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Egypt And Tunisia Are Offered BIG Carrots Under The Shadow Of BIG Sticks By The Ingratiating BIG 8

{Reprint from May, 2011.  Look at the economies of Tunisia and Egypt today. ‘Nuff said…}


Egypt And Tunisia Are Offered BIG Carrots Under The Shadow Of BIG Sticks By The Ingratiating BIG 8

M. Dennis Paul, Ph.D.

New York Times writer, Liz Alderman reports, May 27, 2011, that the leaders of the Group of 8 have agreed to pledge large sums of capital to “bolster Arab Democracy”. These leaders, she writes, expressed concern that the democracy movement in the Arab world could be “hijacked” by Islamic “radicals” should the Group not act to help stabilize the economies of both Egypt and Tunisia. She was unable to report a final sum, however, mentioned that it was inferred as much as $20 billion, and possibly double that (according to Host, President Nicholas Sarkozy of France) amount, might find its way to these nations. It was not specified how much each country would offer, how the sums would be determined and disbursed between the nations and precisely what restrictions might be placed upon the use of these funds. Wisely, Liz reported an oft overlooked fact that the Group has, in the past, made pledges that were never fulfilled. (See the article at ).

As is most typical in the rhetoric of the BIG 8, such offerings are made with the intentions of fostering employment where numbers are dramatically high for out of work youth and displaced older workers. Further, the suggestion of market creation falls under sadly ill-defined references to “Open Markets”. “Equal Opportunity” is all tossed into the soup, especially now in Muslim nations where the perception is that women are the ultimate underclass.

Besides the 8 represented nations (United States, Japan, Canada, Britain, France, Germany, Italy and Russia), funds would be derived from infusions offered by the World Bank, IMF, and the European Investment Bank. Often packaged in such deals are deferments or forgiveness for previously existing and/or defaulted upon loans from these same organizations. There is reason behind such “gestures” as will be explained further on.

In comparison to the actual economies of these countries, the amounts being dangled before them are relatively small. Natural concerns for nations undergoing regime changes, whether to some form of democracy or another “family operation”, are losses having already accrued or are projected through any perceived transition period. Often trade will take dramatic nosedives sufficient to force factory and bank closings, strikes will occur, tourist industries will take sizable hits and various forms of shortages in food and other commodities as well as inflation, foreclosure and bankruptcies will occur. Both Tunisia and Egypt are presently feeling most all the effects mentioned.

Instability, which is a natural beginning of any takeover and transition, are high priority concerns for investors which makes it difficult for newly emerging governments to acquire needed loans. Keenly aware, the BIG 8 and its economic partners, the IMF, et al, act fairly swiftly in preparing a shining carrot to offer the needy nations. Such seemingly tasty carrots, however, seldom, if ever, come without an equally distasteful stick threatening disbursement and use of any funds, if any at all, that might make its way to the nations.

Obviously, there are very legitimate concerns that any lending institution would consider in making a loan. In the case of nations undergoing the instability of transitions such as that faced by these two nations, obvious concerns of knowing who would be responsible for insuring the funds are properly administered in any reconstruction plans, what institutions, credit and loan banks, investment funds, etc would be used to insure proper administration of loans and investments, etc. It is certainly legit to be concerned about misuse or misappropriation. It is doubtful that Egypt will see sufficient funds returned from the thefts by Mubarak and his cronies. The same applies to Tunisia. They will need economic assistance to help them overcome the serious monetary crisis that is looming. This is in spite of their having had some noticeable improvement prior to the revolution. Once the books are open, it is highly likely that far greater thefts will be uncovered and, of greater concern, is the withholding of payments due to the Mubarak government by other nations, some being withheld as “incentive” to accept whatever packages the G8 etc will offer.

The other side of what at first glance appear to be humanitarian gestures, however, is the unpublicized restrictions and caveats applied to these funds. Anyone who has followed the workings of the IMF, the World Bank, the G8 and others in their business of providing funds to impoverished nations is well aware of the devastation often caused by those funds and the restrictions placed upon them.

It is important to understand, right out of the box, that accepting these loans will immediately place both Tunisia and Egypt under long term economic strategies that they would have little time, let alone expertise, to assess for practicability and risks inherent in such strategies. So little time, in fact, would be available that the interim governments would be locking their nations into these contracts long before the first elections, set to establish the structure of these nations, have taken place. This is an ideal situation for the G8 and friends because it sets the tone for these nations of a future once again under the economic thumbs of the elite.

