Found Optimism Through Fear And Loathing Surrounding Donald Trump
by M. Dennis Paul, PhD

It was inevitable.. yes, I said inevitable (and I knew it months ago) that a bullish, under educated spoiled slob son of generations of racism, greed and sexism would rise from the bottom feeding ocean depths to bask in the plain old spittle from blathering mouths of mental and moral degenerates populating the pusillanimous states of ‘murica. It could easily have been the daughter, cheap slut of the entitled, in vulgar pantsuits but arrogance masked in expensive eau de toilette (called “skunk” in her favourite state of Israel) was less palatable to the cretinous masses than plain old Uppercrust, NY flatulence.

It mattered not what semblance of distinction one might foolishly toss out to pacify a falsely perceived superiority of one candidate over the other. What was pissed into the foul wind of politics was nothing trenchant at all. From the streets to the lofts of the ceaselessly cawing main stream pigeons to the towers of power bathed in the whitest of detritus came the howls of the criminally and undeniably insane. And ‘murica, ever hungry for semi-edible crap from a preferable coloured bag, lined up with grateful spoons and napkins. Tweedle Dee was a fat slobbering caricature and Tweedle dumb no different.

The reality… the sorry state of reality… is that “murica long ago surrendered any intelligence it might have gained in history when it allowed Civics to be turned into a pile of festering goo.

Brush away the flies and every 4 years ‘murica convinces itself that dung ball “A” is somehow more preferable than dung ball “B” or vice versa and dutifully performs its beetle task of attempting to push one or the other up the steaming heap. It mattered not to ‘murica that both emanated from the same corruption spewing bowels of JP Morgan, Citi Corp, Wells Fargo and all the rest of the beasts, foul and sinister, splashing their tails in their illustrious mire. What mattered most was the colour of the bag they would get to gorge from over the ensuing four years and endlessly lamenting that if you voted not for their colour you necessarily voted for the other… even if you were remarkably one of the few too smart to vote. And let’s face it, Bernie was just a coin purse of anal seepage… sufficient only to lure hungered straying sheep to the inevitable dip.

The modern history of ‘murica is a slow march to the right and a wobble to the left every four or eight years. Like drunken sailors whose minds are edging a syphilitic apocalypse, the scent of putrid meat in a bun, on a stick or in high heels and fishnets guides them from one side of the murky alley toward the other. Too, a preference for neon hues of red or blue influence the zig and wobble. Confusing when a Pabst sign offers both.

So… just where in hell is the optimism I’ve found?

Having lived through the fear and loathing of the Nixon years (and having, along with Groucho Marx, been arrested for supposedly threatening the life of that glorious wine drenched beast) I learned that the greatest motivator of rebellion… taking to the streets and the barricades… comes from that soul crying urge to thrust an upward finger in the face of that person you both loath and admire… that person who by his very existence on the planet he so salaciously destroys brings out your inner desire to fight.. and fight unflinchingly to the death… ripping the flesh from his bones and grinding those bones into a fine paste to mix with the rich tones of your palate for texture in painting a different future. Such inspiration comes to a lifetime rarely to the degree it now does. At least for me, had the patri-idiotic dung beetles successfully pushed Hillary to the top of the heap, I might be equally disposed to the sounds of the grist mill. I did, however, secretly hope that Trump would perch on top of the excreta of DC. Perhaps a bit perverse but I admit to wanting that lasting glimpse of Hillary and the Klinton Klan eating a dish of “fuck you”. Long deserved, that dish,

I’m old now, and likely in the way, but for the last 18 months I’ve had a Geritol rush where emerged a jubilant “YIPPIE!” and an urge to once again commandeer the corporate soda trucks on the National Mall and levitate the Pentagon. Deep in my rotting bones I feel a world rising from its very recent mistakes of cowardly turning toward the indefensibly stupid nationalist right. I sense the youth (not that wasted generation that rode the “screw you… I’m a be rich” limo straight to Wall Street from college) that tried an experiment with Occupy and the Black Lives Matter movement, the remaining human section of the planet still capable of human thought, slowly waking up from the Bernie burn and realizing trenches need to be dug, barricades erected and a better than the ’60’s revolution brought to the fore.

