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Show me your papers

Show me your papers

The President of the “United” States, Donito Trumpolini, has empowered hundreds of thousands of racist police to racially profile all non-whites as potential “illegal” humans who are subject to deportation ostensibly for criminal activity. Such activity, believe it or not, might be as simple as jay-walking or spitting on the sidewalk. Technically, the “crime” of entering the US “illegally” is sufficient criminality warranting detention/deportation. Worse, it can be at the discretion of the police that an individual might, in his/her opinion, pose a threat to citizens and/or “National Security”. This amounts to “Stop & Frisk” on steroids nationwide. “Show me your papers.”

Since Donito took office, thousands of immigrants with varying status have requested church sanctuary and/or headed to the “welcome arms” of our Northern neighbour, Canada. Doors are being knocked and kicked in by ICE and Border Patrols are chasing down anyone who looks like he/she may have once picked grapes or strawberries or cleaned a rich man’s house. Mothers and fathers are being separated from their children (and even children are being detained) and either held in unsanitary cages called “detention” centers or deported to the countries from where they escaped in fear for their lives… countries torn apart by US interference in their elections and economies: often supporting the regimes brutalizing these immigrant humans.

In recent days, incidents of ICE agents waiting outside churches and church shelters to grab handfuls of Latinos… and stalking schools in wait of parents dropping off their children only to be pounced upon and shackled to the sound of frightened tears have surfaced. And Donito, while it is actually happening, suggests he is “considering” separating children from their parents as they cross the US Mexican border.

This, on top of Donito’s “Travel Ban” dictates, which target Muslims (and those who look like they might be Muslims), and that have been temporarily shut down by numerous federal judges across the nation, now supposedly rewritten yet essentially the same, are, despite the claimed urgency of “National Security”, a month later, again delayed for at least another week. Apparently not so urgent, these dictates, but no less a hovering threat to hundreds of thousands of immigrant humans and potential immigrant humans.

And if there is any doubt that racism is behind all of this, one need only look at the “White Power” advocates surrounding Donito as advisors. Stephen Bannon of the “alt-right” (White Power) Breitbart hate site and avowed racist, Stephen Miller, recently shown flashing, despite claims by Snopes to the contrary, White Power hand signals (a stretch by Snopes to suggest he was adjusting his suit and the ADL in believing Jews embracing White Power are not accepted by this “movement”). The histories behind these two close advisors to Donito as well as Donito’s own history and recent examples of racism (ranting at a black reporter to schedule a meeting for him with the Congressional Black Caucus as if it were her job to do his bidding and the assumption that all blacks know each other… and his blasting a Jewish questioner for asking a, to Donito, complex question and barking at him to sit down).. let alone comments made during his campaign toward Hispanic/Latino people, Muslims and others as well his total disregard for Native Americans… speak volumes.

Donito Trumpolini, who professes to be the great uniter who will end the divisions of race, color, religion, national origin etc has, in one month in office, done more to enhance existential divisions and, in so doing, create an atmosphere of fear, distrust, hatred and nationwide anxiety.. and panic.

Historical Prejudice and Migration

In the history of the United States, there have been several occasions where individuals and groups of individuals have had to flee either the states or territories in which they lived… and even the US, itself. Many people, having been taught limited perspectives of US history mistakenly believe a famous mechanism for such escape, the Underground Railroad, began with Harriet Tubman. In fact, such a mechanism began shortly after white immigrants “illegally” entered the Turtle Island and declared it’s ancient inhabitants “heathens” subject to slaughter or slavery. Leaders of tribes and the tribes, themselves, were often declared wild animals subject to hunts. Some were so severely persecuted that families sought help from distant tribes as well as empathetic settlers (though there were few) to safely gain passage to lands away from the hunters. Natives from the colonies were forced to move both West and North.

The Underground Railway of Harriet Tubman was a series of passages, deceptions and safe houses used to help fleeing black slaves gain safety in the relatively less racist North where, as opposed to being viewed as animals, they were perceived as partial humans.

