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BDS is a war Israel can’t win

BDS is a war Israel can’t win

Israel’s apologists would call the BDS campaign “immoral”, but the slander is laughably false.

By Stanley L Cohen

Israeli think-tank fellow Yossi Klein Halevi, writing recently in the Los Angeles Times would have American readers believe that the Boycott, Divest and Sanctions movement is “immoral” and threatens the peace of “the region’s only intact society”, while simultaneously boasting it can’t touch Israel’s health and global economic integration.


Yet his reasoning from “morals” rings hollow, and amounts to little more than the shilling of the professional apologist industry deployed on Israel’s behalf throughout the Western media, in the never-ending defence of the oppressive status quo in Palestine.


Halevi excoriates BDS, disingenuously, for making the Jewish state “the world’s most pressing problem” today, while extolling Israel’s freedoms and national righteousness. Of course, his complaint manages to engage in both self-pitying and craven boosterism at the same time – a kind of perverse humble-brag.


No, Mr Halevi, Israel is not the world’s greatest problem – rather, Israel is Palestine’s great, existential, enduring problem for a people who have lived their whole lives under the constant, brutal and de-humanising occupation of this enlightened state.


Palestine’s ordeal


Most of the world has been content to overlook Palestine’s ordeal – fatigued by 68 years of this conflict, and understandably inured to the epic suffering of its people, who understand that their tragic condition can only hold its attention briefly.


The endless failed international “peace” efforts, the vicissitudes of negotiations, and periodic spasms of violence have become like the weather – always there.

This is precisely why the BDS movement has come to figure so prominently in Palestinian hopes – it side-steps the moribund “peace process” and banks on people-power as leverage against state and institutional power, applied against a responsive economy, such as Israel’s.


In the view of Palestinians, the state of Israel has never possessed legitimacy, not by international standards, as it was founded on expulsion, land-theft and military occupation. The BDS movement approaches this abstract issue by offering practicable action for citizens in the West, while the official international community dithers away the decades, leaving Palestinians worse off than ever before.


That such leverage should be applied to Israel is entirely justified. After all, autocratic dictatorships with closed economies, lacking – in Halevi’s celebratory words – “an independent judiciary, a free press, universal healthcare and religious freedom” are not typically responsive targets to protest campaigns for justice, like that of the BDS movement.


Citizens in America don’t propose a boycott of North Korea – the US government does that for them, making it illegal to do business with that outlaw state: yes, the very same US government which blocks every effort by the United Nations and international courts to address the illegality of Israeli settlements, military occupation, collective punishment, economic enslavement, and wholesale destruction and murder of a captive population.


Advantages of civil society


If America’s obstruction of international law did not shield Israel from accountability, there would be no need for BDS.


Because Israel possesses all the institutions and advantages of civil society, then presumably its economy and citizens would therefore be responsive to an effective grassroots campaign of boycott and economic push-back.


And if the campaign were to succeed, this same society might be expected to search its collective soul over its choices – and challenge its government’s policies.


This obvious point seems to have escaped Halevi, and others, who brand the movement as “immoral, because it perpetuates the lie that Israel is solely or even primarily to blame” for the Palestinian condition. Yet if we look around the room, who else is there?


Who attacks Palestinians’ cities with warplanes and tanks, walls them in, isolates them from contact with the world, cuts off their electricity, destroys their infrastructure, takes their water, and builds on their land after evicting them?


Who puts their teenagers in jail, takes their farms, cuts down their olive trees? It isn’t North Korea; it isn’t Putin’s Russia; it isn’t a rapacious China. Israel is the author of the present Palestinian condition, as it has been for decades, with its American backers, and there isn’t much point rehashing the failure of Camp David, or Oslo, or the Palestinian leadership since 1936, or 1948, or 1967.


BDS leaves that debate to “think-tank” intellectuals like Halevi and others. Justice for the Palestinians will not be achieved through debating societies.


BDS offers to its supporters a non-violent, crowd-sourced, material response to the intransigence of Israel and her rampant, continuing illegality. Israel’s apologists would call the campaign “immoral”, but the slander is laughably false.


The logic of justice


BDS compels no one to join it; it constrains no one but by force of reason, and the logic of justice.


In Halevi’s topsy-turvy morality, it is the BDS movement that sins against moral law, in persuading people, institutions and governments to vote with their wallets and their consciences on the rights of Palestinians – rather than Israel, which claims legitimacy to the world, even as it continues to build new settlements on Palestinian land, and subjugates its people to military occupation, dispossession and violence, in violation of international law.


The propagandists of Israeli power understand all too well that BDS is the first clear-eyed, internationalist movement of people – not governments, not Western “quartets”, not the UN Security Council – to look at Palestine with fresh eyes and accurate information. It demands that until Israel ceases its occupation and oppression of millions of Palestinians, there cannot, and should not, be any “business as usual” with the regime.


If Israeli critics want to smear BDS as “bigoted” – a dog-whistle for “anti-Semitic” – because of its endorsement of the Palestinian Right of Return, let them address the historical truth: at least 800,000 Palestinians were expelled en masse, in the creation of the Israeli state – that number has since grown to 7,000,000 stateless refugees with another 4 million internally displaced within their own nation.


No effort has ever been made by official Israeli society to acknowledge and address this simple reality – that many elderly Palestinians living in UN camps, or Gaza City slums, or the West Bank, remember their homes in places such as Jaffa, Yibna, or the numerous towns and villages erased from the map.


It serves no use to deny this fact – perhaps a good starting point for intellectuals like Halevi would be in saying, yes, it is not too late to admit those rights and seek redress, together with the Palestinians.


BDS is brave enough to put the Right of Return up front, as a moral position; if Israel were ready to move forward, it could do the same. Who knows – perhaps good things could come from starting from the truth.


And what of Israel’s boast of its progressive freedoms? They do not withstand scrutiny in the slightest – religious freedom, for example, is under clear attack for every Muslim who wishes to worship at al-Aqsa, or travel to Jerusalem, or leave Gaza and return again, with access routinely denied.


Through Israeli military travel bans on Palestinians, families are separated, unable to worship or observe religious rituals together, or attend the mosque of their choice.


Likewise, any progressive Reform Jew or Jewish American visiting will tell you that Orthodox Judaism does not welcome them, either – Israel’s Rabbinate monopolises official control over the very legitimacy of being Jewish, and denies marriage rights to thousands of couples, even going so far as to jail couples marrying illegally, or rabbis conducting such ceremonies.


Orthodox cultural control


Under Orthodox cultural control in Jerusalem and elsewhere, women are subordinated literally to a “back of the bus” status, and segregated without access to full social freedom and the right to work.


As for an independent judiciary, Palestinians never see it, instead enduring the injustices of military courts and the state security apparatus leaving thousands of them including children as permanent political detainees denied the most fundamental rights, while its civil courts refuse jurisdiction over Palestinian complaints.


