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We Didn’t Hire The Rapist.. He Just Magically Appeared On The Force

We Didn’t Hire The Rapist.. He Just Magically Appeared On The Force

Daniel Holtzclaw, 29 years old, was recently convicted on half of the 36 criminal charges he faced in Oklahoma City. Four of those 36 charges were for First Degree Rape. All of the charges against him stemmed from sexual crimes perpetrated against women… 13 women… 13 black women. Daniel is not black. His ethnic background is said to be “half white and half Japanese”. There is no evidence that Daniel actually likes black women.. only that he liked taking advantage of them… exerting power over them. Daniel wasn’t very particular regarding the ages of the women he abused sexually. Their ages ranged from 17 to 57. He did care about their social and economic circumstances. He felt these conditions afforded him some manner of protection against retribution. He also felt his badge afforded him protection. Daniel was an Officer of the Law in Oklahoma City.

Shortly after his conviction on 18 counts, Daniel was sentenced to 263 years imprisonment to be served consecutively. This was the unanimous recommendation of the all white jury.

Oklahoma County District Attorney, David Prater, is said to have commented:

“ I think people need to realize that this is not a law enforcement officer that committed these crimes… This is a rapist who masqueraded as a law enforcement officer. If he was a true law enforcement officer, he would have upheld his duty to protect these citizens rather than victimize them”

Somehow, DA Prater must believe this will work as a defense against the many planned lawsuits against the city being brought by Civil Rights Attorney, Benjamin Crump, who represented a number of the assaulted women. The fact is that he was both… a Law Enforcement Officer and a rapist. It can also be claimed he is racist.

Oklahoma City hired and trained Daniel Holtzclaw. Presumably they did a background check and perhaps even some sort of psychological profile. Perhaps not. Although it is possible, it is doubtful that other Law Enforcement Officers who worked on the same force were not aware of Daniel’s conquests. Cops are known to boast a bit about the females they “tag”. Some prefer “freebies” from working girls on their beats. Some prefer “civilians”. It’s all illegal but typically falls under the silent nods of the “Blue Code”.

DA Prater… Daniel Holtzclaw was an Officer of the Law. He is also now a convicted rapist and a vile racist. His tears at sentencing, his cries of “I didn’t do it”, his attorney’s planned appeals and your ludicrous statement will change nothing. If nothing else, this event should prompt an investigation into the complicity of his peers… and likely the similar actions of some. It is obvious by Daniel Holtzclaw’s demeanor at the trial and at the sentencing showed no remorse for the disadvantaged women he assaulted and the pain and suffering he caused them. Daniel Holtzclaw, former Officer of the Law, showed only a vulgar appeal for pity to be rendered unto him. His “power”, in his eyes, wrongfully taken from him.

As crazy as “justice” is today… had he murdered all those black women instead of molesting some and raping others, he probably would be free today. He didn’t… and they lived to testify.

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