Israel and the US, in particular, fear independent nations in the Middle East/Africa. Signs of pushing back against the despot duo have already begun with the opening of Rafah. In many ways, Egypt is far more important, strategically, as an ally to the US than is Israel. In fact, according to military sources, Israel is of little actual strategical benefit to US interests. Israel desperately needs Egypt to be placed on a tight leash in order to secure its stranglehold on the Palestinian people. Insecure in its ability to truly be a good friend to any nation, the US relies heavily on economic strangleholds to “keep its friends in line”.

So, the US, through the G8 must act swiftly to insure that no matter what form of government arises in the two nations, and no matter who emerges as leaders, the US will have the economic clout to force upon them whatever treaties, bargains, and trade agreements it sees fit. The imperative nature of this need mandates the deferment and forgiveness of prior loans. The package it offers to these two nations must be unencumbered of negotiation for past debts and must appear as soundly humanitarian as is possible. It is, after all, a carrot that must appear enticing. Too, in the case of Egypt, as it stands right now, the negotiations for these loans and initial channels would be the same bunch of elites that were selected and courted by Mubarak… a BIG plus for the G8 et al.

As we have seen in Africa, Haiti and other severely depressed areas of the world, in those instances where G8 and Co. actually delivers upon its promises, life generally either stays the same or becomes more intolerable. The governments typically become more despotic, and the elite, who actually depend upon joblessness and poverty to increase their already enormous wealth, become just that much richer in the pocket… certainly not in the heart.

As always, the losers are the people… unless they carry their revolution through with the belief that each new day is a new step in the process and that there is no end to the process. It takes an enormous amount of courage and collective insight to refuse the improper advances of the whore nations and their pimp banks. History shows the US and its colonialist partners are notorious for buying out and undermining legitimate revolutions.

For Egypt and Tunisia, it is important that while they act to avoid being “hijacked” by Islamic “radicals”, they also act to avoid being “hijacked” by the US, the G8 and the BIG BANKS.



History shows that the G8 and its cronies do not particularly like working directly with legitimate democracies. It is far easier to work with military dictatorships and royals who are more apt to make unilateral decisions with little down time wasted on parliamentary votes or Congressional approvals. Egypt is in a prime position, from the eyes of the G8 vultures as it has very recently disposed of a “royal” and was left in the interim hands of a military government.

It is a very sad situation to report that this government has succumbed to the baiting of the big banks and the G8. In its first move, the military agreed to accept the Muslim Brotherhood as a legitimate party. This sets up the stage for future elections with a high win potential as many in the Middle East have long been fed a perception of the brotherhood as a “radical” organization undesirable to the tyrant regimes of the region… The truth is something quite different. The video that follows this article explains this difference quite clearly. It also reiterates historical precedents of the IMF et al.

Secondly, the military leaders of Egypt agreed to accept an initial 3 billion dollar loan from IMF. These two conditions, now having been set in motion, effectively have doomed the Egyptian revolution and once again establishes a western noose around the necks of the Egyptian people. With more funding being offered, it is unlikely this situation will be easily reversed. A big question is whether or not Tunisia will soon follow.

Is this situation as hopeless as it may seem from this writing? This is difficult to answer. What options are left for the people of Egypt will depend entirely on the willingness of the revolution’s full weight to educate itself about the Brotherhood and the IMF et al loans and set about locating strong opposition for the coming elections. If, and only if, they can find a strong enough candidate and bring the population behind him/her, can they overcome this terrible selling out of all their previous effort.

At His Hypocritical Best…

{Reprint from May, 2011. No less true than when first penned. Obama is a professional liar, hypocrite and murderer.}


At His Hypocritical Best…
President Obama Distorts Obvious Reality In His Speech To The State Department And The World, Portrays Himself And His Predecessors As Folk Heroes, And In A Few Sentences Assures Israel Will Once Again Wage War Against Palestine, Lebanon, Syria, Egypt And Any Measure Of Sanity

by M. Dennis Paul, Ph.D. Salem-News.Com
From the first paragraph and on through nearly every following passage, President Obama astonishingly portrays his inability (or unwillingness) to speak openly and honestly regarding any aspect of strife and confrontation in the Middle East/Africa or the part(s) his government (which unfortunately must also be called “ours”) and that of his immediate predecessors has and will play.

Perhaps he honestly believes Hillary will go down in history as one of the finest Secretaries of State. He’s entitled to his beliefs. However, the once idealistic Hillary sold out many years ago and if a true history is ever written will surely go down as just one of many disingenuous corporate hoars that sold out their nation in this generation. Of course, that is just my opinion (and I am entitled). That’s my response to the start of his speech.