And Israel’s “free press” leaves much to be desired. Halevi appears to be ignorant of the targeting of Palestinian journalists in recent years for arrest and prosecution in military courts under “incitement” laws; or the Israeli Defence Forces’ censoring of social media in the Occupied Territories.


The absurd equivocation of  Halevi and his colleagues in the “Love Israel” industry hits a shrill note, asking American readers to accept that the BDS movement “is itself a crime”.


But free and open debate of the true status of Israeli occupation in Palestine, and the organising efforts to convince states, businesses and people to stop investing in Israel’s bloody enterprise, is hardly criminal. In America, it is known as “the marketplace of ideas”.


We are all free to argue for justice as we see it, and BDS has had more than a decade of mounting success because its arguments convince reasonable people of the truth – no one is buying any more the tired, old brand of “Israel, the Enlightened Democracy”.


BDS is the brave and steady labour of people of conscience to move the stalled, bogus “peace process” forward by applying economic pressure, plain and simple.


The old narrative of a blameless Israel, fighting off Palestinian “terrorists”, is a hard sell, and BDS will continue to build on its successes because Israel’s defenders can no longer suppress the truth, or sweep it under some wishful fantasy of a benevolent, progressive Israel that doesn’t exist, and never has.


Originally appeared in Al Jazeera Opinions



**Stanley L. Cohen is a U.S. based attorney and human rights activist who has done extensive work in the Middle East and Africa. He has handled prominent international cases including that of Hamas leader Mousa Abu Marzook. He has served as a consultant to Middle East governments and Movements including Hamas and Hezbollah and NGO’s and foundations in Palestine, Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. He has sued Israel, the US and Egypt on behalf of Palestinians for human rights violations and represented Radio Station 786 on a free speech case in South Africa. A frequent visitor to the region Cohen has been the subject of numerous interviews in all media over many years and addressed numerous human rights conferences in the Middle East, Gulf and Africa. The list of those he has defended and worked for throughout his career is extensive and can be found on He also has a blog at


Dying In Succession {Dedicated to Mohammed Al-Qeeq}

{Reprint from May, 2012. Little has changed. Prisoners still hunger strike.  Israel attempts force feedings.. only legally now. Suffering continues, Enhanced Interrogations” continue, “Administrative Detentions” continue at an ever growing pace… and Western media continues to ignore it all as they persist in covering up reality about the black hole prisons and GITMO.

Now, the latest detainee, since November of 2015, journalist Mohammed Al-Qeeq (33), is expected to die at any moment.  This is day 77 of his hunger strike.  This reprint is dedicated to him.}

Mohammed Al-Qeeq


He said the prisoners on hunger strike would eventually succeed.

Dying In Succession

by M. Dennis Paul, Ph.D.

A few days ago, Ma’an News reported on the family protests in front of the Presidential headquarters in Ramallah. Ma’an News was one of only a few outlets that bothered to report. Here, in the US, it took over 2 months before any mainstream media outlet mentioned the hunger strike among prisoners in Israel. Still, such mention is but a whisper. While much of Europe, Africa and Asia and even Central and South America are aware of the strike, the names of some of its participants, the purpose and the backlash from the Israeli prison system and courts, citizens in the US, less than 1%, have a clue. The “greatest” democracy in the world, front man for the “only” democracy in the Middle East, purposely keeps its citizens ignorant. Why?

The easy answer is that such things are not news. People don’t care about such prisoner antics. They are in prison, after all. That’s the easy cover. Keeping this perception alive is essential to maintaining ignorance.

What possible good would it do to write articles that cover some of the base reasons as to why these people are prisoners? It would open a great big can of thinking about such things as democracy, human rights, dignity, repression, torture, occupation, prejudice and all those many other issues that real people in the very real world actually face. In the US, such matters are okay in novels and movies where they have entertainment value. Reporting on actual existence… reality… is something completely different. When it comes to reporting on something that casts light on the abundant negative acts of the “only” democracy in the Middle East, it is imperative that the “greatest” democracy in the world do everything in its power to clamp a lid on that can. All hell would break loose if people there, or here, ever began to question what they are taught is “democracy”.

Bilal Diab and Thaer Halahleh. Both now near death; blood seeping through their gums and eyes and noses, erratic heart beats, blood dripping from their bowels. Both prisoners with names and faces and families. Both refusing nutrition for over 70 days. Prisoners. Only they have never been charged with any crime. Never been brought to trial. The Israeli high court denied their petition, earlier this past week, to be charged or released. Netanyahu and the prison authorities refuse to transfer them to hospitals because they believe they have seen worse.

Khader Adnan. His 66-day strike ended in Feburary of this year after his detention was not extended by Israeli authorities. Hana Shalabi was banished to Gaza (not allowed to go home) after her hunger strike which lasted over 40 days and brought her so close to death Israeli officials made both sides of an “agreement” for her release.

They are, or were, prisoners only through Administrative Detention… A method adopted by Israel and the US to hold individuals indefinitely without charge or trial, to deny them any access to evidence or attorneys (in many cases), to deny them any basic human rights without recourse. The cover (justification) for such detention is that these individuals are so dangerous that to afford them any opportunity to defend themselves would expose the intelligence operations of the respective states (United or Israel). That is the standard answer given by mouthpieces for government like Mark Regev.. perhaps the most accomplished liar on record in Israel. There are over 300 Palestinians, alone, being held under these phony pretenses. The numbers of Egyptians, Lebanese, Syrians and others remains unknown.

Mark Regev insists, “This strike is not about human rights. This strike is being led by hardcore Hamas and Islamic Jihad. The leaders of this strike are people who’ve been directly responsible for brutal acts of terror against innocent civilians, people who blown up people in pizza parlors in coffee shops on school buses,” … except no one has ever produced a single shred of evidence to support Regev’s claims.

To advance the “extreme danger to Israel” narrative, Regev carefully ignores the fact these prisoners are striking for an end to abusive solitary confinement, for family visitation rights and access to books and education among other issues.

Regev claims. “If one of these hunger strikers commits suicide, you could have an instigation of violence which no one wants to see, “The concern is that Islamic Jihad and Hamas have an interest in violence.” In his twisted little mind, representing the national logic of Israel, non-violent protests are incitement to violence. If a man dies in prison, it is, apparently, more an incitement to violence than IDF attaching car batteries to the genitals of young Palestinian boys, or beating them and threatening to rape their mothers and sisters. Apparently this would be more an incitement than shooting tear gas canisters directly into the skulls of unarmed protesters or battering them with rifles or shooting them with rubber coated or uncoated live ammo or kicking in the doors of villagers who are asleep and turning their houses upside down, stealing their property or perhaps giving them hours or minutes to evacuate so that their homes can illegally be handed over to “settlers”.