The Vietnam travesty of corporate/military imperialism saw a resurrection of the Underground Railroad where were used some of the very same churches, safe houses and passages used by Harriet Tubman and others… this time to aid deserters and conscientious objectors. Further found and created were passages into Canada … some once used as prohibition era back roads and trails for the smuggling of illegal alcohol.

Most every ethnic peoples having, over the history of the US, entered this land as an immigrant, legally or not, has had to use some form of escape from the hatred of others… most often created through the manipulations of politicians and wars. Each group would wind up in segregated areas such as The Acre in Lowell, Ma., where Jack Kerouac was raised, or the Five Points in Manhattan, to name just two. Persecuted in the lands from where they came or forced by economic hardships and wars, millions of immigrant humans entered the US with a promise and a belief that circumstances would be better. The US was not, and never has been, the land of milk and honey. It was, and remains, the land of avarice and bitter unwarranted hate toward the “other”. From the settlement centers such as the 2 above, further escape eventually became necessary as jobs became scarce due to recessions… and one ethnic population grew larger than the others or newer ethnic migrant groups arrived. This lead to a false perception of a homogeneous population and culture as the various groups thinned out into other towns and states. Propagandists have called this the Great American Melting Pot. This “thinning”, in reality, merely spread the prejudices and resulting turmoil to other towns and states.

As example, having supplanted the Irish, French Canadians became dominant in The Acre… and with the immigration of Greek families moving into The Acre, eventually diminishing job prospects in the factories there, French Canadians moved to New Hampshire… and as newer groups of immigrant labour moved to The Acre, Greek families moved across state lines in their search and found that factories were again dominated by French Canadian workers and so the process of supplanting the French Canadians began anew.. creating fear, dissension and hate.

But then came the “niggers” (Southern Blacks, Jamaicans, Haitians, Dominicans) and the “spics” (Puerto Ricans, Mexicans, Central & South Americans)… and the “gooks” (Cambodians, Laotians,Hmong and Vietnamese). All who had been fairly recent arrivals to the settlement areas and were slowly infiltrating white suburbia and inner cities. History repeats. Ignorance repeats. Hate repeats.

As Northern labour markets decided cheaper labour was needed, Central and South American immigrant humans were sought out and moved to the region. Viewed as hapless beasts of burden, the factories and farms took great advantage. An area of lush orchards, Jamaicans were also sought (taller than the Hispanic/Latinos). What was once the mainly South Western Bracero under a limited agricultural worker exchange program became a blind eye undocumented factory worker program in the North and North East.

By the late 80’s and early 90’s, Central and South Americans were a common work force in these regions… then the factories closed one by one and the farms and orchards failed. Only a few survived. The migrant humans took whatever jobs they could possibly find and many fell prey to the drug dealers and cartels… many of whom were ruthless Colombian cartel soldiers and Salvadorians with long established gang affiliations.

Gangs and Criminality

There were always gangs. Whether it was the French Canadian migrant, the Irish, the Lithuanian, Greek, Jew, Vietnamese or whomever, there were always gangs. Criminality afforded a perception of survival and protection. Such offerings and acquaintances were, and likely always will be, easier and more common to experience than one might believe. It comes as no surprise that many who left Central and South America were hoping to escape gangs as well as rogue governments only to find more and different gangs (as well as those they ran from) and only slightly less repressive government.

Human nature is to survive. The dream is to thrive. Gangs offered the desolate an opportunity to make money where little existed… and very little exists in the inner city enclaves where the no longer needed nor wanted are pushed to hide and be hidden. Too, they offered the hospital, jail or the grave. The police and government, not surprisingly similar to the gangs, offer the same.

America has now been fed the perception, bolstered by a racist president, that these gangs represent the immigrant… that the immigrant brings the crimes of these gangs across the border and threaten the lives of everyone (meaning every white one). And those who are not in gangs are, there being no longer an existing Bracero Program and so few factory jobs, a threat to the labour force in America.