The second paragraph accurately sets the tone of the proliferation of lies and deceit to be found in the remainder of his speech. The President talks about the changes which “began” roughly six months ago in the middle east/Africa and attempts to impress that these changes are instigated by the “people” of the nations in struggle. There is, of course, no mention of the hand the CIA and other agent provocateurs played in several of the uprisings. He states that more leaders, beyond the two already removed, may soon “step down” completely avoiding acknowledging the death warrants and threats against several leaders still in power. In other news… disconnected from this pontification, Obama is heralded for making such threats and we are reminded how he signed and executed the death warrant for Osama bin Laden. No discussion is present explaining how one uprising takes precedent over another in warranting US involvement. Neither is there reference to use of drones or the legalities of cross border excursions (however, there will be some telling comments further on).

Obfuscation being a hallmark of “good” pontification (such as the very recent findings of the self-conducted investigation into the Catholic Church’s abuse of young boys in which they declare it was not a matter of Pedophilia since the majority of boys were over the age of 10), he attempts to explain US positions based on “..the forces of economics and security; history and faith. “. We can give him a little credit for making economics first in the line up. Facts are facts, however, and the facts here are that the economics involved are those of gains desired by multinational corporations at the expense of those who will obtain no benefit… the nations being raped by our military.. you and I. Factually, the forces of note are really economics, corporate greed, self interest and more corporate greed. Faith, security and history are nothing more than grossly over used subterfuge

Put boots on as we wade through the stench puddle forming the next passages. “Change”… That’s a word Obama exploited throughout his campaign to become President. “Change we can believe in” . A good many hurting and scared people bought into this exploitation. Here, in this paragraph under review, Obama again suggests “change”. As we have learned (at least some of us), what usually follows the exploited word is a vast sea of nothing and if one continues to read through the entire speech, it becomes evident that Obama is a master sailor on a sea of nothingness. What we get, instead of any references to genuine change or even projects designed to implement some manner of genuine change, is typical reference to “our values” and “our security”… and then a reiteration of the status quo which has no genuine bearing on the lives of you or me other than that more of our rights are eroded as we are subliminally led to applaud those, in other countries, standing up for their rights. We are then quickly led to wade through rhetoric regarding the “progress” his administration has made in ending two fruitless wars. Sure, 100,000 troops were removed from Iraq… many replaced by mercenaries. It remains, however, an intentional misstatement of fact to call this “change” an end to our combat mission there. The pictures and comments coming directly from Iraqi citizens makes it clear that “changing” the references to deaths, dismemberments, destruction et al to “Police Actions” does not really alter the facts… it is combat.. it is daily.. and the death toll is worse, not better than when Obama honestly called it “combat”. The remaining troops and the mercenaries are not unarmed and are not running away from gunfire.. not driving around in Police cruisers and not wearing badges. A rose is a rose and BS is BS, Mr. President.

How Obama can claim we have broken the Taliban’s momentum in Afghanistan when we continue to pay them for passage on the highways, continue to pay them for construction rights in the villages, continue to protect their opium shipments and continue to conduct almost every manner of business imaginable with them.. fighting off only the enemies of our “enemies”… is beyond belief. Either he is getting the idiot’s briefings every morning or he has daily tissue removal from his nose. The cost of the war has not altered downward.. it has increased. Somehow this is offered to us as a sign of success? If the public believed the troop withdrawal scam from Iraq, they will buy the same regarding Afghanistan. Watch the news… the mercenaries double every month. Click the heels of your government issue boots and repeat.. “the combat missions are over”. And, of course, he ends this passage reminding us of how devastating the murder of Osama was to the known handful of existing al Qaeda. No mention of the hundreds of thousands of innocent women, children, elderly etc that were murdered as we ostensibly scoured Afghanistan for bin Laden.

In the next paragraph, one simply has to replace bin Laden with “Bush/Obama” and we get the other side of the story… a bit more true than the original. (Altered for the readers’ weary eyes) “Bush and Obama are not martyrs. They are mass murderers who offer a message of hate – an insistence that Muslims took up arms against the West, and that violence against men, women and children is the only path to change. They rejected democracy and individual rights for Muslims and Americans in favor of violent extremism; their agenda focused on what they could steal or destroy – not what they could build.”