The media of the “greatest” democracy do not want it known that the vast majority of the prisoners held in Israeli prisons are there because they are Palestinians and nothing more. They are imprisoned because of a program of disruption and demoralization purposely designed and conducted by Israel to destroy the fabric of Palestinian families, villages, and existence. For many years, Israel has made it a daily task for IDF to round up handfuls of Palestinians in their own lands on the feeblest of charges, route them to jails far away from their families and villages, refuse them lawyers, convict them in Israeli courts under laws that apply only to them, and later refuse them visits from family. Some are placed in solitary confinement for months on end and torture is very well documented. Threats of rape and harm to their families as well actual assaults on families and theft from their homes are commonplace acts of the IDF. Putting their best foot forward in response to the strikers, the prison authorities have ruled that prisoners will only be allowed access to their attorneys if they present themselves for the daily prisoner counts.

The media of the “greatest” democracy do not want it known that this “hunger strike” is a last resort for an oppressed people who, having been told the world would back them if they gave up violence as a means to attain freedom from the evil grip of Israel and who then created the largest non-violent movement in history, have been marginalized or completely ignored in their struggle for basic human rights. No…that media instead wants to pretend for all its readers that these are just prisoners.. savage, brutal and highly dangerous prisoners. There are now over 2000 prisoners in Israeli jails who are refusing nutrition.

Are the protests outside the Presidential headquarters in Ramallah helping to resolve the demands of the protesters and end the strike? Even the Ma’an News articles appear to be confused. On one hand, the protesters are expressing solidarity with the hunger strikers. On the other, they are asking the Palestinian “Authority” to explain what they are doing about the strike and the conditions of the prisoners.

Abu Mazen (Mahmoud Abbas), thus far, has said only that the prisoners are his greatest concern and that the PA is focusing on settling this issue. This, with the addition of ,”This is a serious matter. If one prisoner dies, it will be dangerous”, is all he has said. No explanations. No offering to the families of prisoners as to what exactly he or the PA have done or are doing.. or planning to do.

Instead, the actions of Mazen, which have always spoken more truthfully than his mouth, show him spending his time waiting for a response to a wasted letter he sent to Netanyahu through a 3rd party… yet another stall related to the disingenuous “peace” process… in which he again asks for a restart to the charade with a veiled threat to again pursue action through the UN should Netanyahu offer nothing substantial. Of course, Mazen ignored the immediate response which came in the form of Netanyahu pushing for legitimization of 3 more illegal settlements as well a separate settlement declared illegal by an Israeli high court. Never mind that such a veiled threat speaks so loudly to the fact he never had intention to follow through with the UN on behalf of his own people.

Mazen is seen spending much time having dinners with representatives of UN offices seeking some restart of the “talks”, reshuffling his illegal cabinet in an effort to create a new illegal government with himself remaining as illegal president, thus avoiding promised elections which he has successfully stalled for the past 6 years, and attempting to create a “unity” government with Hamas in which he obtains a Prime Minister position. Of course, he is always working to secure more money to operate his illegal government which, according to him, is severely stressed financially despite the millions that come its way each month from a wide variety of sources including the US, Israel, the EU and other Arab nations. Not surprising is that no one but he and his close officials get to see the actual books.

Israel, then, has no intentions of settling the prisoner issues so long as they can persuade the already morally bankrupt that it is a national security issue and the PA has no intention of working to settle the prisoner issue as it is not a benefit to either their pocket books or Mazen’s desire to become King of Palestine (once Israel has, with his help, turned the West Bank into Swiss cheese [with Palestine existing within the holes] and Gaza into a toxic waste dump).

Over the next few weeks, the protesters will begin to die in succession. Most of them will be young men who have never had any genuine opportunity to experience life. Israel will use their demise as an excuse to tighten its stranglehold on both the WB and Gaza and the PA will use these deaths in an appeal for more money from whatever sources will listen to Mazen’s lies and buy into his deceit. These young folks will end their lives having, in the sick minds of both Israel and the PA, more value dead than alive.

Some supporters of Palestine believe the strike deaths will create unity and intensify solidarity. They project the Palestinians will double their non-violent efforts to end the occupation by Israel. Too, the world will take notice and more pressure will be put upon Israel internationally to end the occupation.

In a world that idly stands by while the US murders and maims thousand of women and children with the illegal use of drones, idly stands by while entire nations are inundated with depleted uranium guaranteed to kill, maim and deform for decades to come, and conducts global think tanks on how to suppress citizenry legally protesting criminal banks and corporations… I have my doubts.

PA Prime Minister, Salam Fayyad, recently commented that Palestinians have to get their own house in order before making any move toward their goal for independence. Breaking from Abu Mazen (there appears to be a bit of friction between them) he has called for Palestinians to go forward with plans for a general election. Still playing politics for his own ends, Fayyad points fingers at Hamas for the lack of unity between Gaza and the West Bank.

What I am certain needs to happen, for Palestine to have any chance at all, is an internal uprising to eliminate Abu Mazen and the corrupt Palestinian Authority. Their continued existence promises a tragic end for Palestine.



Dershowitz—Hasbara By The Book

{Reprint 3/2014 Uprooted Palestinians. Alan is a pasty-faced whiner for Israel who likely designed Hasbara textbooks for Israeli universities offering such courses.. and they do offer such courses. Alan is the Harvard Law Professor who has recently been subject to accusations of repeatedly sexually assaulting an under-aged female said to have been provided by one of his notoriously demented clients.}


“Shhhh… Let’s just keep this between ourselves, OK?

Dershowitz—Hasbara By The Book

by M. Dennis Paul, PhD

Please follow along and, at the end, read by Alan Dershowitz, prominent defender of the indefensible, as he surreptitiously attacks two individuals, both Jews, who he would like you to believe, through inference and innuendo, are the leaders of a global Jew-hating, Israel-hating. Anti-Semitic conspiracy. I’m confident you will find, in his article, most, if not all, the elements outlined in the below guidelines for producing Hasbara.

Hasbara By The Book

Start writing your article by proposing a purely concocted hypothesis or statement of issue which is crafted to support the platform for both your attack upon specific individuals or groups and deflection of culpability in all things. Add a little indignation and some whining to give the impression this issue is emotional (traumatically bringing the Holocaust in flashes before your eyes is always a good consideration..never mind that your connection to the Holocaust is as tenuous as the connection of a Brooklyn brother to a field-boy lashing). Remember that deflection is one of your most important tools as it allows you to refute blame or intent without ever having to explain yourself or put forth any honesty. Keep in mind that it is acceptable, even honorable, to lie to goyim. Once you have established your useful argument for the readers, make sure they understand they have spent many years under a false impression… of Jews, Israel, Zionism, Palestine, international law, or what have you. Then proceed to correct this “false” impression using your tools of deflection, denial, filtering, polarization, catastrophizing, over-generalizing, emotionalizing, global labeling or any of the other many cognitive distortions that work for us. Do not be afraid to manufacture history or distort it to your personal ends.

Insert, wherever appropriate (or not), our brand signature that any communication which offers criticism of Jews, Israel, Zionism, etc are Jew-hating, Israel-hating and Ant-Semitic. Never let an opponent interject the truth of this matter. You must provide this brand a minimum of 3 times in each communication and in as many different ways as possible. Should your opponent interject in any way, immediately deflect and turn issue into something completely different.. perhaps a boring parable.. anything which redirects attention and causes a momentary block of your opponents’ words. Use “Anti-Semite” and “Anti-Semitic” as often as you can.