Snake Oil, Jobs and Immigration

The Great Divider, Donito Trumpolini, believes he can muster enough factory jobs by blackmailing companies who, rather than import labour, set up factories to the South and to lesser developed countries across the globe. Automation guarantees the opposite. More jobs have, in the last few decades, been lost to automation as opposed to immigration. Yet, even with the historically low southern migration of the last 8 years (due in part to the 2008 recession, Obama’s silent mass deportations and the growth of jobs in the South), Donito has stirred up a hornets nest of fear and anxiety… along with hatred about the possibly 11 million migrants still living here… many far too old or too young to throw a gang sign if ever they knew one.

Based on the images bandied about in the media and the constant imbecilic refrains from Donito, one might think the majority of those currently migrating to the US or overstaying their visas are primarily Mexican. Big mistake. It may surprise that one of the largest groups of “illegals” who have overstayed their visas in recent years are Canadians. From the Southern border, the makeup of immigration is from Central and South America as well as sub-Saharan Africa. While over half of all undocumented humans in the US currently are believed to be Mexican, they have been steadily returning South on their own due to increased opportunity there as opposed to here. Those remaining here do so mostly as a result of having children born here. Most have now been here for 20 years or more. Despite Donito’s “clarification” of deportable humans being those, undocumented, for less than 2 years, the media is finding no shortage of cases where mothers and/or fathers, here for decades, are shackled and deported.

The Result of Negative Policy

In the past eight months, the Underground Railroad has reopened for business… and some unscrupulous individuals are viewing it as a business as they charge anywhere from $50 to $500 per head to take undocumented humans, and those with expired visas or possibly past or present criminal charges, to the Canadian border and, in some cases, across.

There are numerous locations along a still porous north and northwest border used to attempt avoiding the unnecessary hassle of US Border Patrol trying to enforce apprehension/deportation prior to families attempting the 3rd Safe Country Passage Protocol at major US-Canadian Border centers. People make the mistake of going to monitored US-Canadian crossings in the belief this program will protect them. They will still be subject to US Border controls and given the royal run around. If, by some chance, anyone in the party has an unpaid parking ticket, are on some list, or appear, to the agent, a threat they are likely to be held for deportation and not allowed to continue on to Canada. Should they make it through to Canada, they will be subject to the Canadian Border Customs policies… although they will likely be allowed to apply for refugee status.

People brought to the porous border, know, or should know, that if not first apprehended by local police, ICE or US Border Patrol, they will be arrested immediately in Canada. The US Border Patrol, when asked, give a standard political response that US and Canada Customs work closely together to insure all crossings are conducted legally. News reports show Canadian Mounties assisting illegal crossers with luggage and children at various foot path areas. No attempts are made to turn them away with orders to enter only at official crossings. Humanity and civility do exist.

No agency, on either side of the border, can give accurate numbers of those crossing illegally but estimates range in the thousands from the West Coast to the East. Prior, it was a trickle. For a time, it was more likely that Mounties would be greeting Central and South Americans, however, with the advent of the Trumpolini Executive Order, increased numbers of people from the notorious 7 banned states have been noted. The Canadian side does not record data on origins at the border. Services inside Canada will have a better grasp on this.

From various sources, very little intrusion exists once arrested. Phone dumping is rarely reported. Papers are examined, Criminal records searches are made. Charges are brought for illegal entry and a court date is set. Depending on case loads, this can take 2 weeks to 2 months. In the interim, immigrant people are assisted in filing for refuge status and housing/shelter is found. Other services such as health are also provided. No detention cages and children remain with their parents. Refuge status can be a very lengthy process when done from outside Canada… as long as five years. Once inside Canada, it is a relatively short process to obtain determination of status. Some, such as Syrians and Eritreans can get immediate status with exceptionally few being turned down.

Fear and Choices

A fearful refugee family has to make a choice. Stay in the US and likely be scooped up at some near point by either police, ICE or Border patrol, try to exist in sanctuary for indeterminable amounts of time with little to no ability to sustain themselves, risk passage to, and likely failure at, an official border crossing, spend high dollars amounts per head in an attempt to be smuggled through an official border crossing or port, spend high dollar amounts per head to be transported to a known Mountie patrolled/manned foot path, risk doing so on foot, risk passage to unmanned territory where they can then try to cross and assimilate much as they have in the US. This latter choice presents extreme health risks such as loss of digits and limbs, even life, to harsh weather conditions.