Obama then distorts the entire politics of the region through insinuating al Qeada in each Middle East/African nation and then re-states this falsehood carried to its most useful-to-Obama conclusion of a people deciding the irrelevance of their (al Qeada’s) presence and influence. Forget that it is a blatant lie and makes virtually no sense in context to what the Arab Spring represents.. Obama found it useful. It boils down to Obama attempting to sell us bin Laden’s death as being a devastating blow to an irrelevant “organization” that we spent billions tracking, tortured hundreds to extract useless info about, and murdered hundreds of thousands in attempts to destroy. Never mention that Reagan created bin Laden.. never. And don’t attempt to explain how, in this fantasy, al Qaeda was influencing the dictators in the Middle East and Africa. Just use this absurd platform as a segue into the all powerful (and over used) anecdotal “people” stories. Confuse the subject and sheeple will follow.

Obama tells, in brief, about a cart merchant being abused and then dousing himself and setting himself on fire. It happens every day, Obama says, that the poor subjects of dictators and corrupt governments are abused. It’s true. Take Palestine (Which Obama avoids at all cost) where fishermen are chased and shot at by IDF, where farmers are shot and killed trying to harvest their crops, where school kids are shot walking to or from school because IDF suspects their lunch pails… But Obama, rather than identify the severe treatment of Palestinians by Israel, uses this portion of his folk hero type recollection of people yearning for freedom to attempt yet more distortions with a claim of colonialism having ended some 50 years ago yet oppressed people still looking at the west as subjugator and stating “Antagonism toward Israel became the only acceptable outlet for political expression. “. This is the view of history Obama supports? The world is wrong for seeing the west as a major cause of disruption and chaos in the world? That despite never ending intrusion into the affairs of other nations, even to the point of establishing US military bases in them after bombing them into a most unrecognizable mass with no plans to ever leave, the world is wrong to think of the US, Britain, France as colonizers? That the world is wrong to view Israel’s oppression, displacement and theft, destruction and rape of Palestine as oppression, displacement, theft, rape and destruction?

From here, Obama goes on with more people stories and folksy aphorisms about “change” and begins to address the Israeli/Palestine issue… by simply reiterating “standing up for Israel’s security and pursuing Arab-Israeli peace. “. Ok.. so he really doesn’t address it here.

He states things such as..”America’s interests are not hostile to peoples’ hopes; they are essential to them.” (Which is why the US is despised in so many countries today.) “We believe that no one benefits from a nuclear arms race in the region, or al Qaeda’s brutal attacks”. (Which is why we favour one state over another regarding nuclear energy and munitions and helped Israel hide the fact of their production and still help them avoid becoming signatory to any treaties they demand others sign.) “People everywhere would see their economies crippled by a cut off in energy supplies. As we did in the Gulf War, we will not tolerate aggression across borders, and we will keep our commitments to friends and partners.” (Well, this one is a bit strange as it only implies Gulf War I and the (US approved) attack on Kuwait by Sadam. It doesn’t come right out and say it. One would hardly expect Obama to admit Sadam [who had long been both a “friend” and “partner”] was tricked but that really doesn’t matter here. What does matter, however, is this bit about not tolerating cross border aggression while at the same time crossing multiple borders with either troops, drones, mercs, or agents.. all of which have been happening in the Middle East and Africa for a long time. The standard response is that what THE US DOES IS DIFFERENT.. AND LEGAL… BECAUSE THEY ARE FIGHTING A “WAR AGAINST TERRORISTS”. Logic, of course, does not prevail with such thinking.)

Obama continues with …”failure to speak to the broader aspirations of ordinary people will only feed the suspicion that has festered for years that the United States pursues our own interests at their expense.” (Suspicion? No, Mr. President, it is fact and there exists volumes of evidence to support this… Volumes, some of which, you conspire to withhold in order to protect your predecessors.. and now yourself, from prosecution.) “Given that this mistrust runs both ways – as Americans have been seared by hostage taking, violent rhetoric, and terrorist attacks that have killed thousands of our citizens – a failure to change our approach threatens a deepening spiral of division between the United States and Muslim communities.” (One has only to ask why.. and the answer comes that American corporate interests have trampled the cultures and human rights of these people and the natural consequence to this is the uprising.. the dissent.. and the defenses you , Mr. President, alluded to earlier in your speech.)(And a bit further down, readers will become aware of something remarkably contradictory to this rhetoric of “change” that slides off the President’s tongue like post nasal drip unconsciously expressed.)

The broadening of scope and interest Obama mentions with regard to Cairo are no less corporate than those of his predecessors and there is little he can genuinely demonstrate as being in the interest of the common man. This is simply more rhetoric attempting to portray himself a hero. It fails and the people of Egypt are not buying it. He failed to mention that. The corporations like his vision far more than the people .