Create a grouping of statements, greatly removed from context, which you can use to paint a scandalously false picture of the individual(s)/group(s) you wish to attack. Use words like outrageous, irrational, preposterous, and of course, Jew-hater, Israel-hater, Anti-Semite, self-hating Jew. You might also use Jihadist and terrorist and possibly connect them rightly or wrongly to Hamas.

Sneak in a few more brand signature lines (Any and all communication that criticizes Israel, Zionism or Jews is Israel-hating, Jew-hating and Anti-Semitic).

Show how “good” Israel is by deflecting to Syria, Libya, Iraq and plead for understanding of why “no one” protests those trouble areas with all there human rights violations and international law violations pointing out that:

1..Israel is the “only” State that is “picked on” by the world yet,

2..Israel is the “only” democracy in the region, far more advanced and civilized, etc.

Ignore the fact there are protests and aid missions and rights watches for all those areas. It is honorable to lie to goyim (and errant Jews). Be sure not to make any connections to these other areas such as our sending mercenaries and weapons into some areas, selling weapons to some of our supposed enemies, financing terrorists, By no means should you talk about our nuclear capabilities, spying, or torture.

Offer further inaccurate or false historical statements or reiterate the basic narrative you created. You might add some quotes which you can attribute to no one in particular inferring it is evidence in support of your narrative or any part of it. Toss in a bit more victimization of Jews and cast blame on a few more individuals for promoting Antisemitism etc.

Insist that you are aware Israel has its faults but reiterate all the cognitive distortions previously used and highlighting deflection once again. Be sure to impress that no matter what faults Israel has, they pale in comparison to other nations and in no way justify the world conspiracy against Israel.

Finally, make a plea for humanity in dealing with Israel. It is unfair that Israel be singled out for criticism. Impress that loving Israel is admirable, rational and responsible. Also impress that history mandates Israel takes the measures it does.

OK… Now go ahead and read the article by Alan

or any article by Alan..they’re basically all the same.

To Call The Egyptian “Cease-Fire” Proposal Anything But A Deceitful Sham Is Reprehensible

{Reprint from July 2014 Uprooted Palestinians.}


To Call The Egyptian “Cease-Fire” Proposal Anything But A Deceitful Sham Is Reprehensible
by M. Dennis Paul
Egypt (formerly under the near 30 year rule of ruthless dictator and prior military leader, Muhammad Hosni El Sayed Mubarak, whose hegemony derived from the military “assumption” of leadership following the 1981 assassination of Muḥammad Anwar as-Sādāt), whose elected government was recently overthrown by a military coup, (it’s elected head, Mohamed Morsi, imprisoned and the party of this imprisoned leader [Muslim Brotherhood] outlawed, with members imprisoned, sentenced to death or, in some cases, exorbitant years in prison) and falsely “legitimized” by a sham election orchestrated by the coup’s narcissistic and brazenly psychotic former military leader, Abdel Fattah Saeed Hussein Khalil el-Sisi, proposes a cease-fire between Israel and Hamas.

This country, Egypt, confederate oppressor of the Palestinian people, long in the deep pockets of the US and its subjacent suckling, Israel, and a stated enemy of the Palestine resistance organization, Hamas (democratically elected lead party for Gaza), inserts itself in the current struggle for freedom of Palestine by proposing a surrender or die “cease-fire” submitted to Israel, the US, and other Western and Arab quislings without a single consultation offered to Hamas (In fact, Hamas found out about the proposal only when it had been broadcast on TV) . All the quislings and dominant oppressors immediately accept the terms (most without having read them) and begin their distorted media campaigns in an attempt to cajole Hamas, effectively, into unconditional surrender while portraying themselves altruistic in motive.

The Western and sycophant motives having no relation to altruism, in any sense, resemble too uncomfortably the cease-fire of 2012 which was transparent in its attempt to stall any progress in the region in allowing Israel to continue its pogroms against the Palestinian people and its rightful nation. As is the common case, Israel violated that 2012 cease-fire beginning in November of 2012 and, within the 1st 88 days had violated it on average once per day. Within it’s 1st year those violations totaled over 1400. Still, Hamas attempted to preserve it but with warnings its patience was growing thin.

Israel, having sustained considerable global hits through BDS (Boycott, Divestment & Sanctions) which grew tremendously in the past year, having most recently been placed on notice by the EU that it was encouraging investors to not do business with illegal “settlement” interests, having been perceived internationally as sabotaging the most recent “peace” talks through increasing the growth of illegal “settlements” and reneging on prisoner release agreements, having realization that a growing number of world Jewry has tired of Zionism and its deceits and crimes, having lost several very large investors and investment banks, and being faced with, in its mindset, the unification government agreed to by both Fatah and Hamas (who, by the way had no members in the new government), incapable of taking responsibility and embarking on correction instead relied upon its worn out deceptive practices through staging a rallying of emotions and stimulation of cries for revenge through media manipulation of an incident involving 3 young men.

Israel immediately blamed Hamas for the supposed kidnapping and deaths without so much as a single shred of evidence and proceeded to assault Palestine with mass arrests and detainment, destruction of property and homes, beatings, and more.

The denial of evidence to media and world leaders continues with Israel insisting it need prove nothing in order to blame Hamas and enact its vengeance. Because Israel says it, it expects the world to fall in step.

Israel’s cry for vengeance was heeded well and immediately a young Palestinian was kidnapped, forced to drink gasoline, set ablaze and transparently displayed as “tragic” in the very same media used to broadcast the calls for blood of Palestinians. The efforts at “revenge” continue with myriad shootings, attempts at kidnappings and destruction of Palestinian property and homes.

A fact which remains out of world view is that there is also no evidence these young Israeli men are dead. Israel’s MOSSAD, not unlike the US CIA and MI or the intelligence (oxymoron) of a number of other criminal nations, have many individuals placed throughout the world who live under false passports and covers, most whose real lives long ago disappeared through staged accidents and incidents. The absence and refusal to provide evidence for the deaths of these young men compounded by the media staging surrounding the event and subsequent “funeral” strongly suggest they are now in the hands of MOSSAD.

Such an event came rather conveniently at a most opportune time for Israel under the circumstances. It now had what it believed to be a convincing cover for its intended and previously planned attempt to destroy the unity government. Israel has long been perfectly satisfied to pretend negotiations with its puppet, Mahmoud “Abu Mazen” Abbas, illegal President of the Western Bank for many years (having denied his own people legitimate elections) and now, through negotiations for unity with Hamas, became legitimate head of the new government for a specified short period of time.

Abbas, having tools at his disposal to hold Israel accountable for all of its crimes committed over the past 66 years has dutifully dragged his feet and allowed Israel to steal more and more of land rightfully belonging to the Palestinian people. He has sat back and watched violation after violation of every agreement ever made with Israel yet insists, even to this moment, on continuing along the same failed lines with an Israel government having absolutely no desire to settle any issue with Palestine or uphold any agreement.