Under the Canadian system of services, it is likely, having chosen the last option, they will eventually wind up detained. Canada is pretty forgiving so they may still be able to apply for refugee status but there are no guarantees. Once detained, however, they become eligible for health and housing services which, while now becoming stretched due to the ever increasing numbers of people crossing the border, remain available.

Guidance and Actions

It is essential that travelers attempt to locate responsible and respectable assistance to make safe journeys from where ever they may be. One who might accept cash for gas but no more. Many sanctuaries can help to locate such individuals.

Preparation is needed and based largely on the choice families/individuals make as to how they will attempt refuge. Special concerns regarding the needs of children, weather, communication are important. Sanctuary helpers are rapidly becoming savvy to such needs and can be most helpful in preparing for refuge seeking.

Every day, more people join the sanctuary movement. And despite any oddball claims coming from the mouth of, or administration of, Donito Trumpolini… Canada has indicated no intentions to limit the number of refuge seekers crossing the border regardless of the route they may take to do so.

Still, more people need to come forward. The US, and the world, has at least 4 years of the madness from Donito Trumpolini and his White Power government (Unless he somehow strangles himself in his own stage rigging). That means more families needing help, more compassionate and savvy assistants… and lots of common sense.

Get friends and family to support sanctuaries, organize and attend town meetings and Representative Town Hall Meetings and speaking engagements. Go to Trump campaign rallies.. Yes.. he will continue to do these rallies. They boost his sagging ego. Confront and question. Demonstrate. Run as independents against both Democrats and Republicans in every open Congressional and Senatorial Race. 2018 will come quickly… so get going. Let everyone know that the only way to stop Trumpolini is to stop the Republican advantage. Democrats are a bunch of corrupt, useless idiots who only know one game. Stop the game. Stand up! Be independent of the corporate parties. Be clear on why you are independent.

Trumpolini investigated the possibility of unleashing 100,000 National Guard troops to carry out his sadistic immigration policies. The realities of that plan caused him to retreat. He still threatens withholding of funds from sanctuary states and cities. These entities can either buckle under or sue and/or threaten right back with notice that all supports will no longer be afforded to federal agencies and representatives. Think of what it might look like if a town or state suddenly refused protection for one of Trumpolini’s campaign rallies or Federal agency requests for data or support in investigations. NYC, on the East Coast and Several cities on the West Coast are likely to be a first test as their mayors have refused to allow the city’s police to act as immigration officers. Governors have also begun announcing their refusals. (Sadly, NYC’s, DiBlasio’s twisted thinking still supports the Broken Windows policing that criminalizes immigrant humans making them more susceptible to detention and deportation).

Last Thoughts

No government is perfect. Man is an imperfect being… something not likely to ever change. However, man has the capacity to grow.. to further civilization… to advance. History shows us that dark periods arise… and do so under our own neglect to support advancement… usually when someone emerges to exploit the basest fears and ignorance of man… the deeply rooted prejudices of centuries man has failed to extricate from his heart and mind. Donito Trumpolini is just such an historical character. Quoting, with a fondness, the words of Benito Mussolini, Donito stands in stark comparison. Larger than life obfuscators of political perceptions and abusers of the fragility felt by the masses …with the goal of imposing their delusional wills and being loved and respected for so doing. It is notable that Trumpolini, like Mussolini, appears happiest when surrounded by obedient minions… but more so when embraced by large crowds echoing his oddness. Il Duce was killed along with his minions and had a very large crowd present as his brutalized body was hung upside down from a metal girder above a service station. The crowds that once supported him, gathered to cheer his demise. Not wishing upon him a similar fate, still pondering, how large will be the crowd that ushers in, and cheers, whatever fate has in store for Il Douche.

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