The next several paragraphs are more rhetoric and absolutely empty statements when it is more clearly apparent the US is being selective with whom it will support and how. A rather remarkable example (among many others such as the use of force and death warrants in Libya), literally announced as Obama was spewing this collection of incoherent fables, foibles,and flatulence, clearly demonstrates the degree to which he is willing to say one thing.. giving an impression of “change”.. while doing something to ensure the exact opposite.
From the Tulsa World (AP release):
May 19, 10:37 AM EDT

US quietly expanding defense ties with Saudis
AP National Security Writer
WASHINGTON (AP) — Despite their deepening political divide, the United States and Saudi Arabia are quietly expanding defense ties on a vast scale, led by a little-known project to develop an elite force to protect the kingdom’s oil riches and future nuclear sites.
The U.S. also is in discussions with Saudi Arabia to create an air and missile defense system with far greater capability against the regional rival the Saudis fear most, Iran. And it is with Iran mainly in mind that the Saudis are pressing ahead with a historic $60 billion arms deal that will provide dozens of new U.S.-built F-15 combat aircraft likely to ensure Saudi air superiority over Iran for years.
Together these moves amount to a historic expansion of a 66-year-old relationship that is built on America’s oil appetite, sustained by Saudi reliance on U.S. military reach and deepened by a shared worry about the threat of al-Qaida and the ambitions of Iran. (Read the entire article at )

How believable does this man think he is when at the very moment he is challenging such relationships before the State Department.. and the world… it is announced that he is, in fact, pumping billions of dollars to maintain and enhance such relationships?

Further responding to each paragraph in the President’s speech becomes, at this point, an exercise in repetitively pointing out his lies and stating what by now should be obvious truths… essentially, the opposite of whatever he says. It also becomes an exercise in repetitively exposing the pseudo arcane logic of Mr. Obama. Starting at the point in his speech where he begins, “So we face an historic opportunity. We have embraced the chance to show that America values the dignity of the street vendor in Tunisia more than the raw power of the dictator. There must be no doubt that the United States of America welcomes change that advances self-determination and opportunity.” and continuing for a few brief paragraphs, I would ask the reader to simply say the word “Palestine” to him/her self after each passage. In doing so, the falsity of each statement will become apparent. One can also add “so long as it does not interfere with our (US) plans” either before or after statements.
Following, Obama factually distorts the occurrence of violence in Libya and the formation of a unified commission governing the rebels. Sadly, people will remain in confusion regarding what has actually transpired in Libya and why. Writers are just now exposing the mountains of dirt behind this “uprising”. As a writer with contacts in Libya, it took several weeks and the loss of 3 sincere friends before the cloud lifted (for me) and the truth began to emerge. To say that I became discouraged is an understatement. The sickness from which the US, France and several other greedy nations operate knows no bounds.
Obama touches upon each country and what he believes they must do and not do. He points harsh fingers at the abuses of their leaders and presents a number of veiled threats. What he does not do, is point those fingers at the worst of abusers.. Israel. It is as if he simply cannot see the Palestinian people, cannot hear the weapons fired at them, cannot hear the screams of horror as they suffer and die. There are only the cries of Israelis.

“So in the months ahead, America must use all our influence to encourage reform in the region. Even as we acknowledge that each country is different, we will need to speak honestly about the principles that we believe in, with friend and foe alike.” Following this comment, Obama talks about fulfilling commitments “to build networks of entrepreneurs, and expand exchanges in education; to foster cooperation in science and technology, and combat disease. Across the region, we intend to provide assistance to civil society, including those that may not be officially sanctioned, and who speak uncomfortable truths. And we will use the technology to connect with – and listen to – the voices of the people.” On the ground, however, the examples are the arrests and prosecutions of whistleblowers, FBI raids on legitimate organizations, GITMO, renditions, bribery, no bid contracts, turning a blind eye to illegal trespasses and piracy, long standing violations of international law, illegal blockades and illegal settlements, cross border shooting of unarmed protesters, and investment in missile defense programs, fighter purchases, tanks, missiles, tear gas, grenades, and a host of other projects and programs that fail to resemble schools, hospitals, labs etc. A 60 billion dollar arms deal is not an incentive to cultural or economic growth… no matter how one attempts to cloak it in words.