In all the years Abbas has been involved, not once has he mentioned the illegitimacy of Israel as a nation based solely on the fact Israel refuses to define its borders.. a requirement for recognized statehood. Instead, he speaks out of both sides of his mouth as to the willingness of the people he fails to represent to recognize Israel as a Jewish state. Abbas uses his police to repress the voices of his own people in coordination with, and at the behest of Israel. In essence, he is a traitor to his own.

Now, Abbas is expected to rally Palestinians against Hamas who, smartly and honourably, has refused to engage in the charade these enemies of Palestine want the world to see as an humanitarian “ceasefire”. Despite the rhetoric and lies of the West who label Hamas as a terrorist group, the truth is that Hamas is, and always has been, a resistance organization and one that was, to reiterate, duly elected by its people.

The continued resistance by Hamas, demonstrated by its refusal to play the fool to Western aligned reprobates is a model for all resistance fighters around the world.

For the world, it is time to greatly increase all efforts to educate about the deceit and illegitimacy of Israel, the corruption of the US and its sucklings, and to increase all efforts to forward BDS and the economic isolation of Israel and anyone who conducts business with this rogue element causative/contributive of continued world disorder.

It is important that we make every effort to support Hamas and to the people of Palestine.

It is a proven fact Israel will never honor any agreement and will continue to thumb its nose at International Law. It is also proven that the US will cover for the crimes of Israel (while continuing to commit its own around the world) and will financially and militarily support the false nation of Israel (USS Liberty just one example).

It is therefore up to Hamas to resist the West and Israel on its territory and legitimately defend its people in the face of traitors like Abu Mazen and all the Western aligned criminals like Abdel Fattah Saeed Hussein Khalil el-Sisi and it is up to us to do whatever we can without attempting to direct Hamas or the Palestinian people.

Seek out known assistance organizations such as ISM (International Solidarity Movement), IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation.. perhaps the greatest humanitarian organization in the world… and ask what you can do.

Organize teach-ins and protests in your communities, support larger protests through participation, flood social media with information and support for your efforts, follow respected social media writers and critics and become more educated.

Something as simple as wearing a keffiyeh or head band or wrist band, flying a Palestinian flag, writing letters to the editors of local and regional papers are valuable and honourable efforts.

Two points detractors of freedom for Palestine invariable invoke are:
1) If only Hamas would cease firing rockets things would get better, and
2) Hamas uses babies as human shields
The best responses are always..”History proves conclusively the contrary. It is Israel who needs to stop its aggression and end 66+ years of repression, systematic genocide and occupation and blockade of Palestine, surrendering any perceived authority it “must” maintain over what should be respected as a sovereign nation and, as a friend once stated.. “If anything, children are so important and respected by Palestinians, the Palestinians dote too much on their kids. To ever use them as “shields” is ludicrous”.


As Ministers And Other Politicians Beg Flotilla II-Stay Human! To Wait For The Appearance Of “Common Sense”,

{Reprint from June, 2011. Check the status of Rafah today. Nothing has changed for the better. The Palestinians are still played. Now, however, the once well used tunnels are flooded by Egypt at the reque$t of Israel. Hope does not float. Dead Gazans do. }


As Ministers And Other Politicians Beg Flotilla II-Stay Human! To Wait For The Appearance Of “Common Sense”, The Palestinian People, Like Shuttlecocks, Are Painfully Served And Volleyed Back And Forth Across The Rafah Border

By M. Dennis Paul, Ph.D.

Depending upon which reports the reader receives, Rafah, the controversial border crossing opened on May 28 and closed a few days later; heralded as a significant move for something or other by the interim Egyptian regime (military) and a dire threat to the safety and security of the “Only democracy in the Middle East” (My guess is Israel); considered by many Palestinians to be a sign of an ending blockade, as illegitimate as it is, that was imposed formally on Gaza 4 years ago…. the Egyptians lied, Hamas lied, Israel successfully threatened both, the US stuck a knife in the hands of the Egyptian negotiators vying for the carrot $$ from the IMF and other agencies as well as the genuinely bankrupt (morally and financially) nations making up the “G”8 (G for Gangsta), workmen hired to repair and modify the border structures partied late on Friday and failed to show up for work until Monday, the hashish smuggled into Gaza through tunnel 137 was so excellent, dude, that the guards on both sides of the border lost the keys to the gates and went fishing instead (still mindful enough to avoid IOF gunboats strafing anything that looked suspiciously like a family trying to survive), this is a picture of the Gazans storming the gate on Saturday before being turned back by sausage wielding Egyptian border police… or… by far, the worst ever piece of video propaganda ( ) in search of an award at Cannes was being shot there and they had to lock down the set.

And…. while all this was either happening or not, representatives of the US Obama Corporation and its highly vocal partner, Congressional Dung Merchants, Inc. ( ), actually attempted to sell the Turkish government on a fresh load of fly rich detritus resembling a glamorous position as host of the perpetually posthumous “peace” talks (between an illegitimate “president” of a non-existent country held hostage by a need for American doughnuts… and the elected Sociopathic Prime Miserable of a Zionist land grabbing cult) recently exhumed by Hillary “Death on a Stick” Clinton and swiftly re-boxed and buried in a shallow hole behind Joe Biden’s (* “Obama’s “Inconsiderate” Partner” ) olive tree (very small hole and very shallow since **“Turk-Hating Joe Biden”. really doesn’t want any shovel wielding Turks spending more than a few minutes in his yard).

Did the Turks buy it? Let’s just say that they accepted a small sample to try out on the Organizers of Flotilla II-Stay Human! (which was the major condition set down by Obama and Congress for obtaining the aforementioned presumably prestigious post for portly posteriors of the ministerial kind).

This week, Turkey’s Foreign Minister, Ahmet Davutoglu, asked the Flotilla organizers to “reconsider” their efforts to carry on with the planned flotilla to break the blockade (Illegal that it is) and consider the positive ramifications “apparent” in the recent Rafah opening. The Flotilla organizers, prepared for the worst, broke out the Febreeze and quickly cleared away that obvious little stink bomb. They had read ALL the reports on Rafah and, after having done so, decided it was little more than a minor pissing contest between the Egyptian military and the increasingly retentive camo-queens of Hamas in which the real issue.. the freedom of the people of Palestine… was left on the pathway between Egypt and Gaza like the castings of a newly happy dog… and sits there waiting to see which uniformed Excretory Engineer will approach and scoop away.

Stepping up the stench assault, Davutoglu suggested that waiting to see how the expected new government for Palestine emerges just made good old common sense (like expecting something good to arise from the ego slinging at Rafah). He honestly suggested that “Israel should wait for the formation of the new Palestinian government and then lift the blockade of Gaza”. Arguably, that actually would be pretty close to a common sense approach for most nations in dispute and would be worth suggesting were it not for the fact that Israel couldn’t sustain a cease fire if its life depended on it, that Israel, just ONE YEAR AGO, FIRED ON A SHIP OF UNARMED PEACE ACTIVISTS AND MURDERED, AT CLOSE RANGE, 8 TURKS AND 1 TURK/AMERICAN!!… then blamed Turkey for the Flotilla, the so-called terrorists, the “arms” supposedly on board the Mavi Marmara, fostering the De-legitimization of Israel, and who, to this day, refuses to apologize for any of its illegal actions toward the flotilla, the passengers, the families, and the government of Turkey.