In the ’60’s and ’70’s, we stopped the draft and we forced the end of a sick, depraved war but then we set about to have babies, took jobs we mostly hated after the country was saturated with candlemakers and our bellbottoms were too tattered to use as polish cloths for our mid-size and ridiculously compact cars, and neglected to continue the fight so we reaped a net loss by having a zig and a zag to a depressing economy that steered our kids toward enlisting and fighting more sick, depraved wars which lead to a false economy that ushered in greed which lead to crash that lead to a dark-faced massa which has now zagged to a vile smelling beast from the intestines of the devil himself.

You just have to believe we’ve learned something opening our eyes to the reality of the White Whitehouse of Trump. If not, we remain a nation of cloned self-flagellating pinheads walking in ever decreasing circles.

Another bit of optimism equally as dark as the above is the reality that our economy is cyclical and roughly every seven years the masters concoct a taking (prior to Bill Clinton, these takings were farther apart) based on the expected diminishing of ability to fool a group of degenerate gamblers that the Ponzi scheme is working, intact, sustaining. The next crash .. the next taking destined to reduce pensions and savings of deluded quill eaters and force greater foreclosures, pain and suffering for the thread hanging middling class… will happen on Donald’s watch.

Already foreclosures are on the rise, defaults are growing, bankruptcies increasing, Obama, with his much touted and ludicrously manipulated job-creation knew it was only a matter of time before 30hr a week “employment” in sub wage box stores, fast food drive-throughs and temp positions of standing on one’s head waste deep in hapless mediocrity lead to the return of the problems he had no intention of ever repairing. Bill Clinton showed him how to snow a nation and Obama learned to ski.

Trump, who knows everything about running businesses into the ground, will hasten the fall as the GOP monkeys of doom in their $5k suits with “I took an intern’s cherry” tie clasps and matching cufflinks cheer him on. They will benefit from the insider scoops and take away as much as their grubby little hands can carry, order up another bailout of Wall Street.. only this time the banks will use their new weapon of taking directly from the checking and saving accounts of the innocents, and the illusion will be reconstructed for about 7 more years once the “engines” are primed and running. When Trump declares the US bankrupt, at a lavish dinner for all his golden parachute friends, the real class war will begin, The barricades will erupt, the trenches sunk and the youth will lead their parents against the bloated and belching caviar crowd. Or not. Self-flagellation, to some, is sexy.

But I’m an optimist. I can smell the gunpowder.


** M. Dennis Paul, PhD is a ’60’s radical who wrote under many names in a number of Underground newspapers on both coasts, played with the YIPPIES!, worked with the Black Panther Party & WU as well as others, worked, directed and performed at the infamous Farenheit 451 Bookstore, performed at and directed the Laguna Beach Summer Poetry Festival, ran a concert/nightclub security service eventually moving to a private Counseling & Mediation practice all the while doing things he cannot discuss (so don’t ask). A former writer for several web publications including the Salem-News, he is now retired but still gets urges to rumble in the streets and occasionally update his blog, rebel.lio. , maintain Stanley Cohen’s blog, Caged But Undaunted , contribute to Uprooted Palestinians‘ blog & maintain artist/writer Joni Sarah White’s website “WE THE PEOPLE


{Reprint. How sad that 6 years later, the US “left” opts to support yet another sheepdog for the DNC. Bernie Sanders has made zero effort to lead a genuine movement independent of the Democrats with whom he has voted throughout his career, thus insuring that Americans have no real choice in candidates for President or any other office. He calls himself a Democratic Socialist yet consistently votes against genuine reforms which would steer the country in such a direction. Bernie voted for the New Jim Crow laws put forth by Bill Clinton… imprisoning hundreds of thousands of young black men and women most of whom were sentenced for victimless “crimes” and who, otherwise, could have had at least a small chance of creating some sort of life and possibly holding together now irreparably destroyed families in a nation becoming more racist rather than more enlightened.  He supported illegal wars throughout the Middle East and Africa (despite his one claim of not having voted for Congressional authorization regarding Iraq), fought to have war toys (the most expensive and least effective) parked in Vermont and, among many other serious concerns regarding his thinking, fully stands behind financial support for rogue state Israel and its unrepentant violations of International Law in the suppression and genocide against Palestine. Six years on and the only word that now comes to mind is “bupkis”. }



By M. Dennis Paul, Ph.D.