After so much more rhetoric, Obama gets to the world bank and monetary funds. What he says amounts to nothing new. More illusion of “change”. It is just rehashing of the way business has been conducted for several decades. The offers look reasonable and appear to provide some hope to impoverished nations. Then reality sets in and inevitable defaults occur. Obama offers no real change. These are nothing more than the carrots through which nations are controlled for the rapings by greedy industrialists and corporations. Haiti is a prime example. It is very telling that a head of the IMF is arrested for raping a black chamber maid. The microcosm mirroring the macro…
As one reads further, offerings rapidly change tone and become obvious controls.. through trade, credit, investment.. all those things that came with the last aid packages to these countries.. and failed.
Finally, the President comes to his plans for Israel and Palestine. Here, amid his representations of the controlling force for peace in all parts of the world (Remember Phil Ochs’ “Cops of the World”) Obama shows himself as either being the biggest fool on the planet by conditioning peace on the several aspects of historical strife guaranteed to garner resistance and refusal by both sides or the mastermind behind some secretive plan (Hail Illuminati!!) to cause World War III. Either way, he proves himself a psychotic threat to the world.
The manner in which he frames the concerns of both sides shows a clear lack of understanding dipped in a coating of Israeli dollars so desperately needed to help him remain President for another term. Only an extremely biased asshole could frame this situation in such a way that the Israelis are “living with the fear that their children could get blown up on a bus or by rockets fired at their homes, as well as the pain of knowing that other children in the region are taught to hate them.” while the Palestinians are “ suffering the humiliation of occupation, and never living in a nation of their own.” Remember I said earlier that it is as if he cannot see or hear the Palestinians? Having access to the data collected by his CIA and other agencies, Obama surely knows that far more Palestinians are murdered each year by Israeli soldiers and that the vast majority of Palestinians are unarmed. He would also be aware that Israel used over 3,000 tons of bombs and projectiles (some containing internationally-banned substances) during its war on the Gaza Strip. He would also know that numerous Palestinians are killed each month by Israeli air strikes and that the Palestinians have no air force. It is a given that Mr. Obama is aware of these facts yet chooses to ignore them. Instead, he attempts to portray to the world that Israelis, not Palestinians, live in fear and lose lives and suffer major property destruction and have to live with the thought that Palestinian kids are taught to hate them.

“As for Israel, our friendship is rooted deeply in a shared history and shared values. Our commitment to Israel’s security is unshakeable. And we will stand against attempts to single it out for criticism in international forums. But precisely because of our friendship, it is important that we tell the truth: the status quo is unsustainable, and Israel too must act boldly to advance a lasting peace.”

SO, TELL THE TRUTH, MR. PRESIDENT! TELL THE TRUTH! Don’t waste your breath and our time with passage after passage of blatant lies. I sincerely doubt that even AIPAC finds Obama remotely convincing. The history and values shared with Israel are a history of deceit and deception and a lack of any genuine values as exampled by the daily abuses toward Arabs overlooked or denied and even a willingness to allow brave US men to die at the hands of these “friends” (NEVER FORGET THE U.S.S.LIBERTY, Mr. President! That is history!).

“As for security, every state has the right to self-defense, and Israel must be able to defend itself – by itself – against any threat. Provisions must also be robust enough to prevent a resurgence of terrorism; to stop the infiltration of weapons; and to provide effective border security. The full and phased withdrawal of Israeli military forces should be coordinated with the assumption of Palestinian security responsibility in a sovereign, non-militarized state. The duration of this transition period must be agreed, and the effectiveness of security arrangements must be demonstrated.”

How can a man, purported to be of very high intelligence, make such blatant hypocritical statements such as this and hold his head up publicly? Every state has the right to self defense… only Palestine is the exception? (Sure.. it’s not a state and we intend to veto any attempt to make it one until Israel, perhaps a hundred years from now, agrees to internationally accepted borders). Israel must be able to defend itself, by itself (buffered by billions of dollars and tons of weapons supplied by US)? Palestine can, as it has been doing, continue to defend itself by throwing its young in front of bullets and tossing stones? Only Israel faces threat? Really, Mr. Obama?? Really??

Within hours, Bibi rejected the 1967 borders. Everyone knew this would happen. Everyone. This was the initial set up for failure. This, coupled with the back-asswards thinking of attempting to premise negotiations about a Palestinian state with a threat that the US will thwart any attempt to appeal for statehood and where discussion about the defining relevant disagreements (Jerusalem and the right of return) are left to be addressed at the end, rather than the beginning of the negotiations… and further confounded by refusal to recognize the Palestine unity leadership now forming insures that negotiations, or the mere suggestion of them, are a farce. Such a blatant display, I again question, is either based solely in stupidity or is a purposeful intent to foment war.