Continuing with the malodorous sampling, he then stated, “The aid flotilla should wait to see developments following Egypt’s opening of the Rafah crossing and how Israel reacts to the new government to be set up in Palestine”. He suggested that a new government in Palestine would remove the reasons Israel expresses as the cause of the blockade and occupation of Gaza. Realizing that Foreign Minister, Davutoglu, was spreading more of a common scent than common sense, the organizers reminded him that the Egyptian protesters refused to leave the square and refused to back off until the regime had departed fully. They informed him that as long as there exists a blockade, as long as the lands which form the roots of Palestine remain occupied, they will continue in their attempts to end these illegal actions by the Israelis.

Signaling to the Flotilla organizers that his attempt to plant such seeds and fertilize them with the ripe corporate detritus sample given to him by the representatives of the US Obama Corporation and its highly vocal partner, Congressional Dung Merchants, Inc. was not intentioned to be an effort on the part of the government to impose its will upon civic organizations and force them to shut down their plans for the Flotilla II-Stay Human! That, he said, would be “unacceptable” .

To sum up… and with a bit of honest reporting… Rafah is once again open, the list of 5000+ persona non grata still exists and is being scrutinized by both Hamas and Egyptian officials, the decreased daily limitation on travelers still remains, the buses are back in operation and taxis are also operating, the injured and ill are still being triaged before being allowed to pass, documentation requests are continuing to cause delays, the construction is, as yet, unfinished, Hamas and the Egyptian officials at the border are still playing head games with each other and ignoring the needs of the people (Over the past few days, first Egypt would close the gates then reopen and then Hamas would repeat this.. back and forth), Israel maintains “spies” in both Gaza and Rafah who are taking pictures of travelers and, in some cases, following them, Israel and the US continue to pour pressure on Egypt to permanently close Rafah, the “G” 8 and gang are still dangling carrots in front of the regime (who do remember the many threats they had received in the past from this gang).

And the US is dangling an absurd carrot in front of the Turkish government (knowing that egos and politics make asses out of otherwise intelligent people looking to be immortalized as a hero either for their country or globally), other carrots are being offered such as $$ and guns, Joe Biden, who used to threaten to pull funds from Turkey if they didn’t bow to every whim of the god “USA” and who is so widely disrespected throughout Turkey will likely have no part in any further attempts to suck Turkey into the phony peace process, that Davutoglu will likely not buy this truckload of fly rich detritus but might buy some product, eventually, and maybe even go to work for Congressional Dung Merchants, Inc as, perhaps, a lobbyist.

Most important, however, the courageous and compassionate crews of Flotilla II-Stay Human!! will sail around June 20th with over 1500 remarkable peaceful activists of all stripes and colors representing over 100 nations on board, tons of supplies desperately needed by Gaza, 1000’s of letters of love, hope and support addressed to Palestinian people… AND THE WORLD WILL BE WATCHING!!!!!

Someday, even Fatah and Hamas will become irrelevant and the only state that will matter is a state of bliss…

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Turkish News Papers 2008 commenting on choice of Biden for VP

A Very Ugly Poem

{Reprint. Some may object to the characterization of Hamas in this piece. It needs to be made clear that Hamas, above all, is a national defense organization for Gaza.. and would be for the WB.  Were it not for Hamas, Gaza would have been leveled a number of years ago. Hamas, unfortunately, is aligned with the Muslim Brotherhood and carries its distorted and heavy hand to the people of Gaza. I have had a number of friends surviving, barely, in Gaza over the years and feelings about Hamas have always been markedly mixed. Some love and respect Hamas, some detest Hamas and others have a love-hate struggle. Many are not aware that the election of Morsi in Egypt was grudgingly supported by the US as the Brotherhood was viewed as a useful tool (Hamas was also originally viewed as a useful tool by the US and Israel).  It was understood that the Brotherhood would gradually employ its heavy hand in Egypt and “control” the masses that the US viewed as a threat to Israel. That hand showed itself almost immediately and the masses began to stir. The US sought to correct what it viewed as a mistake and threw its weight behind the coup under long time despot, Sisi.  Egypt, and its revolution, never stood a chance… not with Israel and the US and not with the Brotherhood. It goes without further comment regarding Sisi.}


A Very Ugly Poem

by M. Dennis Paul, Ph.D.

Mahmoud al-Sarsak …

In prison, the only sentence for this man of honour is death.

In detention for 3 years without charge or evidence suggesting commission of crime, Mahmoud has sentenced himself for the only “crime” he can fathom brought him to where he now fleetingly exists and he has been starving himself to death for over 80 days.

It is hard for family and friends to watch this once vital young man, once a terror but not a terrorist on the field, fast away toward a tragic and painful end.

Hardest, however, is watching the world sit on its collective ass continuing to allow such abuse of law and human right.

Netanyahu sees just one more dead terrorist.. one less prison mouth to feed for now (and may many more join him) and one more bed to fill upon his demise.

Obama refuses to see… too busy playing Bomb the BloodSacks with his “Joy” stick and chasing the decreasing political panderer dollar while touting his many accomplishments for the 1%.

Abbas sees a future photo op whether Mahmoud lives or dies and plans to be the first PA “Official” to claim Saviour status should the Egyptians again step in and broker another empty deal.

He busily stuffs his face at diplomat dinners as he jets around the globe seeking alternate ways to insure he remains in his too long held illegal office.. perhaps being declared King of all that is Palestine… what might be left of it when he is done aiding Israel in its taking.

Hamas sees no opportunity for anything it can’t control and instead thinks of new ways to oppress its own people.

Global media focuses on the poor Jewish boy who got a sliver in his hand while beating one of those funny looking migrant workers while he was doing a job too far beneath the status of any Jew.

Too, media focuses on the murderous exploits of the American migrant worker who calls himself President.. funny looking.. apparently as dumb as a Palestinian according to Israeli press and a socialist pseudo patriot by US press.. and they focus on the next war and the next and the next.. all in oil rich countries that must absolutely be protected from human rights violations, murder and mayhem… unlike Palestine which has more of the mayhem and murder and violations every day.. for decades.. but has no oil.

The UN prattles on and on about how out of line Israel is and how it will sign the fifteen-thousand and twenty first “mandate” against.. and which, like all the others, will be ignored..or even laughed at by the world’s ugliest and most evil nation that only resembles Germany at its very worst and South Africa at its unsavory worst but is genuinely only Israel at its very best..Israel.

It could be worse.

It is terribly hard to know and see all of this while a friend or family bravely takes a stand using the only force he has… his body… to attempt waking up an entire world of apathy.