At no other time in history has it become so essential that an alternative voice emerge. This country and, by the pursuits of this country, the world is facing a terrible crash far worse than what we are now witnessing. The political “left” has always represented that alternative voice. It is a result of that voice that so many socially just programs took root in American politics. Worker protections, economic safety nets, municipal safeguards (notably, as example, fire departments) and much more. Since the 70’s, however, the voice of the “left” has become a feeble whisper.

One of the greatest obstacles to emergence of the “left” in modern national politics is a coherent picture, clear to the American people, of what the left seeks to accomplish. Despite the increasingly obvious failures of capitalism, the American public is media deprived of the information essential in its ability to grasp genuine political and economic alternative. The left, so splintered by its own intellectual disputes and the history of infiltrations of its component groups by both government agent and sincere ideological disputants, has demonstrated an inability to present a united picture of possibility to the public. The terms “left” and “leftist” bring to mind those most ideologically extreme proponents of socialism or communism. The GOP relies on that image and reinforces it with vigor. In truth, there is a very small minority on the left aligned with either a socialist or communist agenda. The vast majority are aligned with principles of humanism, equality, fairness, and justice. Most simply want capitalism absent all its negatives. Americans do not understand the difference.

The die hard out front corporate aligned party, the GOP, is obviously not an option for the left. The more socially conscious yet corporate reliant Democratic Party, being the only other historically recognizable party in American politics, represents a meager alternative for the left. Various attempts to utilize a marketing approach which relies on use of the term “progressive” to integrate the left in mainstream politics have failed in their alignment with the Democratic Party which quickly learned how to absorb the term and its proponents in mobilizing its fragile base. What has occurred is the energizing of the Democrat base through promoting progressive appearing agendas which are quickly discarded once the true objective, getting a “moderate” in power, is achieved. Once in power, the moderate Democrat plays almost exclusively to its corporate masters, even in fronting seemingly progressive ideas such as health care, and the “progressives” are dismissed as malcontents dragging the “Party” down and presenting an obstacle to maintaining power in mid term elections.

Disheartened and confused, the left flounders and either avoids the mid terms by failing to promote fully progressive candidates or simply sits out the election either not voting or voting for Party candidate in hopes that a perceived more damaging GOP candidate will be blocked from office. The thinking that a Democrat in office will be better for the country than a Republican, promoted so heavily by the Party and its sycophant bloggers, sits as a hard choice for the left. They know, in their hearts, that either choice represents no genuine change for America.

On October 2, 2010, America was treated to yet another heavy handed promotion to use the left in pushing for maintaining the power of the Democrats in the mid terms. A wide array of “progressive” organizations mobilized in DC to hear speaker after speaker push social justice agendas, all much needed in our country. However, the over riding message of this event was nothing more than “vote Democrat” … because you have no other alternative if you want anything remotely resembling what the country sorely needs (like jobs).

Should the Democrats pull off a miracle and maintain their power in the mid terms, January will see yet another dismissal of the left and it will be business as usual in America.

Discontent with business as usual has grown since the Bush administration. The corporate think tanks and their capitalist financiers recognized this and created the freakish, yet formidable, Tea Party in order to play off the discontent of Americans with the GOP. Of course, any Tea Party winners in the mid term will fall in line with the wishes of their corporate backers and are, therefore, not a true alternative for change.
Will the left continue to lock themselves into this vicious cycle of promise and negation or will they wake up and fully extricate themselves from the corporate Democratic Party, collectively organize the educational tools that will help America recognize the potential of alternative politics, and promote genuinely progressive candidates in every state?
Should the left rise to the occasion and bring themselves out as an alternative, they would have to do so through the shunning of any corporate appearing support and demonstrate their true objection to business as usual with massive educational campaigns. They will have to be a lot smarter than the Democratic operatives that corralled them into the One Nation promotion and not fall into the traps that would make them into just another say whatever, promise whatever to stay in power party. There are certainly enough left leaning organizations in the US, enough manpower, enough intellectual prowess to create a sufficient platform from which to promote genuinely progressive candidates. Many came together for the One Nation Show. Let’s see if they can come together for themselves and for the country.. instead of the corporate Democratic Party and business as usual.

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