Bibi has been positioning the country for war over the past few months and has been flexing intentional muscle across borders with Lebanon and Syria in the past two weeks. Bibi is facing caravans and flotillas intent on breaking the blockades and freeing Gaza. Bibi is facing refugees tired of encampments and second citizen status. Bibi is facing an onslaught of Nations no longer willing to be idle in the face of Israel’s abuses.. and very willing to support the call for a Palestinian state. The lies and deceit.. the posturing of Presidents with speeches that no longer border on the absurd but have stepped over into the dark side of psychosis will no longer contain the charade of politics and the chase for Jewish payola.

Obama must become aware that the game of words is over. The games of posturing and the money chase are over. He can no longer promise all manner of aid packages to the world to prop up the false folk hero image of a US that cares. Change is coming and it is coming not because of Barack Obama. It is coming in spite of him. Promising jobs to Egypt and elsewhere in order to fool these people into support for more corporate despotism while the US turns to rust and dust will gain only resistance from there and from here. There is not enough support anywhere to sustain US involvement in another war and there is no support for another Israeli war against an unarmed population whether Mr. President supports it or not.

If he is as intelligent as has been claimed, Barack Obama will act swiftly to erase as much as is possible of the portrait he painted of himself with this ridiculous speech. He will act to prevent Israel and the US from causing WWIII (I believe the Intifada, which now has his name on it, is inevitable) I’m not holding my breath for he continues to press Israel (5/23) to accept the 1967 borders with land swaps. I am praying for the people of Palestine who will soon, once again, be brutally assaulted by the sociopathic actions of the Netanyahu government. Their blood will also be on Mr. Obama’s hands.. though I suspect he will make another speech somehow absolving himself.. even making himself out to be a folk hero of sorts….

As Ministers And Other Politicians Beg Flotilla II-Stay Human! To Wait For The Appearance Of “Common Sense”,

{Reprint from June, 2011. Check the status of Rafah today. Nothing has changed for the better. The Palestinians are still played. Now, however, the once well used tunnels are flooded by Egypt at the reque$t of Israel. Hope does not float. Dead Gazans do. }


As Ministers And Other Politicians Beg Flotilla II-Stay Human! To Wait For The Appearance Of “Common Sense”, The Palestinian People, Like Shuttlecocks, Are Painfully Served And Volleyed Back And Forth Across The Rafah Border

By M. Dennis Paul, Ph.D.

Depending upon which reports the reader receives, Rafah, the controversial border crossing opened on May 28 and closed a few days later; heralded as a significant move for something or other by the interim Egyptian regime (military) and a dire threat to the safety and security of the “Only democracy in the Middle East” (My guess is Israel); considered by many Palestinians to be a sign of an ending blockade, as illegitimate as it is, that was imposed formally on Gaza 4 years ago…. the Egyptians lied, Hamas lied, Israel successfully threatened both, the US stuck a knife in the hands of the Egyptian negotiators vying for the carrot $$ from the IMF and other agencies as well as the genuinely bankrupt (morally and financially) nations making up the “G”8 (G for Gangsta), workmen hired to repair and modify the border structures partied late on Friday and failed to show up for work until Monday, the hashish smuggled into Gaza through tunnel 137 was so excellent, dude, that the guards on both sides of the border lost the keys to the gates and went fishing instead (still mindful enough to avoid IOF gunboats strafing anything that looked suspiciously like a family trying to survive), this is a picture of the Gazans storming the gate on Saturday before being turned back by sausage wielding Egyptian border police… or… by far, the worst ever piece of video propaganda ( ) in search of an award at Cannes was being shot there and they had to lock down the set.

And…. while all this was either happening or not, representatives of the US Obama Corporation and its highly vocal partner, Congressional Dung Merchants, Inc. ( ), actually attempted to sell the Turkish government on a fresh load of fly rich detritus resembling a glamorous position as host of the perpetually posthumous “peace” talks (between an illegitimate “president” of a non-existent country held hostage by a need for American doughnuts… and the elected Sociopathic Prime Miserable of a Zionist land grabbing cult) recently exhumed by Hillary “Death on a Stick” Clinton and swiftly re-boxed and buried in a shallow hole behind Joe Biden’s (* “Obama’s “Inconsiderate” Partner” ) olive tree (very small hole and very shallow since **“Turk-Hating Joe Biden”. really doesn’t want any shovel wielding Turks spending more than a few minutes in his yard).

Did the Turks buy it? Let’s just say that they accepted a small sample to try out on the Organizers of Flotilla II-Stay Human! (which was the major condition set down by Obama and Congress for obtaining the aforementioned presumably prestigious post for portly posteriors of the ministerial kind).