And it is frighteningly hard to watch his tears falling down his sunken, pale cheeks… blood red tears.


45 Years Ago…Today… And I Still See Her Smile And Continue Our Promise

{Reprint from 2014. On May 26, 2016, it will be 47 years since word of Sammi’s death.. murder.. at the hands of the IOF. Not a day goes by that Sammi is absent from my thoughts. At times, her presence weighs heavily in my heart and mind.  Usually, this is in advance of a major assault by Israel upon the beautiful people of Palestine. The past 10 days, I have felt her quite strongly. During this time, the IOF has been threatening Gaza with persistent fly overs and “war games”.  Insiders on both sides are admitting that an assault is imminent.}

45 Years Ago…Today… And I Still See Her Smile And Continue Our Promise

It has been 45 years since I first heard word of the murder by Israeli soldiers of my girlfriend, Samir, and her remaining family in Palestine. Samir was Lebanese-Palestinian, had moved to the US with her family already decreased in size by the IOF and was, at our young age deeply aligned politically with her homeland.  Involved with the Black Panther Party among other radical groups, I was also deeply involved in the Palestinian cause. It was, to my great sadness, her father’s decision to move back to Palestine to help his brother who was struggling.

Word, from a friend,  came through the mail some time after her murder which only added to the devastation it brought.  Despite our separation, the feelings we had for one another were never diminished and we believed, naively, that we would be returned to each other.  Naively as well, we believed Palestine would be free…soon.

Samir was beautiful.  A smile like no other and eyes that brought light to the darkest days we shared.  Not a day has gone by that I have not thought about her seeing her smile and hearing her soothing voice in my mind.  She was my oasis from what was then a horrible family life.  Her father always treated me with respect and even love, knowing my Jewish/Greek background.  I remember fondly the incredible meals he would prepare and the stories he would tell in his comically poor English.

Samir and I promised each other that we would never stop working to free Palestine.  I never have.

I won’t describe her death, and that of her then remaining family.  It was brutal and haunts me to this day.  I write this through tears.

I will never forget what those Israeli bastards did and I doubt that my spirit will ever be at peace.  Every day is filled with what if’s and why’s.  Never answers.

I am forever grateful to the Black Panther Party for taking up solidarity with the Palestinians and their efforts to educate regarding the struggle for liberation.  Out of all the groups with whom I had association, they were the only ones who recognized, fully, the Palestinian cause.

I am forever grateful to Samir for being a part of my life and allowing me to be a part of hers.

I miss her.

To my last breath, I will be for Palestine and her people.  To my last breath, I will hold Samir and her family in my heart.

Viva Palestina!

The Only Heroes

{Reprint.  Please do not misconstrue this writing as a support for any theories regarding the events of 9-11.  There is sufficient evidence to place direct blame for the jet liner assaults on the towers with Usama bin Laden and his US/Saudi trained former fighters against Russia turned fighters against the US. Any questions, in my mind, arise from how pre-intelligence reports were treated, certain highly questionable events which occurred in the course of the assault, the rapid destruction of evidence immediately post and the political use of the event to effectively suppress the Constitution and to wage illegitimate “wars” against several nations having no direct responsibility in the event.  These questions will remain questions until provable answers come forward. This article is directed toward the misapplication of the term “hero” as it relates to this event.. and many others.}


The Only Heroes by M. Dennis Paul, PhD

In the events of 9-11, there were no heroes. None. There were only victims,

Whether you believe there was a plot to destroy the towers as a false flag event to rally Americans against the Middle East.. as pretext to regime changes for control and profit… as instigation to get America deeply involved in the demented manipulations of a rogue Israel.. cause for diminishing the inherent rights, through contrived consent, that have long stood as the greater reason for existence of this Nation.. and/or one of the greatest, in dimension, insurance scams in history or a well planned plot against the United States by a crazed group of militant Muslims, everywhere one can possibly look in this questioned and questionable scenario one will find victims…lots and lots of victims… and no heroes,

At ground zero (war terminology immediately implanted in the shocked brains of NY, America and the world) innocent people died, many of those who came to help were either injured or died… or were given a time clock with which to mark the hours, days, weeks, months and years leading toward their toxic disabilities and deaths. Many onlookers and everyday New Yorkers, as well as numerous visitors, were all handed their time clocks. All victims of the illusions which were force fed with unrelenting demands for fear. All believing they were acting out of an altruistic heroism or simply witness to an atrocity. All targeted by unspeakable evil to play their human parts in a drama of viciously unleashed inhumanity.

No matter who perpetrated this heinous crime and the many that ensued in support of the illusion, each and every individual, whether they can accept the fact or not, was duped by the unscrupulous within business, within media, within government. And every year since this event, more people are victimized by emotional manipulation by these same unscrupulous bastards. Bastards who destroyed very real and pertinent evidence, assaulted the characters of individuals who questioned the official dogma and incredible lies and who, through insurance claims, wars and the greedy supports of war profited to extents the mind boggles to fathom.

Like the Holocaust, an industry of manipulation and victimization has been built around the easily remembered “9-11” brand. And like the Holocaust, the least recognized victims are those who promote the brand at every opportunity for a sense of rightness in so doing. Others use the brands as lead ins to their own manipulations either at direct profit or peripheral gain in control of others who might question the illusion.

How, you might ask, can those do-gooders who came to rescue whatever victims they perceived not be considered heroes. Yes, they did heroic gestures putting their lives at risk and actually saving a small handful of victims. Coldly, it can be said their risks were outweighed by actual outcomes but the intent of this article is to impress upon readers that these do-gooders were, themselves, victims. They had their very spirits as humans preyed upon by palpably corrupt illusions handed them by the plotters of this play. Unknowing conscripts into theater because their characters had imbedded, well known actions easily predicted… and easily used to full effect.

Americans all became victims as they allowed a corrupt government to sway them into believing that their freedom mandated surrender in order that it may survive.

Get angry at me for having said the above. I expect it. Sadly, I also expect that few will take the time to think about how they were played as individuals and as a mass. Sad that few will ever realize how the play has become endless and how they are blindly lead to surrender more with every passing year. Sad that they bow to victim-hood rather than rage against the most destructive, deceptive machine ever constructed.

The only heroes are those who refuse the lies… who refuse to buy a ticket to the September circus.


{Reprint. How sad that 6 years later, the US “left” opts to support yet another sheepdog for the DNC. Bernie Sanders has made zero effort to lead a genuine movement independent of the Democrats with whom he has voted throughout his career, thus insuring that Americans have no real choice in candidates for President or any other office. He calls himself a Democratic Socialist yet consistently votes against genuine reforms which would steer the country in such a direction. Bernie voted for the New Jim Crow laws put forth by Bill Clinton… imprisoning hundreds of thousands of young black men and women most of whom were sentenced for victimless “crimes” and who, otherwise, could have had at least a small chance of creating some sort of life and possibly holding together now irreparably destroyed families in a nation becoming more racist rather than more enlightened.  He supported illegal wars throughout the Middle East and Africa (despite his one claim of not having voted for Congressional authorization regarding Iraq), fought to have war toys (the most expensive and least effective) parked in Vermont and, among many other serious concerns regarding his thinking, fully stands behind financial support for rogue state Israel and its unrepentant violations of International Law in the suppression and genocide against Palestine. Six years on and the only word that now comes to mind is “bupkis”. }



By M. Dennis Paul, Ph.D.

At no other time in history has it become so essential that an alternative voice emerge. This country and, by the pursuits of this country, the world is facing a terrible crash far worse than what we are now witnessing. The political “left” has always represented that alternative voice. It is a result of that voice that so many socially just programs took root in American politics. Worker protections, economic safety nets, municipal safeguards (notably, as example, fire departments) and much more. Since the 70’s, however, the voice of the “left” has become a feeble whisper.

One of the greatest obstacles to emergence of the “left” in modern national politics is a coherent picture, clear to the American people, of what the left seeks to accomplish. Despite the increasingly obvious failures of capitalism, the American public is media deprived of the information essential in its ability to grasp genuine political and economic alternative. The left, so splintered by its own intellectual disputes and the history of infiltrations of its component groups by both government agent and sincere ideological disputants, has demonstrated an inability to present a united picture of possibility to the public. The terms “left” and “leftist” bring to mind those most ideologically extreme proponents of socialism or communism. The GOP relies on that image and reinforces it with vigor. In truth, there is a very small minority on the left aligned with either a socialist or communist agenda. The vast majority are aligned with principles of humanism, equality, fairness, and justice. Most simply want capitalism absent all its negatives. Americans do not understand the difference.

The die hard out front corporate aligned party, the GOP, is obviously not an option for the left. The more socially conscious yet corporate reliant Democratic Party, being the only other historically recognizable party in American politics, represents a meager alternative for the left. Various attempts to utilize a marketing approach which relies on use of the term “progressive” to integrate the left in mainstream politics have failed in their alignment with the Democratic Party which quickly learned how to absorb the term and its proponents in mobilizing its fragile base. What has occurred is the energizing of the Democrat base through promoting progressive appearing agendas which are quickly discarded once the true objective, getting a “moderate” in power, is achieved. Once in power, the moderate Democrat plays almost exclusively to its corporate masters, even in fronting seemingly progressive ideas such as health care, and the “progressives” are dismissed as malcontents dragging the “Party” down and presenting an obstacle to maintaining power in mid term elections.

Disheartened and confused, the left flounders and either avoids the mid terms by failing to promote fully progressive candidates or simply sits out the election either not voting or voting for Party candidate in hopes that a perceived more damaging GOP candidate will be blocked from office. The thinking that a Democrat in office will be better for the country than a Republican, promoted so heavily by the Party and its sycophant bloggers, sits as a hard choice for the left. They know, in their hearts, that either choice represents no genuine change for America.

On October 2, 2010, America was treated to yet another heavy handed promotion to use the left in pushing for maintaining the power of the Democrats in the mid terms. A wide array of “progressive” organizations mobilized in DC to hear speaker after speaker push social justice agendas, all much needed in our country. However, the over riding message of this event was nothing more than “vote Democrat” … because you have no other alternative if you want anything remotely resembling what the country sorely needs (like jobs).

Should the Democrats pull off a miracle and maintain their power in the mid terms, January will see yet another dismissal of the left and it will be business as usual in America.

Discontent with business as usual has grown since the Bush administration. The corporate think tanks and their capitalist financiers recognized this and created the freakish, yet formidable, Tea Party in order to play off the discontent of Americans with the GOP. Of course, any Tea Party winners in the mid term will fall in line with the wishes of their corporate backers and are, therefore, not a true alternative for change.
Will the left continue to lock themselves into this vicious cycle of promise and negation or will they wake up and fully extricate themselves from the corporate Democratic Party, collectively organize the educational tools that will help America recognize the potential of alternative politics, and promote genuinely progressive candidates in every state?
Should the left rise to the occasion and bring themselves out as an alternative, they would have to do so through the shunning of any corporate appearing support and demonstrate their true objection to business as usual with massive educational campaigns. They will have to be a lot smarter than the Democratic operatives that corralled them into the One Nation promotion and not fall into the traps that would make them into just another say whatever, promise whatever to stay in power party. There are certainly enough left leaning organizations in the US, enough manpower, enough intellectual prowess to create a sufficient platform from which to promote genuinely progressive candidates. Many came together for the One Nation Show. Let’s see if they can come together for themselves and for the country.. instead of the corporate Democratic Party and business as usual.


{Reprint from Salem-News}


by M. Dennis Paul, Ph.D.

As expected, Israel granted itself immunity in the Rachel Corrie case. The lesson: One must never expect any sense of integrity or decency from Israeli courts.

The blinders placed upon the heart and soul of Israel, through its mistaken notion of having been chosen as the only true children of god, have covered the eyes of too many generations to ever be opened to light, to reason, to logic, to Truth, Justice and Peace. Those Israelis who have not been fully hypnotized or who suddenly awaken to reality leave Israel in good measure.

A culture that holds itself out to be above all others, no different than the insane mentality that once attempted to impress upon the world that only Aryans had value will, in time, be buried by history.

Each day, the world awakens more to the true Israel. By leaps and bounds, international tolerance for Israel lessens and the weight of time, along with her miles and miles of walls, ludicrous and repressive laws, censorship and lies to cover lies to cover lies, imprisons her.

Israel drove a very large nail into its own coffin this morning. In bringing the light of day to the court which chose cowardice, ignorance, false pride, arrogance and the misguided belief that nothing beyond its own sense of exceptionalism matters in the “big picture”, Rachel Corrie won today. Her death was not in vain. Her bravery, love and passion for Truth, Justice and Peace is remembered today and it echoes across the globe in such a brilliant way that Israel will forever be seen for its disregard of all things human. Pictures of Rachel will cover walls and cars and buses and will be posted and reposted wherever Israelis have eyes.

Those who live within the self constructed and ever increasing barriers of Israel, and who will have their consciences tweaked by the pictures of Rachel, knowing that Israel murdered her, knowing that Israel imprisons thousands without true charges, knowing that Israel tortures and maims children without remorse, knowing that Israel indiscriminately murders Arabs for no other reason than that they are non-Jews, have a duty to themselves. Depose Zionism, tear down the walls, return the stolen lands to their rightful inhabitants, forever ban apartheid, trample out any sense of exceptionalism.. of being chosen to ride above all others… and join the world community…..OR… pass away as history blows across the desert and leaves Israel for future generations to excavate and wonder.

What now, Israel? Will you adopt a Muppet like character, call him Moishe Oofnik, paste him all over a pamphlet obviously designed to instill hatred and fear into children, place it in every mailbox warning all how little time they have once you begin your insane racist rampage against Iran and Syria and Lebanon and Palestine, to get into their bunkers? Oh… already in the mail, eh? Sick!

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