This week, Turkey’s Foreign Minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, asked the Flotilla organizers to “reconsider” their efforts to carry on with the planned flotilla to break the blockade (Illegal that it is) and consider the positive ramifications “apparent” in the recent Rafah opening. The Flotilla organizers, prepared for the worst, broke out the Febreeze and quickly cleared away that obvious little stink bomb. They had read ALL the reports on Rafah and, after having done so, decided it was little more than a minor pissing contest between the Egyptian military and the increasingly retentive camo-queens of Hamas in which the real issue.. the freedom of the people of Palestine… was left on the pathway between Egypt and Gaza like the castings of a newly happy dog… and sits there waiting to see which uniformed Excretory Engineer will approach and scoop away.

Stepping up the stench assault, Davutoglu suggested that waiting to see how the expected new government for Palestine emerges just made good old common sense (like expecting something good to arise from the ego slinging at Rafah). He honestly suggested that “Israel should wait for the formation of the new Palestinian government and then lift the blockade of Gaza”. Arguably, that actually would be pretty close to a common sense approach for most nations in dispute and would be worth suggesting were it not for the fact that Israel couldn’t sustain a cease fire if its life depended on it, that Israel, just ONE YEAR AGO, FIRED ON A SHIP OF UNARMED PEACE ACTIVISTS AND MURDERED, AT CLOSE RANGE, 8 TURKS AND 1 TURK/AMERICAN!!… then blamed Turkey for the Flotilla, the so-called terrorists, the “arms” supposedly on board the Mavi Marmara, fostering the De-legitimization of Israel, and who, to this day, refuses to apologize for any of its illegal actions toward the flotilla, the passengers, the families, and the government of Turkey.

Continuing with the malodorous sampling, he then stated, “The aid flotilla should wait to see developments following Egypt’s opening of the Rafah crossing and how Israel reacts to the new government to be set up in Palestine”. He suggested that a new government in Palestine would remove the reasons Israel expresses as the cause of the blockade and occupation of Gaza. Realizing that Foreign Minister, Davutoglu, was spreading more of a common scent than common sense, the organizers reminded him that the Egyptian protesters refused to leave the square and refused to back off until the regime had departed fully. They informed him that as long as there exists a blockade, as long as the lands which form the roots of Palestine remain occupied, they will continue in their attempts to end these illegal actions by the Israelis.

Signaling to the Flotilla organizers that his attempt to plant such seeds and fertilize them with the ripe corporate detritus sample given to him by the representatives of the US Obama Corporation and its highly vocal partner, Congressional Dung Merchants, Inc. was not intentioned to be an effort on the part of the government to impose its will upon civic organizations and force them to shut down their plans for the Flotilla II-Stay Human! That, he said, would be “unacceptable” .

To sum up… and with a bit of honest reporting… Rafah is once again open, the list of 5000+ persona non grata still exists and is being scrutinized by both Hamas and Egyptian officials, the decreased daily limitation on travelers still remains, the buses are back in operation and taxis are also operating, the injured and ill are still being triaged before being allowed to pass, documentation requests are continuing to cause delays, the construction is, as yet, unfinished, Hamas and the Egyptian officials at the border are still playing head games with each other and ignoring the needs of the people (Over the past few days, first Egypt would close the gates then reopen and then Hamas would repeat this.. back and forth), Israel maintains “spies” in both Gaza and Rafah who are taking pictures of travelers and, in some cases, following them, Israel and the US continue to pour pressure on Egypt to permanently close Rafah, the “G” 8 and gang are still dangling carrots in front of the regime (who do remember the many threats they had received in the past from this gang).

And the US is dangling an absurd carrot in front of the Turkish government (knowing that egos and politics make asses out of otherwise intelligent people looking to be immortalized as a hero either for their country or globally), other carrots are being offered such as $$ and guns, Joe Biden, who used to threaten to pull funds from Turkey if they didn’t bow to every whim of the god “USA” and who is so widely disrespected throughout Turkey will likely have no part in any further attempts to suck Turkey into the phony peace process, that Davutoglu will likely not buy this truckload of fly rich detritus but might buy some product, eventually, and maybe even go to work for Congressional Dung Merchants, Inc as, perhaps, a lobbyist.

Most important, however, the courageous and compassionate crews of Flotilla II-Stay Human!! will sail around June 20th with over 1500 remarkable peaceful activists of all stripes and colors representing over 100 nations on board, tons of supplies desperately needed by Gaza, 1000’s of letters of love, hope and support addressed to Palestinian people… AND THE WORLD WILL BE WATCHING!!!!!

Someday, even Fatah and Hamas will become irrelevant and the only state that will matter is a state of bliss…

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Turkish News Papers 2008 commenting on choice of Biden for VP

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